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  1. shuddemell

    The Jolrhos Field Guide

    Count me in. I have all your previous releases and look forward to this as well. Keep up the good work!
  2. shuddemell

    Good Pulp Movies to watch

    Here's one from left field .... "Nate & Hayes"
  3. Only because Batman hangs on to the kryptonite and will use it when the man of steel gets too big for his britches...
  4. Where are all the Hero players in Oklahoma?

  5. shuddemell

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    Re: Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product I am not really advocating folding up the tent, but rather perhaps, pitching it in another location... My main point is that some groups are lost causes and as the bottom line is the only thing that keeps this floating, it is essential to focus in the right place.
  6. shuddemell

    Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    Re: Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product Wow, lots of good ideas... but I wonder how many of them are realistic for the long haul. To begin with, a complete gaming toolkit is counter productive to continually selling supplements in and of itself (this by the way, is the thing that really sold me on Hero, lo those many years ago... I liked having to only buy a small set of books and then my imagination does the rest! Though this seems to be common among this group, it is a very rare attitude among the D&D and Pathfinder crowd). This being said, in my experience (limited it may be, though 33+ years of gaming is nearly as long as it can get) says that a large portion of the players of other systems aren't going to switch. They have great intellectual, economic and temporal investments in their chosen system. This alone provides them with almost indomitable inertia to avoid changing. I have encountered this resistance more times than not, actually almost everytime I suggested playing any system other than whatever that table had as its favorite system. I believe today, that the vast majority of new players come from contact with current players, and as such tend to the prejudices held by their peer group. So, I believe it unlikely to steal many current players from one system to another. The only chance left is to get them from the crib, so to speak. With that goal in mind, obviously a complete Fantasy Hero in a book seems to make more sense than a supplement to CC. Some of you may remember recently when I attempted to start a campaign of "championing" (pun intended) the hero system on other sites. This went virtually nowhere... many of the old hands here rightly pointed out the general resistance to Hero on other sites, and I reluctantly had to accept that I was tilting at windmills. If the resistance on other sites is any indication, breaking into a stratified and prejudiced group of gamers will be nigh impossible. In addition to that, most of those here offering advice on how to proceed are long-term gamers with the vast majority of them having at least 20 years of gaming under their belt, so their general perspective is somewhat nostalgic, and based more on memories of what it is like to be a new gamer, rather than coming into the hobby fresh, myself included in this category. So the old hats will find very little impetus to buy something that they already have in other books (except possibly from the point of view of supporting their system), and the gamers of other systems will see little reason to change their system that they have invested so heavily in. So who is left? New gamers? I have (in Oklahoma at least) found it almost impossible to get anyone new interested in playing Hero, even though I will run it, even to the point of hand-holding and building characters for them... As such, I see the available market as too small to support a system, especially in direct competition with Narosia (which I am looking forward to receiving). I have to agree with Old Man on this point, it is probably best to wait a while both to see how Narosia is received and determine if the market will bear any more. I fear that being the best game will not be enough to save it, it has to be PERCEIVED as being the best, and too much advertising water has gone under that bridge I think...
  7. shuddemell

    MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

    Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? I personally think that both Mythic and Legendary Hero would have a place on my shelf. Just wondering as well, when dealing with the Chinese pantheon, would you approach it from both a Buddhist and a Taoist perspective? Though they have many similarities, their outlook/approach is somewhat different in my experience.