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  1. BLHarrison

    Looking for Players in the Orlando, Florida Area

    Well, looking at the views SOMEBODY has looked at this. Could anybody in the Orlando/Winter Park/Central Florida area who is interested please respond? I have marked this thread for following so I would get it or you could respond to harriso16alpha@gmail.com
  2. As it says I'm looking for players for my campaign. It is a modified Star Hero setting of my own design with some super hero/powers elements thrown in. We meet on Friday Evenings at the Denny's near the intersection of Orange and Sand Lake Road (Near the Sunrail Station)
  3. BLHarrison

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Reminds me of my brothers suggestion: CSI:Pokipski the head CSI chews tobacco "Yep" (old cartoon sound effect) yee can tell by the absense of ......