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  1. Michael Hopcroft

    2017-18 NHL Thread

    The only way Jon Gruden will get into the Super Bowl in Vegas is with a media credential when they host the game in 2027.
  2. Michael Hopcroft

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Did you hear Michael Bay had to take a part-time job making lousy infomercials? A: If the sole criteria by which you judge a movie is the number and duration of explosions, then no I don't want to read your beauty blog.
  3. Michael Hopcroft

    2017-18 NHL Thread

    And to think I kept hearing talk of the NHL actually contracting because franchises had been placed in areas where success is barely possible. As it was several teams have pulled up stakes over the last couple of decades -- Winnipeg lost its team to Arizona (that has not gone well) only to get one back when the second Atlanta team capitulated and returned to Canada (which had happened before -- the Calgary Flames started out in Atlanta).
  4. Michael Hopcroft

    2017-18 NHL Thread

    I am so glad I don't get Canadian talk radio. People must be so aggravated now, and I don't blame them in the least. An expansion team is in the Stanley Cup Final.Tampa or Washington would give them a fight, but the Knights are 2-0 in their games against each team. Thirty NHL GMs must be shaking their heads, wondering how they could have done such a poor job of selecting players to go into the expansion draft. A lot of the Knights are players their original teams had behind logjams at their roles -- guys who were released because their teams didn't have room for them on their rosters. They might well have done better on their original teams than some of the players that were kept. The Penguins, for example, must really regret letting Mark-Andre Fluerey into the Expansion Draft, because in games where he hasn't started due to injury the Knights generally speaking have not been winning (Malcom Subban has the potential to be a really good NHL goalie, but he isn't close to that level yet, and early in the season when Fleury and he were both hurt, the last-resort goalie Maurice Legace had a GAA of nearly four and once gave up six goals to the Jets without being pulled!).) The Blue Jackets must also really regret giving up on William Karlsson -- all he did was score 43 regular-season goals while playing in all 82 games, then going on to score thirteen points in the playoffs, including six goals. The list of Knights players would were too low on the depth chart on their original teams is staggering. This means future NHL expansion teams (such as the team being talked about in Seattle) have a very high bar to reach if they want to be viewed as successful on the ice.
  5. Michael Hopcroft

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    Copies of Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols! for all their friends.
  6. Michael Hopcroft

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    Surprisingly effective low-tech badger traps. Who'd have thought a box trap could be so effective? NT: Subtle signs the owners of United Airlines no longer find your antics amusing.
  7. Michael Hopcroft

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    I haven't seen it, but there is a remake of the series running now in Japan called Sailor Moon Crystal. If you want modern examples of what they do with their "tech", this would probably be a good start. The "Luna Pen" that Serena uses to disguise herself does not depend on her actually being Sailor Moon. She can use it anytime, and indeed that's when it's most useful. she used it most often to disguise her age and get into places only adults can go. It provides the same sort of impenetrable disguise that the costume provides. To an outside observer, the Senshi would look nothing like their original forms because it's part of the magic. thus masks are not needed, although Venus in her Sailor V identity wears one anyway because it looks cool.
  8. Michael Hopcroft

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    In the original, Sailor Mars' avocation is as a second-level priestess (a post known as a Miko, loosely described as "shrine Maiden" in English)at a local Shinto shrine. She is, however, the only person on the team who is all that religious. Since there are no fully-operational shrines in Pennsylvania as I understand it, we'd have to find her a calling elsewhere; which probably means she was have to represent some form of Christianity. The only alternative-world American version of the Miko that I can think of is being a novice nun, and that wouldn't fit her personality very well (she's a lot more exuberant than your typical novice, and Shrine Maidens don't have to take vows of celibacy).
  9. Michael Hopcroft

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    My phone. What was I thinking, leaving my charger behind?
  10. Michael Hopcroft

    2017-18 NHL Thread

    Tomorrow is worth dreading if you are a Canadian hockey fan or want a Canadian team to win the cup. Being knocked out of the Conference Finals on your ice by an expansion team is about the greatest humiliation the Jets and their long-suffering fans could endure. The Knights have enough cushion that they can probably win the series, but I'd much rather they did it in Vegas. Less of a black spot ion Canada's national psyche.
  11. Michael Hopcroft

    NGD Scenes from a Hat

    A coyote and a roadrunner fishing.
  12. Michael Hopcroft

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    A year in Canada to build his game would have been a good option for Tim Tebow, actually. He did not take that route, instead choosing first broadcasting and then baseball. He should probably go back to broadcasting, actually, because he was good at it. I don't really want Manziel to succeed in the NFL; not out of a sense of Schadenfreude, but because there are many better options without that baggage. a certain CK has a different sort of baggage, but has proven he can play decently at the NFL level. From a football standpoint, he'd be a much better backup QB for a team than Manziel.
  13. Michael Hopcroft

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Actors, even successful ones, have learned from experience that it's rarely a good idea to turn down work. Those who do often find their careers and lives suffer massive damage because of it (the late Roy Scheider turning down The Deer Hunter, which won Oscars, is a perfect example of a move like that backfiring).
  14. Michael Hopcroft

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    And Johnny Manziel has signed a contract -- with the Canadian Football League's Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He's trying to get back into the NFL, and playing in Canada is part of his plan to get back. The CFL isn't that bad a place to learn how to be a quarterback. And it's easy to see why Hamilton took the risk -- they finished 2017 with a 6-12 record, second worst in the league of nine teams. The question of course is whether they are seeking publicity and aren't going to play him regularly. I still doubt he will attract an NFL team -- there are many better options for a #2 quarterback that are much less poisonous than Manziel.
  15. Michael Hopcroft

    2018 Baseball Thread (MLB and whatever)

    There are certain other players (including some young rising stars) about whom I have my suspicions. I'm not going to name them here.