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  1. tkdguy

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Final two episodes of Johan Falk
  2. tkdguy

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Drone Racing League is back on the air.
  3. tkdguy

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    This one is not a true quote since I thought it rather than saying it, but here goes. The scene: Tonight's performance of Robeto Devereux. During the overture, the supertitles were showing a summary of Elizabeth the First's life. Supertitle: As a child, she witnessed the dissolution of the marriage of her parents, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Me (thinking): Well, I suppose that's one way to put it!
  4. tkdguy

    A Thread for Random Musings

    I just found this Google Doodle tonight: When I ran my cursor over it, I got a birthday greeting from Google. Nice gesture, but should I be freaked out about this?
  5. Yup, and Zeus married his sister as well. Then again, incest ran high among the Olympians and the Titans.
  6. tkdguy

    Creepy Pics.

    I will need to search for it.
  7. Despite abducting her, Hades actually stayed faithful to his wife, unlike his brothers.
  8. tkdguy

    Creepy Pics.

    That painting is actually Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II portrayed as the Roman god Vertumnus.
  9. tkdguy

    A Thread For Random Links

    Tolkien's artwork to be made into tapestries at Aubusson, France: https://www.cite-tapisserie.fr/en/node/758/
  10. tkdguy

    Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "What is wrrong with that cat?!" "He's stupid. He's annoying. He's the Urkel of cats."
  11. tkdguy

    Rolemaster 2 (skills)

    Sounds good. Will it be play by post?
  12. tkdguy

    "Neat" Pictures

    Every time I see food done on that scale, I think about how many people can be fed at a homeless shelter with it.