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  1. Mom aware of boxing’s issues. One of the reasons I don’t follow it. 🙂
  2. After watching yesterday’s two games I am officially done with the NFL. Between the Saints being robbed of the win by that non-call and the Chiefs not even getting a chance to play offense due to the league’s asanine overtime rules I just can’t take it anymore. I’m not a fan of any of the teams that played yesterday but between officiating that’s at best wildly inconsistent and an overtime format that quite literally comes down to a coin flip I can’t take it seriously anymore. Looks like I’m down to two pro sports now.
  3. It'd be a lot of work, and I haven't finished reading the series, but an Urban Fantasy setting based on the Rachel Morgan/Hollows books would be fun. Of course, like most "zero to let's-change-everything-everyone-knows-about-the setting" book series I'd want to confine the conversion to the first couple of books. I also have a copy of The Hollows Insider which would be invaluable for doing a conversion.This requires thought...
  4. I kind of think that doing Thieves World requires it not be set in an existing setting but needs to be its own thing. I've been turning it over in my mind and besides the magic system(s) I think a lot of thought needs to go into fighting styles, the available equipment, the upbringing and therefore the skill sets of the "average Santuarians" and so on. So, anyone want to help me? 😀
  5. Over the last week or so I've rediscovered my Thieves World books and have been enjoying reading them again. I think it would make an interesting setting with appropriate tweaks for being used as an RPG, as opposed to an anthology, setting. The hardest part would be getting the various magic systems to work within the HERO powers framework. That challenge aside I like the idea of a game set in a failing empire, where gods and demons are actively engaged in the world and where power comes with a price. I think you could keep all that without playing it quite as dark as the setting was originally written. Thoughts on that?
  6. I did. I had them analyzed three times and got the same result each time: I’m completely crazy. 😀 On topic: I’ve been thinking since I posted it that maybe the Vampire Accademy books really would be a project worth doing. Is anyone else here familiar with them?
  7. Also sorry I’ve been absent from the thread. Some things at work blew up.
  8. Hey if I can work on something that does both that’d be great. And let’s face it, it’s hard to come up with an idea that hasn’t been done a bunch.
  9. So the Vampire Academy books setting? Which actually isn’t a bad idea, mind.
  10. Nope not in SCAD. A bit old for that. Moved here about a year and a half ago for work.
  11. So upon further reflection I was thinking that a semi-pulp sci-fi setting might be fun and that put me in mind of the Mageworlds books. They're on the line between pulp and space opera and there's an established setting that's almost begging to be fleshed out. Done strictly as a fan project I think it has great potential. Thoughts?
  12. Hmmm... Maybe a kind of "Combo genre" setting? Modern day with a touch less cynicism but focused on various secret societies, perhaps even with typical urban fantasy elements such as vampires, werewolves, magic, etc. with the societies keeping themselves separate from the "normal" society and only interacting with each other, with, of course the secret societies operating under pulp rules and sensibilities. Kind of a pulp version mash up of the Illuminati and various urban fantasy settings? That's kind of a stream of consciousness spitballing of the idea. It's still trying to sort itself out in my head. Does it make sense?
  13. Pulp sounds like a fun project. Makes me wonder if you could do a pulp setting but put it in the modern time frame. Thoughts on that?
  14. So which genre do you think is most in need of a fresh new setting? I’ve got that creative itch and thought I’d give working on a setting a crack. Now I just need a genre and can’t seem to settle on one so how about a little help?
  15. I just keep reminding myself that the man was lucky enough to make a living doing what he loved and that he leaves the world having made it a better place. It helps a little.
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