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  1. Hey Folks, Just was reading through a bit of the GURPS Fourth Edition. I'm not familiar with it at all. In the first few parts, it appears to be an exact copy of HERO. I was hoping someone with more familiarity could describe exactly how its different mechanically, and philosophically, from HERO, so I don't have to read through its larger-even-than-HERO rulebooks. Thanks!
  2. Just saw this after coming back to the forums a few days ago, and I'm very sad to hear the news. Thank you for your contributions to the forums, hyper-man! I always appreciated the conversation, helpful hints, and thoughtful analysis. Bye.
  3. I'd go one further and get rid of Growth altogether. Buy the other powers that being large typically gets you, reach, KB resistance, etc., and consider your actual size to be a special effect.
  4. Grab is a maneuver available to any and all characters, no cost. Your vehicle should be able to do it if it has a STR score and an arm/hand.
  5. One thing comes to mind would be Uncontrolled, No Conscious Control, Area of Effect, Trigger. So whoever makes the disease sets up the specific amount of time it's transferable for, as per Uncontrolled, by paying the required amount of endurance. From there, there's No Conscious Control of how it might be transferred via Trigger and Area of Effect. But the questions unclevlad brings up need to be answered to have a specific build.
  6. /sigh Orkzkool drop we got here. Look, just pay attention to Lucius. He'll get you some help. =P
  7. Was it resent? Or restab? The ORKZ I know are familiar with those words.
  8. Ya! I'm pretty sure things like claws, or whether your vehicle has wheels or legs for example, are special effects of the vehicle. Vehicles start with basic characteristics, which can be found on 6E2 186, and movement modes, 6E2 188, but how they work exactly are special effects. I'd say the same thing about STR. Your vehicle could be a mech with arms and hands, couldn't it? A combat maneuvre should be decent, unless you envision the arm being extremely long, since what you get for free would be reach equivalent to a character's reach.
  9. Fair enough, mallet, haven't read that one! I'd direct the OP to read the entry on Complimentary Skills, which I think is the most practical use of Background Skills. There's also the last paragraph in the entry of the Knowledge Skill, which describes something I was trying to get at, but didn't do a good job of.
  10. Teleportation Circle: Teleportation 5m, No Relative Velocity, Area Of Effect (4m Radius; Circle denoted on the ground with Gestures; +1/4), Safe Blind Teleport (+1/4), Limited Range (Teleportation Circle must be cenetered on a point no more than 5m from Character; +1/4), Constant (+1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Trigger (Activating the Trigger is an Action that takes no time, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates, Character does not control activation of personal Trigger; Teleportation Triggered when any Character enteres the Teleportation Circle; +3/4), Usable As Attack (+1), Grantor pays the END whenever the power is used, MegaScale (1m = 100 km; +1 1/2) (90 Active Points); Extra Time (5 Minutes, Only to Activate, -1), Gestures (Requires both hands; -1/2), Incantations (-1/4) 33 That's what I came up with. How close am I? One trouble with giving Teleportation AoE and changing its range from Self to Ranged, is that power has two different ranges. A range at which a gate can be created and a distance one can be teleported.
  11. http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?25147-Real-men-Real-Role-Players-Loonies-and-Munchkins-Long And I think this one's slightly more involved, but the same thing.
  12. http://pw1.netcom.com/~shagbert/pages/munchkins.html Was that it, Mattingly?
  13. Gate may not work exactly the way you want it, but you can still add the Advantages and Limitations that make your teleportation Gate-like. The way I see, the Gate (-1/2) Limitation is the only thing that defines the Gate as being a Gate and thus two-way and see-through. The others, Area of Effect, Constant, and UOO can still be applied to a Teleportation power without making it inherently two-way or otherwise Gate-like. Time Limit as an Advantage seems like it might do the job to allow this pseudo-Gate to be open for 20 minutes, but Uncontrolled has a natural shut-off mechanism, which could be your 8 people maximum, and seems to fit the power description much better. Usable As Attack and Trigger seem to go well together, if the character wants to teleport other people without necessarily controlling who can go through and who can't (ex. whoever steps into the circle, right?), or possibly Increased Mass adder, however, Area of Effect and Constant seem to do the job as per Gate. Will definitely need Extra Time, Incantations and Gestures. Safe Blind Travel, as well as No Range Modifier, No Relative Velocity, and MegaScale should be used as you see fit. So here are my questions: 1. What exactly are the implications of the Area of Effect advantage for a teleportation UAA? Is it an area of effect centered around the person granted the power? Or can it necessarily be defined as a spot on the ground, like a gate? The rules for Range of Powers states that, normally, a Power with the Range of Self cannot have the Area of Effect Advantage applied to it, nor can they be made to work at range. But only if having the UOO Advantage applied first. It's tricky, because the power, when set up, is not yet being used as an attack. That's probably why Gate was defined as Usable Simultaneously. Before, it seemed like either UAA and Trigger or AoE and Constant were workable pairs, but the more I think about it the more it seems all four are needed. You need UAA before you can apply AoE anyway. 2. If the UAA Teleportation is indeed a spot on the ground, is Trigger necessary? given what's said above, I think it must be. Food for thought... gotta sleep.
  14. Great power idea! I haven't been looking at the books recently, because I haven't been gaming, so I can't suggest any complicated power builds at the moment. However, it's always important to restate the rule about special effects. It seems to me that the "reading" should just be a special effect of the power. It doesn't really matter for game mechanics how they get them, but the character has the powers. If you agree, then you're left with a character that only has access to powers at certain times, as per the special effect, which actually seems majorly under powered, rather than being over powered, with the ability to absorb powers in this way. Here are my ideas: 1. Multiform definitely comes to mind. But as I said above, the powers are all predefined and constructed by the character, and "reading" is a special effect. 2. You could put a Charge on every power, with Recoverable only under certain circumstances. The number of Charges in a clip would indicate how long those powers stick around for after the "Read" and the "under certain circumstances" recovery would be the read itself. 3. You could put a Required Roll on every power and make it a PER Roll (that's the read) with obvious penalties if there's nothing in front of the character to "read". So it would be impossible to make the PER Roll to activate the Power if there's nothing to perceive. Or maybe you could think of it like anything could be read, but some things are harder than others... it could be time sensitive, or how close an item was to a person (or whatever they were trying to absorb). The sword seems like an easy read to make, given the close connection between the sword and the swordsman. But something like... the ruined remains of a house, attempting to read the shattered pieces of wood for any trace of the previous inhabitants from hundreds of years ago, could be really hard to read. The GM would control the PER penalties to activate powers. 4. This probably changes your player's idea drastically, but it would be possible for the GM to make this event part of the campaign setting, where the players don't necessarily control when they're suddenly given powers by powerful artifacts. It could happen frequently, though. Then this would be a Usable On Others advantage, of the item, rather than a power of one of the PCs. It might be nice for the GM to have control over what powers are given when. 5. Define something as Floating. This is a lot easier to manage when it's something simple like a skill (pay 3 points for a Floating skill, and fill in the blanks every time you do a read) but would be much harder to understand when it comes to complicated Powers. It would be especially effective if done in the manner described in the entry for Complication: Dependent NPC saying something about "a different girlfriend every week". If your campaign was episodic, the character could come into contact with an artifact for reading at the beginning, and then have those powers for the rest of the episode, changing them at the start of the next. It would take away the messiness of time limits. I think the thrust of what I'm suggesting with all this, is that, in my opinion, it would be easier if all the different things the character wanted to do were on the sheet, and the flavour of doing a reading defined what powers the character was going to use at that moment. A la Multiform, you're supposed to have a sheet for each of your forms, but this power, as described so far, basically has an unlimited number of forms with the potential for absorbing any and all powers skills and knowledge. It seems unwieldy in that regard.
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