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  1. I never realized this existed until last night!
  2. One of my cats enjoys listening to Bach.
  3. Virtual Reality Gym, now open in San Francisco Here's a review.
  4. If anyone is interested, I'm more than happy to share. Should I post it here, or in its own thread?
  5. I hate automated services! I had questions about paying a bill, and I couldn't get in touch with a person. The automated service had me going round in circles until I was screaming my answers into the phone. My poor cat got so scared, she went into hiding.
  6. Since you mentioned Highlander, here are the wrirte-ups of a couple of the characters from the TV show. Keep in mind they're for 5th Edition, so you'll have to make a few adjustments. http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationstv/tvchar.html#high I did a Highlander Hero document a long time ago. Alas, it didn't survive the purge. I don't know if you'll need all the details from my work, but I'm more than happy to reupload it if you want.
  7. This took place in the Netherlands last weekend. http://www.droneclash.nl/
  8. I crafted my own set of standing stones for my games, using polystyrene and a cardboard base. I just have to finish painting it.
  9. This one is probably a nightmare for artists Chibi-style portraits painted with a Zorn Palette
  10. My YouTube recommendations include a video on using cork bark as miniature terrain. Sounds good, but why is it listed under "Cooking"?
  11. tkdguy

    More space news!

    Years ago, I caught part of a PBS show about how life would be like on the moons of the solar system. Some included sports and recreation. I can't seem to find it on YouTube.
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