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    Adjustment Power Framework Thoughts

    If it were 6E I'd probably build a Mind Link, Usable as Attack with No Mental Awareness and a custom limiter "only for adjustment powers" -0
  2. Hi all, I'm working on a new character for a 5E game. His current name is "Conduit" and what i'm envisioning is a walking battery that can set up links with other PCs and then move energy around. Aid, Succor, Transfer, Healing. He'll be an Adjustment power guy, with a big fat END battery I'd like to set up a "conduit" power that works kind of like Mind Link and Mind Scan. Where he can set up a link between characters and then use his power freely. Any thoughts on how that would work?
  3. WalkingParadox

    Luck Powers?

    Hey All, I'm looking to create a character with powers based around Luck. Besides the Luck power itself, y'all have any ideas for some interesting and fun effects that would work in combat?
  4. WalkingParadox

    Looking for Players in the Orlando, Florida Area

    Damn, i'm in South FL else I'd come play.