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  1. Ryan Reynolds as Nick Fury
  2. shadowcat1313

    **FREE** Deckplan geomorphs

    Version 1.1 is out now https://travellerrpgblog.blogspot.com/2018/11/starship-geomorph-book-update.html?fbclid=IwAR3B28TeTYhCfvoqAi4ui1VBQ_fVKzXS0wT0OC_YBAa0W0S9xGupgZwiApc the author is talking to Marc Miller about a printed release version hes also talking about a hex grid version instead of squares
  3. shadowcat1313

    **FREE** Deckplan geomorphs

    there were various systems for increasing skills after a character was created, starting with Megatraveller actually
  4. shadowcat1313

    **FREE** Deckplan geomorphs

    just a note, a question had come up on Facebook about copyright etc issues on this fan publication. I spoke with Marc Miller over the weekend in person... he was very happy with the product and had no issues
  5. shadowcat1313

    **FREE** Deckplan geomorphs

    your welcome, and for everybody in general, you can still get all the Traveller Hero pdf material from either Hero or Far Future Enterprises
  6. shadowcat1313

    **FREE** Deckplan geomorphs

    this almost 200 page **FREE** pdf was put out today... the plans are in Traveller squares, but this can be worked around https://travellerrpgblog.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-starship-geomorphs-book-if-finally.html
  7. shadowcat1313

    Vehicle Hangar: Ford Tri-Motor

    oops... forgot to post the tour schedule information... https://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/flight-experiences/fly-the-ford-eaa-ford-tri-motor-airplane-tour
  8. shadowcat1313

    Vehicle Hangar: Ford Tri-Motor

    The EAA has 2 Ford Tri-Motors that are touring the country this summer... they are the -5AT series versions, one is stopping here locally this weekend, and I am going to get lots of pictures hopefully... cant justify 75.00 for a 35 minute ride sadly... but the Tri-Motor was the first aircraft designed from the start to carry passengers. this one can carry 11 and 3 crew, at the incredibly fast speed of 80 mph. they are also really loud!
  9. shadowcat1313

    Traveller Hero is BACK!!!!

    thats the cover to book 1
  10. shadowcat1313

    The Arms Race Must End

    depends on the arms race... I might have set a record for the largest damage causing raygun
  11. shadowcat1313

    Terran Trade Authority Books

    wow.... Battlefield Press is going to be printing new versions of the old Terran Trade Authority books, with the original art, later this year or early 2019.. I remember reading these when I was a lot younger... they are really hard to find at a reasonable price these days. some great source and inspirational material in them, sadly I only have Space Wars, Worlds, and Weapons on my shelf still
  12. shadowcat1313

    Adaptation of the Shadow World in Fantasy Hero

    if theres anything I can do to help on this project let me know
  13. shadowcat1313

    Adaptation of the Shadow World in Fantasy Hero

    heres one source of ideas http://hierax.com/hero/shadow/
  14. shadowcat1313

    Adaptation of the Shadow World in Fantasy Hero

    Heres Killer Shrikes slightly awesome High Fantasy Hero page http://www.killershrike.com/FantasyHERO/FantasyHERO.aspx but it never really covered Shadow World, D&D, Warhammer. Lone Wolf.. along with a few bits and pieces from the Arduin Grimoire too
  15. shadowcat1313

    Traveller Hero is BACK!!!!

    once you get it ordered e-mail me at shadowcat48li@yahoo.com, there is a file in error, I will e-mail back the corrected file, it was an issue with deckplans getting switched. just one page in one file