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  1. to be honest, I am not sure how many countries can pass that litmus test
  2. out of curiosity, what definition are you using?
  3. dmjalund

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    I think I can summarize my reaction to The Last Jedi: Its as if I went to see a new Back To The Future movie, but instead it was The Butterfly Effect starring Michael J Fox
  4. dmjalund

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Ash Ketchum vs The Evil Dead
  5. dmjalund

    Funny pics

    Is Mother Russia related to General Winter?
  6. dmjalund

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Triumph of the Wheaton
  7. people liked to see DeCaprio drown?
  8. dmjalund

    Earth bending how do I do it?

    Barrier, Tunneling, Blast (vs PD) only when you have access to earth
  9. dmjalund

    How to build...

    I wonder if you could use Sticky advantage on Telekinesis?
  10. dmjalund

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    -no the little force wielding boy will do that
  11. Big ships are slower because: since they are bigger they are easier to hit, making high maneuvering a but less affective since they are easier to hit, they must invest in more defences more defenses are usually massive and/or highly energy consuming (which required massive generators) thus making them denser than smaller craft making them harder to accelerate which makes it harder for them to maneuver which makes investing in defenses even more important
  12. dmjalund

    The Advice Column

    I think I'm stalking me
  13. dmjalund

    "Neat" Pictures

    I think there's enough houses to trade in for a hotel
  14. dmjalund

    Rethinking Growth

    I would define ias +2 to attackers OCV - so it doesn’t disappear when you are (for some reason) at 0DCV
  15. dmjalund

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Technically that’s a painting on the ceiling