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  1. Christougher

    Normal Dice and Does Body & Pen.

    I would say 'No', because a normal damage attack already does Body damage, with or without Penetrating. Does Body only allows attacks that normally deal no Body damage to do so. So the question becomes, What are you trying to accomplish by adding Does Body? If you're looking to make a Normal Damage attack do Penetrating Body instead of Penetrating Stun, that won't do. You'll need to use a Killing Attack with Penetrating to do Penetrating Body. Chris.
  2. Christougher

    Funny pics

    Julius Caesar was stabbed... right after pi.
  3. Christougher

    Black Panther with spoilers

    Took our six year old to see it with us. He honestly cried when Panther went over the falls. But at the end of the movie, with Panther holding Killmonger, he asked, "Do you think he'll be sad that his friend is going away?" They NAILED this movie. Chris.
  4. Christougher

    Funny pics

    Not to plug too much a local franchise (there are some scattered through the US), but Bricks & Minifigs is one of those stores were you can buy, sell and trade new and used Lego. Chris.
  5. Christougher

    Villain Minifigs

    Jada toys has released Nano Metalfigs, a line of 1.5 inch die-cast minis, with DC, Marvel, Street Fighter, WWE and Harry Potter lines. Each fig runs 97 cents at Walmart, and there are various 5, 10 and 20 packs available.
  6. Christougher

    6th Edition Rulebook Errata

    The errata needs an errata. Under Volume 2 page 221, Taurus''s HKA should do 4d6+1 damage, not 4f6+1 damage.
  7. Christougher

    Funny pics

    When life hands you demons, make demonade?
  8. Christougher


    And maybe because he doesn't keep hydrogen peroxide behind the bar?
  9. Christougher

    Funny pics

    So that's what they mean by a Mac Air.
  10. Christougher

    How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    At the basic level, you don't. You could buy a Dispel vs Armor, with that as the Special Effect, though. Chris.
  11. Christougher

    Dia de la Muerte?

    I was looking for an appropriate artwork thread to suggest this, but couldn't find one. Can someone please create / post a picture of Dr. Muerte, painted up like a Day of the Dead skull? Chris.
  12. Christougher

    Goldilocks: Power / Build help

    Yes. The basic concept is three tries at anything/everything she does. Anything someone else gets one try at, she gets three and takes the best. I like the Overall sSkill Leevels idea and will use it. I understand the Extra Time idea, but probably won't use it. I'll have to dig up or borrow a copy of APG2. I'm also thinking of an Images power so people see her making three attempts. Chris. Palindromedary tagline needs three humps
  13. Christougher

    Goldilocks: Power / Build help

    I'm trying to build a supervillain for my fairy tale themed team. Goldilocks should have the power to make three tries at something and keep the one that works best. The question is, how would I build such an ability? Yes, I'm aware it could be extremely powerful - and should be equally expensive. Chris.
  14. Christougher


    Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark...
  15. Christougher

    5th Edition 250 Points Comic Book Character Generator

    I have been, in my Copious Spare Time been saving these to a file to collate into a single document. Chris.