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  1. Yes, that's what I'm trying to ask. I don't know which factors contribute to favoring one weapon over another. For example, lack of cover implied by desert. If it's a hilly/dune filled desert rather than flat, how does that affect things?
  2. Slings are taking the early lead. The shell is interesting too. Obsidian knives are simple and obvious, possibly overdone. I realized though, that with the answers I got, I didn't ask the right question. What makes a race favor a particular weapon? The water race favors spear and net because they're of everyday use. Similarly my dwarves are born with a pick in hand - much more useful underground than an axe. And the flyers have bows to keep out of enemy reach. So what should this race favor and why? Or more properly asked, what would make [Weapon- any weapon] become the cultural go-to for a race? Out of time at the moment to write more.
  3. In most fantasy, dwarves love axes and elves love bows. I'm creating a new fantasy race and need a little help choosing an appropriate cultural weapon. They prefer hot and dry climates, homeland is a large desert with volcanoes at one edge. Cultural magic is fire-based. Flora tends to be very limited, Fauna is mostly lizard like, and most are some degree of toxic or poisonous. Materials are likely bone, shell/scale, obsidian and glass, plus anything refined from desert sand. Culturally, they tend to be self serving and manipulative. Probably small or concealable, but being able to strike the opponent from behind is good.
  4. Happened to another player. Rolled a 3 on the Activation Roll for a Force Wall to imprison one of the Seven Horsemen. As we're debating on what that 3 means, we recall this particular Horseman can just Desolid through the FW. The GM says "I know exactly what effect that 3 has." Horseman when 'thunk' against the Force Wall that wouldn't let him through.
  5. Good news. Most of them tend to be straight forward if a bit monotonous, though there is usually a shortcut to be found.
  6. When does a joke become a Dad joke? When it becomes apparent.
  7. Don't ask that question. You don't want the answer.
  8. Dammit. Looks like Ashley Madison had a data breach that exposed their clients' personal information.
  9. I know I'm going straight to hell for this. Don't worry, nobody stays dead for long at Marvel. Rest in Peace, Stan. You will be sorely missed.
  10. The majority of them seem like Disney Paladins... Which would be awesome.
  11. Actually, I was thinking the Caramon and Raistlin pose...
  12. I'm having a little problem figuring out if or when I need Uncontrolled. 1) Bipolar has a personal defense magnetic force field, this field is strong enough to affect nearby electronics. (Resistant Defense Costs END plus Change Environment No Range). He also has a multipower of magnetic blasts that the PDMFF should not interfere with. How does this work without (and with) Uncontrolled on the Change Environment power? 2) One of his attacks is projecting a similar bubble to the PDMFF against others (Entangle plus Change Environment). Pretty sure this time CE needs Uncontrolled, but how does it work without it? 3) What happens when Bipolar gains experience and buys off the Costs END on his PDMFF, also buying the Change Environment to Zero END and Persistent - without and with Uncontrolled? 4) With more experience, Bipolar amplifies the PDMFF to keep people off with an Energy Blast Damage Shield. Pretty sure this doesn't need Uncontrolled, but what happens if it's added? 5) Even more experience later, he expands the PDMFF, upgrading to a Barrier, increasing the radius of the Change Environment, and making the Energy Blast a Constant AoE Explosion. Pretty sure the Barrier doesn't need Uncontrolled (but what if it has it?) and the Energy Blast Constant AoE Explosion does need it (but what happens without it?) Chris.
  13. Been a while, still need to catch up on all the responses. Point creep was one of the reasons for this thread. I've seen 700+ point characters crammed into 250 by use of limitations. Powers with eight -1/4 limitations cost a third normal, but are rarely affected, compared to a single -2 that might literally be usable once in a blue moon.
  14. Inspired by my initial thought of what RDU Neil's thread was about and something that was touched on by several in that thread. Stacking limitations has its issues - too much bang for the buck, it it really worth that much, clutter on the sheet, etc. I'd like to open this discussion in a different vein than the previous one and not muddy those waters. I'm not suggesting reducing limitations to one; the book's limitations are fine, but you're only allowed to use (or get points from) one limitation per power.
  15. It's actually still available. And some enterprising souls have turned the game client into a chat client. No monsters though. Google for Icon, ParagonChat and/or Titan Network.
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