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  1. rjd59

    Military questions

    Each branch of the militaries ranks basically follow the E1 - E9 rankongs for enlisted personel (along with Specialist 4 and 5 in the Army), Warrent Officers 1 - 4, and then Officers which I can't remember how they are reffered to. Each branchs ranks, although they may be called different names depending on the branch, follow the same structure. So an E7 in the Army would outrank an E5 in the Navy, Marines, or Air Force. Same thing with officers however you would have to check a charting of each branches officers to see who outranks who. (I was an elisted man, never made it past E5) zslane and Spence are right on much of what they have said, although I'm going to assume your situation is some time after the beginning of the apocolypse started, laws would no longer apply to the military not operating in the country. The highest ranking officer would be in charge regardless of the branch he was in. Spence is correct that most likely it would be National Gaurd personnel, but there are plenty of Army, Marine, Navy, and Air Force personnel all over the US, so having any number of them from any branch is feasible. However, a Colonel may be a more plausable rank for the ranking officer. There are more of them around than there are Generals. Just a thought! Hope some of this may help with your ideas! Have fun!
  2. rjd59

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Would be awesome if we could get a seperate pic of Tribune Asa and one of the Bloodswarm!
  3. rjd59

    prefabs for psychological complications

    I believe that is what I have, but can't say for certain. As I said, I can't recall where I had gotten them, or when for that matter!
  4. rjd59

    prefabs for psychological complications

    Not sure where the heck I got them or when I got them, but I have HD files for everything on the Cellular Smoke Signals master list, an a whole other set that are marked CSS in my files. Not sure where those came from. I also think they may have been 5th ed, but they do open up in the latest build of HD. I did not create any of these, so don't know if I should post them in the files section without permission from the creators. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. rjd59

    Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Very excited, received my copy today! Thanks to all involved!
  6. rjd59

    San Angelo

    Bought this when it first came out, all of the Sa:CoH books actually. Love them. Use this setting for most all my Champions games. Glad to see it make a comeback!
  7. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    What do you need done that I could do?
  8. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    IMHO placing the rules within the adventures, scenarios, whatever you want to call them is not the way to go! 1st of all, the rules are in Champions Complete, no need to put them in the new stuff, avoiding any copyright issues, and someone within the playing group should at least own a copy! That's how I got into RPG's without having the books, another player owned whichever book, for whichever system. Until I would either buy the book, or not play the system. (I completely know what you're saying about being told what to do untill you learned however!) Setting up scenarios, adventures, etc. and pointing the newbies to the page or pages the particular rules needed in Champions Complete is much more practical and probably legal.
  9. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    As Deathstroke happens to be my all time favorite champions super-villian team, I must vote for number 2 with number 1 as second and 5 is third.
  10. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    I'm going to say the Viper's nest is, I beleive that to be the easier road to travel. (Not that I always travel the easy roads, I kind of like the bumps along the way most times! LOL)
  11. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    Deathstroke is actually my all time favorite hero system villian team, don't know why, just liked them! However, in the 6th ed universe, all but Requiem and Frost have supposedly been vaporized. Then again, with the way villians have a way of escaping these sort of things, it's highly possible they survived! (In my campaign this never happened and I simply updated the remaining members to 6th.)
  12. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    Well said!
  13. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    Just my two-cents here, but there's an old saying ... KISS. The more characters provided, the more problems that can arise for newbies to run into. However, if you provide small combat scenarios that deal with a few character types, where they can learn those types, and then other types in other scenarios, it may be easier to learn how the different character types work as opposed to a multi-part adventure where a player could choose any of 12-15 characters. Once these scenarios are run through, then maybe include an adventure where they can choose among them. Might be a bit extra work, but I think it would pay off in the long run as it gives theplayers a chance to learn each character type before they get fully into the actual role-playing aspect. What do you think?
  14. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack

    Will do whats needed of me. Just point me in a direction.
  15. rjd59

    Champions Begins - the GM Starter pack