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  1. Badger

    Worst action movie clichés

    Also, you don't want my dad to get started on the movie Broken Arrow.
  2. Badger

    Worst action movie clichés

    And then there is the anime Durarara, when the first guy gets punched an goes airborne across the street. The rest of you and your buddies don't have fight left in you. But, then you were dumb to stand up to the guy who was throwing vending machines like it was a track&field sport, so you get what you deserve.
  3. Badger

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    *drops Old Man into volcano*
  4. Badger

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Why, why did you show us that again. In hindsight, definitely a part where the director was in "stick it to Mark Hamill" mode, for the evulz
  5. Badger

    In other news...

    I do remember with early baseball, the Wright brothers got there start in cricket.
  6. Badger

    In other news...

    I get crazy enough after drinking Cheerwine on Friday night (stop for food at local Bojangles). Only drink it when I have a day off after.
  7. Badger

    In other news...

    Well, baseball is more action packed than soccer, so there. Heck, soccer practice is more action packed than a soccer game.
  8. Badger

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Yeah, for awhile there Roethlisberger needed to be locked in a cage every other off-season. As it seemed exactly 2 years apart from each other he had to go bug on a windshield while on his motorcycle to quiet offseason to alleged rape to quiet offseason to alleged rape.
  9. Badger

    In other news...

    So, does anybody actually know the rules to cricket?
  10. Badger

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Well, he never was the brightest fellow. If I remember after being drafted he knocked himself out of his rookie year, doing something stupid recreationally.
  11. on the other side if they could throw strikes, then the AL would pretty much be settled halfway through the season.
  12. Badger

    Representation Matters

    No, Vista. I like Windows 10 (or at least I can say at least its not Vista)
  13. Badger

    The Academics Thread

    Didn't we hear them enough in astronomy class, with the mention of Uranus
  14. Badger

    In other news...

    So, basically it is the plants from the episode "The Apple"? or possibly "This Way to Eden" (which means it has its purpose, it killed space hippies, everyone wants to kill space hippies, right?)
  15. Badger

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    Admittedly, I am behind news wise, but I have heard Paul George to LA, and also Leonard. That would be interesting. It would also make LeBron not so feasible. One of those 3, would likely have to play significant minutes at center. (or guard, I guess LeBron could be point, or Leonard's defense could probably do some SG, I guess). Also would crowd out Kuzma, which would be bad long term. Not to mention all 3 would likely cause budget collapse