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  1. personal rule of thumb for Blocking you can block an attack of you ( or specifically the limb or focus used to block the attack) can fend off the minimum possible damage the attack can do e.g. someone with 3PD can block a 3D6 attack someone with 1rPD can block a 1d6 HKA attack
  2. Mountains have knees? Maybe they can come to Muhammad after all!
  3. if grabbing limbs were such an issue, we would be paying for Extra Limbs per limb
  4. It could be a monkey who’s had an injury
  5. Adding OCV and DCV to kick manoeuvres to indicate he is far better balanced due to extra legs than a human would be
  6. I noticed the name of the file: Bearded Dragon Conga-line
  7. Just that presently 0 OCV just means you are very bad at hitting things
  8. How would someone with 0 OCV fare in this system?
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