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  1. If you're late, it's no big deal. I'm almost always late for everything.
  2. To whom that actually care (Brian, Gemphyre & Charminghome), We are planning to play again at Fantasy Books & Games in Fairview Heights Friday night Aug. 18th at 6:00. All are welcome & the more the merrier. Scott
  3. Brian, Thanks for asking. It went so-so. I'm not super comfortable around new people so it was a little weird at first, but maybe that was just me. Everybody's characters met & I had it set up so they didn't have to fight first. Ran a quick combat vs. some terrorists to shake the rust off. Gemphyre, the guy that started this thread, was there. I hope he had fun & is willing to come back. Right now it seems scheduling may be a more dangerous opponent than Dr. Destroyer... Scott
  4. Brian- No worries. Stay tuned here & on Meetup, we'll post subsequent meetings. Is there a day that works better for you? In a couple of weeks Sundays are going to be a no-go. Charminghome- You're welcome to come on down & meet with us. See if you like us or not. The more the merrier. Scott
  5. Hello Brian, No need to work up a character beforehand. I'll have my laptop with HERO Designer on it so we can bang out a character pretty quick. We'd like to meet weekly but we're waiting to see what schedule works best for everyone & our venue. The Meetup group is RPG Guild of Greater St. Louis. My fellow GM has already had contact thru Meetup with a Brian from Carbondale so if that's not you, you'll have a potential carpooling partner. We will be at Fantasy Books & Games in Fairview Heights. 1977 West Highway 50 O'Fallon. We'll see you there. Drive safe. Scott
  6. My fellow GM and I are attempting to get a Champions group going. This has been posted on Meet Up. Our initial meeting will be at Fantasy Books in O'Fallon, IL on Sunday July 30th at 2:30pm. We're planning on a house ruled 5th edition game with 250 base points + 100 in Disads. Hope to see you there.