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  1. Badger

    ReBOOT: Hexadecimal

    Yeah, I didn't like the first few episodes. Though, I don't know if I didn't like the early storylines or the fact I still had a very negative attitude towards the idea of CGI cartoons at the time. (CGI still felt extremely clunky and uncanny valley like to me at the time) Edit: And I maintained a hatred of Enzo until his adulthood. (though adult Enzo's brooding could get occasionally insufferable, although understandable due to circumstances)
  2. Yeah, my mother is very religious herself. And I also share her protective instinct towards children which would be a big reason why the child molestation type case would probably get to me.
  3. Badger

    ReBOOT: Hexadecimal

    Well, her D&D alignment would have been True Chaotic.
  4. Though maybe earning 1 XP becomes harder the higher up you go. And C-3PO would be in the thousands (millions) if we go language by language onto the stat-sheet. Damn, Ewok gods
  5. Yeah, certain juries I probably couldn't handle being on, if ever called upon. (like human trafficking, rape, child molestation)
  6. *passes whiskey bottle down thread*
  7. True, just that not everything needs a sequel. I sometimes like to have a movie all its own.
  8. You mean Kraft's "fun time" don't you?
  9. They'd ruin the Rogue Squadron movies. Disney is like Baraggan from the Bleach anime, everything it touches decays and rots. Anyway, I actually did prefer they die. You need some good old heroic sacrifice in your war arc story.
  10. Probably for the best when you think about it. Or maybe it is just me that realizes I don't have the energy for all that. (did I insult myself? )
  11. True. But I have heard vague family rumors myself, that I think it should probably be reversed, and not make claims without at least somewhat solid proof. Note: On a small level, I do somewhat understand mind you. From what I do know of my own line for sure is that there are a lot of Irish, German, and some Scottish surnames on the tree. And I have probably been guilty of being more fascinated as it were of the Irish side of things, even though a deeper delving would result in not any appreaciative larger amount than German (and if anything German would probably be the somewhat higher percentage. (and given my study of history, I've learned enough about our ancestor's migratory patterns to know that all kinds of unexpected stuff can be found in the DNA if you go back far enough.)
  12. Plan on reading that later, I will say the part that will matter to me, is not why she was hired, but whether or not she made a claim that she was when she had no legitimate claims to. Letting everyone know ahead of time, my criteria for judging. I will be putting any info previously heard in proper place before reading and concluding.
  13. Ok, didn't know that. I thought you were referring to Warren's, and was trying to correct that.
  14. Briefly say MN court tonight, like a walk through snow on a sunny day. With what happened to Zion, I guess we'll start seeing top college prospects start faking injuries in December to shut down and avoid injury. (seems rapidly becoming the best way to get a great contract in basketball is to avoid playing competitive basketball at all cost)
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