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  1. incrdbil

    prefabs for psychological complications

    ::puts on breaks:: Well..hey. Christmas came again. Thogh it says 5th..there no real functional difference for 6e for these, right?
  2. incrdbil

    prefabs for psychological complications

    yep, I'm working on translating it all to a 6e prefab. I'll post a notice when I'm finished. Will have some free time over the weekend.
  3. incrdbil

    prefabs for psychological complications

    A already constructed prefab. Thought i had opne on an earlier computer at one time. But thanks for the link..I can just do a lot of copy pasting and make my own prefab.
  4. Very long ago I recall there was a prefab with the contents of the master list of psych disads for 5e. I have searched, and cant find it, though what I really need is a 6e version. Anyone know of a location with either one?
  5. incrdbil

    A Thread for Random Musings

    A Christmas story live was sort of good. A few added sections were..well, puzzling, but it had the spirit.
  6. incrdbil

    Damage Negation

    You seem to be worrying about the maximums. I'd focus on the average as a basis of comparison. For a normal 3d6 blast 11 PD or ED stops all average damage, (rounding up to 11) while it takes 15 points for negation. For a 1d6 KA, 12 points of resistant PD and ED stops average damage..rounding the average body roll up to 4. Again, 15 points for negation. The cost advantage for normal or resistant defenses becomes more pronounced for minimums. Added extra complexity because you take maximum damage rolls as the testing point for a defense doesn't seem to be the optimal solution. For negation guys in an explosion..roll a separate reduced total against them taking off dice for range, then the negation at the same time the other damage is rolled.
  7. This particualr use is aimed mainly at campaigns that focus on one or two power sets, creating drains targeting special affects more than specific powers--it aids the attackers somewhat, in that versus the targeted effect,, they don't need the +2 advantage, whihc is still largely negated by a small amount of power defense. It makes unified power something a player might actually use, because the limitation currently isn't worth applying to more than two or three powers not commonly drained. In a game with the usual multitude of power origins, its probably best to stick to the book.
  8. Just remember, even if they are unified, any form of Drain effect against any defense mutant characteristic that is a form of defense, the effect is halved. (CON, DCV, DMCV, PD, ED, REC, END, BODY, and STUN). The problem with Unified Power is that any drain, that hits any of those powers, taken them all down, even if, for special effect reasons it makes no sense. If some mages spell of Atrophy Muscles has nothing to do with mutant powers, reduces a mutant heroes STR, which was bought with unified power, then everything is reduced. When applied strictly like these, players are loathe to take unified power. In theory, the way to target all common special affect powers isn't to give a cost discount through limitation to characters, but charge a big costly advantage on attacks through variable and/or expanded effects. And in a mixed campaign where there's all different types of origins, that is a perfectly fine way to do it. But there are alternatives, especially if your game heavily is focused about certain types of powers (all mutants, all magic, or all hi tech heroes). This different way of handling unified power is by changing how it works: Unified power kicks in when the players is targeted by a drain power that targets the special affect. So you could have drains that target a mutant powers using the variable affect (affects mutant powers) advantage, and take a limitation of "affects only mutants". You require all mutant powers to take Unified power limitation. . Poof. That drain now reduces all mutant powers, but now your mutant heroes aren't losing every power and characteristic to random drains that have nothing to do with the special effect. Drains that don't buy variable affect and just pick out one power or ability don't have any additional affect. Mutants with a less vulnerable physiology might not take the unified power limitation..but their powers may still be mutations, and at least the original power named by the drain would be affected. If mutant drains/power suppressors are common enough in the campaign, you can keep it at the same limitation level. The above can be adapted for any special effect. It makes or certain less focused on powers than special effect. (Unified Power Magic Armor, Unified Power Cybernetic Suit, Unified Power telekinesis).
  9. incrdbil

    Destroy Your Geek Cred!!

    Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! As for really destroying geek Cred..I think its perfectly rational that Han didn't shoot first. Lucan got that better the second time around. Han, snivelling little cowardly smuggler that he was was scared silyl of Jabba. He did want to try and pay and get pout of trouble. Starting a shootout with hirelings, or even freelancers working for Jabbas bounty waasn't going to make that easier. and Ewoks are ok with me. And Empire strikes back was the weakest of the original three movies. Dune..boring. Dr Who..just not interesting at all. There..enough damage?
  10. incrdbil

    If I Ever Become A Vampire

    Re: If I Ever Become A Vampire ...I wouldnt be a whiny emo crybaby about it. I'd relish my living families time, not immediately cut them off. I'd start many long term savings accounts and investment funds. I'd buy new series collectibel items and cradfted items, and store them inthe top line storage facilities. in preparation for having the worlds most awesome antique collection in a few centuries and being ridiculously rich. Having acquired moderate wealth, find a reliable broker: mission..buying stocks, takign profits, buying more stocks. See how many companies I can own in a century. Explore a lot. Enjoy it. I'd also become heavily involved in a private blood collection company, with a worldwide fast delivery network, to insure a perfect supply. As for unwilling targets, I'd be killing crazed dictators and the like. Nuclear war would definitely thorugh a crimp in my party plans, so extended world peace and prosperity would be in my best interests.
  11. incrdbil

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... http://www.rhymes-with-witch.com/rww09152010.shtml The Gladiatorial games of cuteness
  12. incrdbil

    U.S. House - Health Care Bill has passed

    Re: U.S. House - Health Care Bill has passed Well, as long as you didnt hide the fact your house was on fire, or that you ran a fireworks factory in your basement next to the fire-jugglers apartment you rented out.... Cancelling promised coverage when you adequately detiled existing medical conditions isn't kosher. hiding a condition then getting coverage is. But I forget...government l systems are infaliable and never make errors either. Only those evil private companies employ falliable humans. Within the safe nurturing bosom of government, all will be fine, no one will slip through a crack, some legislative oversight, or other unfortunate mishap.
  13. incrdbil

    U.S. House - Health Care Bill has passed

    Re: U.S. House - Health Care Bill has passed My, isnt it nice when you have options on how you do things. Have a crappy insurance company? Change insurance companies. If you can find a better option, ou are free to change to it. Considering many of those entities actually have a motivation to do well, manage their money wisely, and can't suddenly decide that later on that won't pay you just because times are hard is reassuring. And best of all--its your choice. If you feel you can do well without that protection , you do so. And you aren't asking anyone else to pay for your fire insurance..nor demanding that the fire insurance company sell a policy to you while your house is on fire. There are some other subtle differences here..but you get the drift. /
  14. incrdbil

    NBC's Heroes

    Re: NBC's Heroes Strong ending. I call this a definite comeback season.
  15. incrdbil

    If I Ever Become A Vampire

    Re: If I Ever Become A Vampire I'll simply engage in above board paid transactions for blood. One way to stop revenge crazed dedicated foes is not to provide them a reason to desire revenge. If I must feed from a live subject, I dont kill them. I make it consensual, again with reimbursement of a fair nature in kind. I cheerfully point out to the slayer that I'm not worth the trouble, that I have a good number of loyal, well treated servants who will be cross..and that I may be a resource to consult with when it comes to removing crazed murderous members of my kind who risk exposing all other vampires with their wanton murderous ways. If I'm simply forced to be evil and murderous, some of my mind controlled minions will be well trained snipers who kill the Slayer in broad daylight, with a 50 caliber rifle, from far away. Since I don't t need to breathe, my inner lair wil be wired to flood with nerve gas on the touch of a remote control.