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  1. Sir Loris

    Another Silly rounding question

    I should not even wast everyones time with this but it caused such a stir at my last gaming session: GM Mathmajor builds a 97 active cost power with 5.25 points of limitations. 97/(1+5.25)=15.52 real cost GM rounds to 16 since it's greater than .5 Player Liberalarts builds same power with HD and gets a real cost of 15. An hour of massive whinning insues... Now other than the GM is always right wich one is correct?
  2. Sir Loris

    Online Store Not Working

    Thanks for the zippy reply. But I'll wait for the new site and the valid SSL key. No rush. Yes I know I'm paranoid...
  3. Sir Loris

    Online Store Not Working

    Every thing worked great until I submited the order. Then the browser looked like it was loading a page but just cleared out my credit card info and left me at the check out screen again. I don't want to submit again, any ideas what I should do?