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  1. dbsousa

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    The Facts of Death: Six teenage girls and their house mother defend their boarding school during the Zombie Apocalypse. Fashion Police State: Paranoia and conspiracies abound when a bureaucratic dystopia is ruled by an ancient comedienne with an acid tongue and an iron fist. The Little Cabin on the Prairie: American pioneers are sacrificed to appease an ancient evil Highlander 2: Electric Boogaloo (or Breakin' 2: the Quickening)
  2. dbsousa

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Kolkhov was born Ivan Ivanovich Semyenov on a Soviet Collective in 1930. He was always a little bit faster and stronger than any of his peers. Some old wives whispered to each other that the boy was draining the other children of their strength, but noone dared call the Overseers boy a witch. When the Nazis rolled through in '42, they gathered his collective together in the dairy barn to exterminate them. Only Kolkhov knows what went on that day, but he was the only person left at the collective when the Red Army came back to reclaim the farm. No bodies were found, and Kolkhov was babbling in a mix of German and Russian for weeks. Kolkhov gains strength and speed by siphoning it from the crowd around him. He is already as strong as a hundred men, and in a crowd of thousands, he gains the strength of a thousand men. The limits of this power are unknown to him at this time. Kolkhov can also drain an individual of all energy, absorbing his psyche into himself. His teammates do not know that there is a village full of people and an entire German regiment in his head.
  3. dbsousa

    Jerry Falwell, RIP

    Re: Jerry Falwell, RIP Salon has a moving interview with one of the victims of Falwell's ire...
  4. dbsousa

    Social Effects of the Undead in the Empire

    Re: Social Effects of the Undead in the Empire I imagine that intergenerational warfare would become the norm in such a society. Junior Nobleman can't get his hands on his inheritance, because Daddy has decided to live forever. Disenfranchised, the younger generation will see the undead as evil, and try to move the peasants into an uprising. Perhaps some enterprising revolutionary will invent a machine designed to remove captive liches heads from their bodies...
  5. dbsousa

    Did Rumsfeld actually say this?

    Re: Did Rumsfeld actually say this? Neither. It is to provide the services that allow our society to function. Specifically, to "...establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" C'mon, sing it with me. You know the words...
  6. dbsousa

    Did Rumsfeld actually say this?

    Re: Did Rumsfeld actually say this? Don't be ridiculous. Economics is not a cold hard fact. Its a set of rules people agree to follow. If you are saying that this set of rules inevitably causes crippling poverty, and that you agree with those rules, then you are in favor of crippling poverty. I neither implied that you are gaming the system, nor that you are financially successful. In fact, I assumed from your earlier posts that you are still looking for work. People who are "Gaming the system" don't look for work. They let their money work for them. "Gaming the system" is getting your child into an ivy league school as a legacy, ahead of more qualified applicants, influencing lawmakers to change the laws in way that favor your investments over others, and sitting on each other's boards of directors so that you can vote yourselves huge pay increases. I assume that if you were doing any of these things, you would be the sort of person that doesn't have time to post to an RPG board.
  7. dbsousa

    The Political Divide

    Re: The Political Divide
  8. dbsousa

    WWYCD: The Invasion Is On...

    Re: WWYCD: The Invasion Is On... This is Golden Eagle's bread and butter. He copies the data, and hands it over to the UN He quickly converts his factories over to build orbital defense droids, with an empty slot for the superweapon he and Team Eagle will develop to exploit the armada's weak spot...
  9. Re: Time for another (minor) pet peeve of mine. from a UCLA dining hall pamphlet:
  10. dbsousa

    Garfield Sucks.

    Re: Garfield Sucks.
  11. Re: I Hate The Word "Comfortable" I think you may have a point, and may have missed it entirely at the same time. I suspect that a lot of obesity that does not stem from actual disease has an emotional factor to it. I suspect that many people make themselves fat to give themselves "armor". I think there is a specific discomfort that people are trying to avoid, by feeding their pleasure centers with food. Others feed it with alchohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, you name it. To suggest that it is an end in itself, I think is incorrect. Studies show that people who follow up twelve step programs with psychological counseling to unroot the reasons for their addiction, are much more likely to stick with it. When I was diagnosed and treated for Sleep Apnea, I lost 50 pounds in a month. The charts showed me leaving a sleep state 100 times an hour. Amazingly, my body had adapted by getting REM sleep 30 seconds at a time. When they put a CPAP (Continuous Pressure Air Passage, think flight mask without the helmet) on me, I spent the next 6 hours in REM sleep. after they gave me a CPAP of my own, I stopped dozing off at work, and dropped 50 pounds like it was water weight, not signifigantly changing my diet or exercize, except that I had a lot more energy to be active... The next 100 pounds has not disappeared, and I suspect that it has more to do with my not wanting change and a tendency to avoid stress with food,than my desire for the comfort of pop tarts and TV. In summary, I believe that obesity stems from a desire to avoid discomfort rather than a desire to seek comfort. Flame away, everyone...
  12. dbsousa

    Garfield Sucks.

    Re: Garfield Sucks. Expressing an opposing opinion about art or literature does not constitute an insult. It's why Ebert and Roeper never break into fistfights. EBERT: "How could you like that movie? it was awful." ROEPER: "That's it. I've had enough of your crap. You're going down, fat boy!" (Fight scene ensues while Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl" plays) Although, now that I think about it... What really happened to Siskel?
  13. dbsousa

    Did you know?

    Re: Did you know? Yeah, I meant he, as in Bush, not He as in Him. That last paragraph, like most of mine, are running skirmishes that change fronts a dozen times before they are finished. Often the first word of a sentence becomes the casualty of a semicolon. Sometimes, I lack a coherent exit strategy...
  14. dbsousa

    Did you know?

    Re: Did you know?
  15. dbsousa

    Did you know?

    Re: Did you know? Funny thing about that... We had all of the above when we went into Afghanistan to get Osama. It was when this administration abandoned that mandate and pursued a war with Iraq that the rest of the world started to disagree with us.