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  1. shadowcat1313

    Vehicle Hangar: Ford Tri-Motor

    oops... forgot to post the tour schedule information... https://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/flight-experiences/fly-the-ford-eaa-ford-tri-motor-airplane-tour
  2. shadowcat1313

    Vehicle Hangar: Ford Tri-Motor

    The EAA has 2 Ford Tri-Motors that are touring the country this summer... they are the -5AT series versions, one is stopping here locally this weekend, and I am going to get lots of pictures hopefully... cant justify 75.00 for a 35 minute ride sadly... but the Tri-Motor was the first aircraft designed from the start to carry passengers. this one can carry 11 and 3 crew, at the incredibly fast speed of 80 mph. they are also really loud!
  3. shadowcat1313

    Traveller Hero is BACK!!!!

    thats the cover to book 1
  4. shadowcat1313

    The Arms Race Must End

    depends on the arms race... I might have set a record for the largest damage causing raygun
  5. shadowcat1313

    Terran Trade Authority Books

    wow.... Battlefield Press is going to be printing new versions of the old Terran Trade Authority books, with the original art, later this year or early 2019.. I remember reading these when I was a lot younger... they are really hard to find at a reasonable price these days. some great source and inspirational material in them, sadly I only have Space Wars, Worlds, and Weapons on my shelf still
  6. shadowcat1313

    R.I.P. Jerry Pournelle

    "Sound off." The order came through the pickup so loud that it startled the Admiral, and he turned down the volume as the men began to sing. Lermontov smiled to himself. That song was officially forbidden, and it was certainly not an appropriate choice for the guard mount about to take posts outside the Grand Senate chambers. It was also very nearly the official marching song of the Marines. And that, Admiral Lermontov thought, ought to tell something to any Senator listening. If Senators ever listened to anything from the military people. The measured verses came through, slowly, in time with the sinister gliding step of the troops. "We've left blood in the dirt of twenty-five worlds, we've built roads on a dozen more, and all that we have at the end our hitch, buys a night with a second-class whore. "The Senate decrees, the Grand Admiral calls, the orders come down from on high, It's 'On Full Kits' and sound 'Board Ships,' We're sending you where you can die. "The lands that we take, the Senate gives back, rather more often than not, so the more that are killed, the less share the loot, and we won't be back to this spot. "We'll break the hearts of your women and girls, we may break your arse as well, Then the Line Marines with their banners unfurled, will follow those banners to Hell. "We know the devil, his pomps and his works, Ah yes! we know them well! When we've served out our hitch as Line Marines, we can bugger the Senate of Hell! "Then we'll drink with our comrades and lay down our packs, we'll rest ten years on the flat of our backs, then it's 'On Full Kits' and 'Out of Your Racks,' you must build a new road through Hell! "The Fleet is our country, we sleep with a rifle, no one ever begot a son on his rifle, they pay us in gin and curse when we sin, there's not one that can stand us unless we're down wind, we're shot when we lose and turned out when we win, but we bury our comrades wherever they fall, and there's none that can face us though we've nothing at all." The verse ended with a flurry of drums, and Lermontov gently changed the selector back to the turning Earth. Perhaps, he thought. Perhaps there's hope, but only if we have time. Can the politicians buy enough time? From Chapter 1 of The Mercenary I first heard this sung at one of my first cons, it was sung by one of the Dorsai irregulars who had a booming voice to do a DI proud
  7. shadowcat1313

    Adaptation of the Shadow World in Fantasy Hero

    if theres anything I can do to help on this project let me know
  8. shadowcat1313

    Adaptation of the Shadow World in Fantasy Hero

    heres one source of ideas http://hierax.com/hero/shadow/
  9. shadowcat1313

    Adaptation of the Shadow World in Fantasy Hero

    Heres Killer Shrikes slightly awesome High Fantasy Hero page http://www.killershrike.com/FantasyHERO/FantasyHERO.aspx but it never really covered Shadow World, D&D, Warhammer. Lone Wolf.. along with a few bits and pieces from the Arduin Grimoire too
  10. shadowcat1313

    Is this OK?

    yes, GURPS Spaceships allows for a lot more technologies, although Mongoose Traveller does allow some other weapons technologies not used in earlier editions, and Traveller Hero was published before Mongoose Traveller
  11. shadowcat1313

    Is this OK?

    if you want a more structured starship construction system for Hero, Traveller Hero is the way to go, the original Champions 2 vehicle rules had rules for figuring out how much space something took up, but that got tossed out the nearest airlock in later editions... which I have never agreed with, and was flat out told no when I suggested adding it back in. as far as GURPS Spaceships, GURPS Traveller went to a modular construction system for it and GURPS WW2 used the same system for building other vehicles
  12. shadowcat1313

    Interesting aliens.

    one of my favorite books to draw inspiration from has always been Barlowe's Guide to Extra-Terrestrials
  13. shadowcat1313

    Traveller Hero CD error corrections

    just send me an e-mail at shadowcat48li@yahoo.com turnaround time is minimal
  14. shadowcat1313

    Traveller Hero CD error corrections

    if anybody buys the Traveller Hero CD from FFE, theres an error with one of the ship files, just contact me and I can send the corrected file, its a deck plan error with GAS-7
  15. shadowcat1313

    Transhuman Traveller

    things change and tech evolves... Traveller celebrated its 40th anniversary in publication on saturday Traveller hasnt evolved as well as it could have... but what really has the ideas of trans-human traveller definately intrigues me... and adapting to Star Hero/Traveller Hero should certainly be doable what can I do to help? Traveller Hero is still kinda my baby, along with Eodin