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  1. tkdguy

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    Am I getting pranked... by a ghost?
  2. tkdguy

    More space news!

    Looks like Saturn's rings are young, cosmologically speaking.
  3. tkdguy

    More space news!

    Aliens test firing Aliens are test firing their new mass driver!
  4. tkdguy

    Genre-crossover nightmares

    Thundercat Ballou
  5. tkdguy

    How do you draw an X?

    7, printed or in cursive.
  6. tkdguy

    More space news!

    I often miss out on those too.
  7. tkdguy

    "Neat" Pictures

    One NSFW photo at the end, but otherwise okay. Here are a couple of miniature conversions -- Knights of the Firmament: Sol and Luna
  8. tkdguy

    More space news!

    At least you got to see it. I missed it yet again because of rain.
  9. tkdguy

    The cranky thread

    Sorry to hear about that, Pariah. Condolences to friends and family.
  10. tkdguy

    The Non Sequitor Thread

    I try not to curse before breakfast, but that's not always possible.
  11. tkdguy

    In other news...

    It is raining in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I get to miss out on another eclipse yet again.
  12. tkdguy

    In other news...

    For her, or for me? In my case, I was never a fan, although I found a few of his videos hilarious. For her, Weird Al is a friend of the family.
  13. tkdguy

    In other news...

    One of my former employers knows him.
  14. tkdguy

    The cranky thread

    Horrible. I hope they catch the ones responsible for this.