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  1. dmjalund

    In other news...

    1 kiloliter = 1m³
  2. in some game-worlds Jack Daniels can be used as holy water
  3. Sarah Michelle Geller as Thanos
  4. dmjalund

    Making an Area Holy

    depends on the number and size of the holes
  5. I think the hand shaking example is covered by the DF
  6. dmjalund

    RIP: Stan Lee

    R.I.P. Stan
  7. 1) his armor has a torch holder 2) large hook on his armor to carry loot 3) practise 4) special boots (and shame on you for poking fun at the disabled) I would personally insist on a minimum complication to deal with the occasional thing he can;t BS imself around
  8. dmjalund

    What’s an extra limb good for?

    and to tickle people from unexpected angles
  9. dmjalund

    "Neat" Pictures

    And I bet she can close her own umbrella too!
  10. dmjalund

    Funny pics

    yes. that is the joke.
  11. dmjalund

    Browsing through the HERO store

    for a moment I read this as bending wenches
  12. dmjalund

    New Bundle of Holding offering?

    the Jokes thread is thataway!
  13. dmjalund

    Mentors for Sidekicks

    older package deals had rebates
  14. dmjalund

    Differences in ambient mana

    Low mana areas could have power negation against all dice based powers.