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  1. Care to share as I’d be interested in that discussion.
  2. Probably every two weeks. Evening CST. Not sure on the day.
  3. I'd love to either run Fantasy Hero or play in a game via VTT. Now, I saw Epic used for a game, but I wasn't very enthusiastic about it overall. I saw some Roll20 ads, again it didn't grab me as a platform either. I have Fantasy Grounds, but I don't have a custom ruleset for it. I could set up a game though, using that. I have an ultimate license, so players with even demo versions could play as well. I haven't checked it out in a while, but there is another tabletop I picked up iTabletop. I'm going to check that out as a possible avenue. Any interest? Any other suggestions?
  4. The 6e character book is only listed as pdf. Any timeframe for POD?
  5. I started off as a backer for this, but the more I hear from Ron about the project the more it sounds like a breakdown a psychology or social structure. He spending so much time analyzing every little thing That he is not making me at all excited about this. After the update today I felt so lackluster that I just went ahead and canceled my support. There is zero need for two versions of this product. If you’re revising the rules for now then those are the only rule is that you should need. Most people who are going to back this for nostalgia already have a copy of the original rules anyway. Best of luck and I hope that your project funds
  6. Re: Kingdom Rules - Used in Any Supplements? My copy of UB is in the mail too. Looking forward to seeing these rules!
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