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  1. Diamond Spear

    RIP: Stan Lee

    I just keep reminding myself that the man was lucky enough to make a living doing what he loved and that he leaves the world having made it a better place. It helps a little.
  2. Diamond Spear

    Dark Champions

    So I've gotten the itch to run a HERO game again after a long hiatus. I'd love it if there were enough HERO players in the Savannah area to run a game but I'm perfectly willing to run one online, most likely a hybrid chat/PBP style. I've been working on a Dark Champions setting and would love to give it a shot. It is, in fact, the one that I tried to recruit for last year but between hurricanes and a work schedule that usually had me working closer to sixty hours than forty I was never able to get it going. Things have calmed down now so I'd like to give it another try. The Setting (spoiler blocked for length): If you'd be interested let me know. Any group between one and six players works for me. As always, please post interest or questions here and I'll be happy to respond.
  3. I'm in the (very slow) process of designing a setting for Fantasy Hero and one of the things I'm including is different fighting styles for different regions. For instance, a traditional early middle ages land might have warriors wearing chain armor or the equivalent and trained mostly in sword and shield, while another region might have developed a fighting style based on lighter armor and using a long weapon in the primary hand and a shorter one in the off hand and so on. The issue I'm facing is that I've always disliked how HERO automatically uses martial maneuvers to build fighting styles. I think it works fine for "traditional" martial arts but for something like a sword and shield style I've always wondered why not just buy bonuses to the regular combat maneuvers along with designing things like a "shield bash" attack. Other than the martial maneuvers giving a cost break, combining several bonuses (and sometimes a penalty) to a single maneuver and allowing the purchase of damage classes, all of which result in a lower cost than buying all of those individually, I don't see a compelling reason for me not to design the styles without using Martial Maneuvers. For instance a character might buy +3 OCV Only to Block with Sword or the like. So am I right? Does doing it my way mean the ability to create more customization by modifying existing maneuvers with the only drawback being that it costs more points? Thoughts? Comments? Observations? Thanks.
  4. I'm trying to decide on how one would go about designing a magic system like that used in Glenn Cook's Black Company books. Variable Power Pools are the obvious answer and I'm fine with that but the size of those pools and how they can be utilized is what I'm struggling with. A cap of around 40 points for most "regular" sorcerers seems about right, perhaps with a 1/2 or x2 effect for illusions (based largely on how Goblin and One Eye's magic is described in the first three books). It's after that where things get tricky. For the most part the extremely powerful sorcerers in the books don't seem to use much "fast cast" magic and mostly weave spells that buff or debuff or protect an area. When they do cut loose with heavy duty magic it's usually when they have had time to prepare and it seems like they are mostly triggering prepared spells rather than casting them cold. My first thought was that for every "x" points over 40 you have to add one step on the time chart to reflect the amount of preparation that very powerful spells take. The problem there is that if I set "x" at 5 or 10 points then the kind of magic that the Taken or the Lady can wield would end up taking a month or more but if I raise "x" to 15 or 20 points per step on the time chart it doesn't limit lesser sorcerers like it should. I'm stuck. So please HEROdom assembled, hit me with your best suggestions, thoughts and ramblings. Thanks.
  5. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    LEe me get back to you after this weekend.
  6. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    I usually set up a Yahoo group for whatever game I’m running.
  7. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    System, at least to me, has always been in second place compared to things like a good story and interesting characters.
  8. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    A little of both. I have a general idea in mind but it would be greatly influenced by the character you created.
  9. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    No problem. If you've got questions just let me know.
  10. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    Well CrazySaga it looks like you're the only interested player for the moment. How do you feel about a one-on-one game?
  11. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    Excellent idea. Doing that now.
  12. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    Still here Alder?
  13. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    I’m looking for straight human characters. Rather than Batman think Alias blended with a bit of Punisher and Fringe.
  14. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    I'm open to either fifth or sixth edition. So you and Alder can feel free to let me know which you would prefer. As for archetypes characters will have either a law enforcement, military or even criminal background. I haven't worked out the precise point totals as yet but characters will be built on skills, talents and perks without natural powers.
  15. Diamond Spear

    Play by Chat Room

    What kind of “aspects”’do you mean? Questions are not a bother at all. They’re practically a requirement.