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  1. penemue

    Save the Day

    An example of game play...
  2. penemue

    Save the Day

    Hello all... I just put out the Advanced Rules for my superhero game Save the Day today. Save the Day Books and Paper Minis I'm sure you will find the minis useful.
  3. penemue

    Teen Mystics or Magical Girls For CHAMPIONS campaigns

    I wrote a book for White Star RPG called Star Sailors. I put out some minis for them as well. Magical Girls Minis
  4. penemue

    Villain Minifigs

    I have been making paper minis for my game Save the Day for some time now. Please forgive this shameless plug! Okumarts Games
  5. penemue

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Re: What Have You Watched Recently? The Warrior's Way (not so good) Centurion (some good, mostly bad) Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (quirky) The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (fun!) In the Name of the King (arrrgghh...not so good) In the Realms of the Unreal (creepy, but not in a good way) Joe Kidd (Yes! Loved it!) Duck, You Sucker (too long! Disturbingly misogynistic)
  6. penemue

    Query's Art & Stuff Thread

    Re: Query's Art & Stuff Thread I really enjoy looking back at your earlier work and appreciating your evolution as an artist. Outstanding work Querysphinx!
  7. penemue

    "Superhero Decadence"

    Re: "Superhero Decadence" Massey, yes, you're bang on re. people's tastes and aging demographics. Kingdom Come really approached the "creepy" and "fascist" issues of superheroes quite well I thought. Personally I haven't seen the Dark Knight movie. I only know it is dark and violent, but I don't know the details other than the Joker puts a pencil into someone's eye socket. I don't know if I will see it. I love Batman, don't get me wrong, but I don't know if I love "that" Batman. Human nature is too dark to explore in tights.
  8. penemue

    "Superhero Decadence"

    Re: "Superhero Decadence" Willingham does make some interesting observations and I tend to agree that the current pop culture "take" on superheroes makes them super badasses. I did a book a few years ago about how to draw superheroes and I ran into all kinds of editorial roadblocks because my characters were all too "old skool". Well, to be honest, most of them were created by me in 1978-1982. My influences were the old Superman TV show and the comics that were coming out at the time. I really enjoyed Miller's run on Daredevil and his Dark Knight Returns, but the nihilism that has grown from the postmodern analysis of the genre has really put me off the mainstream underwear pervert comics. I've been reading the "kids" or all ages titles and enjoying them just fine. I had a conversation with Chris Ware and Seth about this a few weeks ago and Chris said he didn't understand the appeal of Superheroes as adult titles. There just seemed to be too many underlying psychological pitfalls. He said it would be like someone marketing pron to children, it's just not appropriate for the demographic. Now, he said it to make a joke and try to crystallize his personal distaste for the genre, but I think he makes a good point. The "adult" issues that men in ill-fitting tights raise are really very dark concerns and have more to do with adolescent power fantasies and awakening sexuality than whether or not Ultron/Darkseid/Louis Lane will blow up the sun. Personally, I can suspend the disbelief. I think it's all well and good and is a classic genre that dates back to the tales of Heracles, Gilgamesh and Beowulf. It's the personification of good versus evil in heroic form. I guess by making the hero "dark" it's sort of messing with the trope and it opens up new levels of interpretation that some people don't like. Personally I think that heroes are darker because the national identity was darkened after 911 and heroes were forced to do things that would be considered non-heroic in the aftermath (killing people with bombs and guns, torture and interrogation, etc.). Dealing with that reality has a way of rubbing off on the fantasy. The Reagan era inspired Miller with Dark Knight just as the Nixon era inspired George Lucas with his Star Wars saga of political corruption. It's interesting to see Nixon in the Watchman trailer and not think the same thing. These issues have all been dealt with in comics and we as readers have moved on. Popular culture takes a little longer to catch up. Wow, I wrote more there than I thought I would. I hope it makes some sort of sense.
  9. penemue

    A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming

    Re: A Quick Primer for Old School Gaming Oh my... those zen moments take me back. That's EXACTLY how I ran things then and I'm prone to running things like this now. That's probably why nobody under 30 ever lasts long in my gaming group.
  10. penemue

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine AQUABATS!!! Awesomesauce!
  11. penemue

    Superhero Images

    Re: Superhero Images Golden Age, I like the cover! It reminds me of the University of Windsor Building that I use for my Darker Champions Campaign. D.
  12. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers just finished as I read through this list.. the next song is Get Lucky by the New Young Pony Club.
  13. penemue

    Superhero Images

    Re: Superhero Images falls over.. repped... try the veal.
  14. penemue

    Superhero Images

    Re: Superhero Images Bloodcat is a fun character. She's sort of creepy though as she is a variant on a vampire. She needs to taste the blood of someone to emulate their powers with a mimic pool.
  15. penemue

    Superhero Images

    Re: Superhero Images Minerva's cape is just a cape, but when she jumps it shows an M shape, also a symbol of the secret society that helps her.