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  1. My main issues with it were that Ultron was horribly miscast (James Spader?), there was never any menace from him, he was entirely too human in mannerism and motivation (Ultron needs to be more inhuman in his frame of reference, Agent Smith from the Matrix would have been better even if still too human in mannerisms). That's why Vision is so much more than Ultron, he has humanity which Ultron lacks. Whedon completely ruined Black Widow as a character coming off of her exceptional role in Winter Soldier, she was a clinging, overly emotional basket case for Bruce Banner, which had zero plot foreshadowing in any of the other movies, and when coupled with how Whedon showed their interactions in Avengers 1 it comes off as fairly creepy IMO. Banner nearly killed her in Avengers 1 (it was a great scene, don't get me wrong, it demonstrated in no uncertain terms that the normals should not be near the gods when they play.) So you have this whole underlying abusive aspect, then Whedon throws in the totally unnecessary and frankly gratuitous sterilization of the Black Widow's character (as if having her murder other Red Room trainees wasn't dehumanizing enough of an upbringing to show what Romanov has had to rise above) Whedon takes it just that one step too far. Then the whole plot was just another example of the relatively new Hollywood convention of being nothing more than barely connected whitty dialogue spliced between disjointed overly long actions scenes (the Hydra Base assault, Hulk trashing the African City, the Chase through the American City for the Ultron Growth Pod, and the final Destruction of Sokovia). None of this made a whole lot of narrative sense, and could have been done much much better if someone with actually writing talent had written it. The Last Jedi was an even worse example of this kind of movie, but this core failing is riven throughout AoU.
  2. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? Steve, I see what your intent for this books is, but is there any chance that this book (or maybe in a possible future Legendary Hero that you had discussed earlier) that you could have 5-10pgs that would give advice/rules for progressing an adventuring party through the levels of Legendary Hero, Demigod, to full god? Similar to the intent/purpose White Wolfs SCION system (though in a much more abbreviated way of course.) It would mainly be guidelines that for example might discuss what would distinguish a Cosmic Level Super from a Demigod, I presume it's not just raw point scores. TB
  3. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! I like Twilight too, but I consider Eclipse to be the worst so far of the 4 movies released. I'm actually planning on playing a Twilight/3rd Ed White Wolf Vampire in a friends Cosmic Level Supers game: Twilight Vampire Physically/OWoD Vampire Disciplines. TB
  4. Re: What non-fiction book are you reading, and is it good? Army Regulation 11-6: The Army Language Program Doing a little research for my boss to see what is required to start a Command Language Program. Overall, as regulations go, not to hard, it involves quite a bit of paperwork to get a CLP off the ground, but the Reg gives a very good step-by-step rundown on what a unit has to do to get started. TB
  5. Re: Else Earth Pantheons of the ...Verse Yes, yes, YES! You rock, dude!! TB
  6. Re: Archaeologist For sciences, hmm, anthropology, botany, and civil engineering come to mind. Knowledge Skills in History of particular eras/areas. Languages. TB
  7. Re: Superheroes and lethal force I think it just depends on the tone set by the GM. If you have villains like the Impossible Man or CLOWN, then I'd be hard pressed to do more than stunning damage against them. You start throwing the current incarnation of the Joker at my character, I'm feeding that rapid dog feet first through a wood chipper...slowly. TB
  8. Re: Dark Elves: Compelling? She didn't become "human" until after she married Aragorn and chose to become mortal. TB
  9. Re: Dark Elves: Compelling? Arwen was old enough to have seen the light from the Trees? TB
  10. Re: 6th Edition Hero System People weren't staying informed with industry buzz, because the announcement this year coincide perfectly with what many people I know were predicting at last GenCon. TB
  11. Re: The Interogation Skill as a "Lab" I don't consider it seduction when the target was willing to do it to begin with. TB
  12. Re: The Interogation Skill as a "Lab" Wooden chair missing its bottom;) TB
  13. Re: Answers & Questions Q: What do you call the new model of breast mounted android data storage modules? A: A sack of Quadrotriticale, a half empty bottle of Antarean glow water, 15,000 Tribbles, and a naked passed out Cyrano Jones. TB
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