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  1. Are you going for the herding type gunfire Allen Quartermain did to Mr Hyde in LXG? presence or mind contol vs OCV would work IMHO
  2. 1st - 3rd as I do not have them in my collection
  3. the story line for Hawkgirl in Legends of tomorrow was that she reincarnated to the same form but her hunted (Vandal Savage)could always sense her once she manifested her powers to hunt her down The same could be the same for your character Sean in keeping the same hunteds
  4. When the character dies I'd just go and use CCCC to generate a new hero about the only thing I would keep would be 25 to 50 pts of complications to represent her past/original persona the use the remaining 25-50 complications to represent the current host's situation I would get together with the GM to approve this kind of character and not sandbag them with this character Relationships with other characters will be weird for the first few reincarnations
  5. here are the house rules we used in the Caltech game I was in for over 20 yrs these are the last set I got in 2007 but most of them date back to when I started with them in 1985 The following are the Caltech campaign guides.doc
  6. Move through and Move by both have self inflicted damage especially with Move through and you do no knockback to the target
  7. I would consider that restrainable would include this as a disarm,weapon bind,etc
  8. For me I would go with buying multi-power with HKA(sword) RKA (javalin) and an HA(club or staff) then I would put restrainable on it then maybe flavor it with incantations, extra time to turn on as it has no focus it would just be weapons that only you can use add usable with others and and outfit a squad of friends
  9. Ok here you go 1 either choose or randomly select an arch type 2 determine how you want to split up your 250 pts(2x100 and 2x25 pt or any combo you desire use the icons to match up powers & skills,etc) 3 pick 75 pts in complications 4 be sure to have the HD files for it in a place you can find and load them as prefabs for HD(I did a folder just for CCCC in the prefab folder in where HD lives in my computer 5 each card has a tiny number in the bottom left(this number needs to be larger is my only real complaint) 6 start HD 7 use open character and goto where you placed the CCCC files and find the file CCCC HD Files and open it 8 click on Cards 03-08 Chatacter Templates(these are actually HDC files so save as (new character name here)) 9 all the cards are numbered and seperated by point cost or are complications 10 if you cannot find a number go back and check the "CCCC HD Files ll", folder it has the expansion files have fun
  10. shadowcat1313 use to post post all sorts of vehicles from ww2
  11. Has stat blocks galore I love my hard copy
  12. Beast

    More space news!

    does the mass of those 900 dwarf planets even equal the mass of Mercury or Mars I hear Mars bullies them for their lunch money
  13. I think the scientist card is priced wrong having the scientist skill enhancer should lower the cost of a 2 pt science skill to 1pt so instead of spending 18pts it should be 9 pts I'd say add a choice of 3 regular skills like Computer Programing,Electronic,Mechanics,Inventor,Security Systems and Systems Operations
  14. the number is tiny and on the bottom left of the discriptor side the starting template is actually an HDC file(so open as a character not a template)
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