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  1. Badger

    College Football 2018-19

    Why haven't we heard from Iuz today? I am also wondering who is Lolth pulling for in the playoffs (though I hear she is a University of Richmond fan)
  2. Badger

    I challenge you!

    Neither, Hollywood is crap. (though I imagine the former would have an extra hour of William Shatner looking at a viewscreen) WHo knows how to make better movies? Hollywood vs Bollywood
  3. Badger

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    As for my job situation, applied for 2 other jobs in the company, one I think is slim to none, the other I feel is 50/50. Probably wont hear anything before the end of my last week coming up**. Then, again probably could use a week or 2 off to "get things together". It will take a week really to get used to first shift mode, after 15 years of 2nd shift life for one. And a couple projects around the house, I've put off can finally get done. So, I plan to let things fall as they may until after Christmas. **It took awhile when it came to hiring me 15 years ago. 2 1/2 weeks between the interview and being hired. THey are historically usually slow and deliberate with personnel decisions. Note: I guess I worry because I was unemployed for the entire year of 2002. But, I have to remind myself, that was when I had 15 less years of job experience, and the local economy is probably the best it has been since I was in high school.
  4. Badger

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    Yeah, today, I did get the joy of waking up to my car having a flat tire. Big @$$ roofing nail. Probably came from when last night driving home, trash strewn along a place on the road (half in a torn plastic bag on side of the road, rest all across the road. Didn't really concentrate on the mess because deer were on the side of the road almost immediately after it. And I've hit enough deer on cold December nights for a lifetime.
  5. Badger

    It's time for Christmas.....

    I found out somewhat differently, the more negative points you get, the better you function with the crazy. (just no one else can make sense of it)
  6. Badger

    It's time for Christmas.....

    Should have done like me. When I found/figured out that Santa wasn't real, I didn't let my parents know, I had.
  7. Badger

    I challenge you!

    No, I think DT went Rule 34, and got some weird fruit-eating fetish on us.
  8. Badger

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Washington hopes were pretty much crushed with Colt McCoy's leg.
  9. Badger

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Yeah, for some reason as a kid I decided orange was my favorite color. Doesn't mean I want to see it people wear it often.
  10. Badger

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    We want video showing you hopping on one leg for proof.
  11. Badger

    It's an unpleasant day when.....

    My dad, and my neighbor both had horror stories when it comes to having tenants. (my dad's case was the house he had until he remarried, and couldn't sell it-so he rented it out) In both cases, they stopped paying rent, my dad and neighbor both had to take them to court. It was hell to get them evicted in both cases. And in both cases when they finally left, they left behind what amounted to quasi bio-hazard. (maybe not literally, but not as far away as it should be). I know for sure in my dad's case they left behind roaches and fleas just to begin with. After cleaning...….my neighbor eventually rented to someone else, with no problems (that I know of). My dad wasn't going to fool with that again and let his wife's daughter stay there after she separated from her husband.
  12. Badger

    In other news...

    Yes, as old as Old Man is, his kids must be what....80 by now?
  13. Badger

    It's time for Christmas.....

    Don't make me beat you
  14. Badger

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    I think I created #6, so Inspired by hearing a certain song on the radio on the way home. Hell's Belles 6 members, all-female, based in the South. Doesn't have to be demonic themed. But, does need to be "dark"
  15. Badger

    Create a Villain Theme Team!

    Mr. Majestyk is seemingly as powerful as comic legend Superman. But, he decided to turn his back on society, and use his powers for personal gain. ….he also bears a strong resemblance to a young Charles Bronson. Note: I couldn't resist that combination.