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  1. Send Agent 003.141592653 to investigate, because who knows? The "telescope" may turn out to be Putin's state of the art Orbital Mind Control Laser hovering over Washington.
  2. Did I finally kill the thread? It's been more than a month since the last post!
  3. Did I finally kill the thread? It's been more than two months since the last post!
  4. Q: What do you do after having lunch at the Big Bang Burger Bar? A: It's been a business doing pleasure with you!
  5. Zion's accident (which can;t be good for Nike, who made the imploding shoe and paid the university to make him wear them -- I don't know if Coach K himself gets a cut) has renewed the debate over whether it's better to let players come into the league as soon as they come of age, or require them to wait a year after graduation. zion isn't the first example of this discussion even this season. Take the case of former Oregon center Bol Bol. Son of an NBA legend, the younger Bol literally went to high school majoring in basketball and would have been a top prospect had he gone into the 2018 draft. Then he got a severe injury and was lost for the season with the Ducks right at the start of conference play, turning the odds-on favorite to win the Pac-12 and make a deep run in the tournament into a bystander. And since he'll go pro anyway, Oregon gets nothing for their investment. But Bol loses out too -- he might lose out on substantial money the farther he falls on the draft board. I Personally think he'll be a mediocre pro. He brings a 7'7" frame and length to the game but the league has largely consigned the center position to inside bangers and defenders, and Bol doesn't have the strength or toughness to survive 82 games of trading bodies and elbows with sturdier players. I personally think that if you're going to college you should have, at least in the back of your mind, designs on earning a degree. Otherwise, you're wasting your time. Lebron James hardly suffered for not having spent a year at a top basketball school -- he'd "majored in basketball" his entire life and his "Basketball IQ" is the sharpest weapon he has 9and he has many, many weapons). But at the same time 18-year-olds often show alarmingly bad judgment.
  6. My mother was almost put on the jury for a case in which parents who were members of a church that denied medicine (in favor of healing through prayer) were accused of letting their child die by neglect. Mom is very deeply religious, and very spiritual by nature, so a case like that shook her to her very core. She did not make the cut, for which she was grateful -- hearing six weeks worth of argument on that might well have broken her spirit.
  7. "I leave you to your moosey fate!" "Moosey fate! Moosey fate!"\ "Your moosey fate..."
  8. "This isn't about your friends, Robin. It's about you. It's always been about you: sending trouble your way, leaving cryptic clues for you to unravel. I was testing you. For some time now, I've been searching for,...an apprentice. Someone to follow in my footsteps. And, Robin, I've chosen you. Congratulations." "The makers of Azarath and Metrion are proud to introduce: Zinthos. New and improved Zinthos gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And because it's blue, Zinthos goes with everything. Zinthos isn't right for everyone and may cause bloating, cramping, hair loss, disturbing visions, fits of rage, and growth of additional eyes. Children under three should not be exposed to Zinthos. Do not get Zinthos wet, and never feed it after midnight. If you experience trouble meditating, stop saying Zinthos and consult your ancient scrolls immediately. New, Blue, Zinthos."
  9. Q: Isn't this a good explanation of how to make Dogcopter real? A: Thank you for making me into your mindless puppet. I feel so much better now.
  10. Mom and I borrowed my Netflix during a visit to watch the first three episodes of the dramedy Frankie and Grace, It is about two women (Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda), complete opposites who hadn't gotten along in the past, whose attorney husbands leave them for each other. The drama is actually very intense, as that decision has serious ramifications for everyone involved. There is also a subplot about a recovering addict (who had done something very bad while under the influence that hurt the people closest to him very deeply) who is also trying to cope with the situation within the family, while seeking to repair things somewhat with his ex (though not romantically, which is a nice change). Meanwhile, the two wives start to find they have more in common than they thought, and an unlikely friendship emerges. There is a great scene at the end of one episode where one of the women's peyote-fueled "Vision Quest" starts to go horribly wrong. The scene is reminiscent of the scene in Nine to Five where the characters of Tomlin, Fonda, and Dolly Parton all get high on pot and have their own visions of getting rid of their terrible boss. (And man, that reference dates me!)
  11. A group of prison inmates in Florida used the skills that got them into prison in the first place to save the life on a one-year-old girl who had been accidentally locked in a car. The minimum-security prisoners were working on a highway repair when it happened. Their guards watched them, and one actually praised their actions. One of the most famous stories of American writer O. Henry (master of the last-page plot twist) involved a reformed safecracker in a similar position, throwing away his freedom to rescue a child. The consequences weren't so serious in this case, but I was reminded of that story when I read this.
  12. Q: So this slaughterhouse uses automatic weapons to kill sheep? A: Have you heard the news? The dogs are dead!
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