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  1. Assuming he and the other gods exist in your universe... Someone broke into Eros's villa last night and stole several spare quivers of his signature Eros Arrows from one of his storerooms. Since sun up today, a group of as of yet unidentified individuals have been going around Campaign City shooting people with them seemingly at random, causing the targets to fall madly in love/lust with the next person they see after getting shot. Naturally, Eros himself has showed up to ask you and your associates to help him capture these miscreants and take back the stolen arrows. The details of who stole the Eros Arrows and for what purpose, I leave to you. WWYCD?
  2. Q: Did you hear Elmer Fudd went bankrupt from all the fines he's had to pay to the Fishing and Wildlife Department? A: And that's why we don't bring you on important missions anymore.
  3. Next time, pay attention during the mission briefing... If indeed there is a next time for you. :D
  4. Since the season for spookiness is upon us, tell us about something that had you crawling under the bed as a child but you can now laugh about as an adult. For me, definitely the horror movies from the days of my youth. In many cases, the special effects didn't age well, the characters pick up the Idiot Ball and run with it right into the in zone, etc. In one scene in Galaxy of Terror, they were actually using a Scooby Doo slurping sound effect in a scene that was supposed to be frightening. I rolled on the floor laughing my demonic arse off when I watched it again after so many decades.
  5. I guess they got the hamster back on the wheel...
  6. The Thundercats Ho! thing seemed like it was a "Bat signal" specifically for the Thundercats. Maybe a limited Images power with enough PER bonuses to insure it can be seen from far away?
  7. Roughly an hour ago as of this post, the site started acting screwy and now all you get when you go there is an HTML template page. I checked with the subreddit and everyone there thinks the site's down for maintenance. This is the first time in a long time I've seen something like this happen.
  8. It's amusing how humans still romanticize the monarchy. Doubly so when you consider how many royal families from history were so obsessed with "maintaining the purity of the royal bloodline" that their family trees don't fork. Generations later, more than a few of those bloodlines would've been better served if those lords had had a comely peasant girl or two brought to their bed chambers...
  9. Q: Last Jedi was dreadful, what was Disney/LucasFilm thinking? A: Transformers: He's The Fallen And He Can't Get Up
  10. Would it be cost effective to constantly have to replace ATMs that have been ripped to shreds by super-strong criminals?
  11. Parking lots would either become a thing of the past or at least wouldn't be used as much, since you can drive to wherever you're going and then put your car into a capsule and put it in your pocket. Parking meters would also be pointless.
  12. A person could probably bring their basement with them too, they'd just need to excavate a large enough hole in the ground before unpacking it. They're probably carrying a backhoe in a capsule for that purpose. ;)
  13. Dimensional Compression Capsules (DCCs for short) are pocket-sized devices that have within them a compressed dimension that the owner can use for storage of personal possessions, weapons, clothing, vehicles, supplies of food and drink, etc. The storage capacity of these capsules varies, with the cheaper capsules having only a very small amount of space (roughly the equivalent of a closet) and the more expensive capsules having nearly unlimited space. For reasons the manufacturer has not fully disclosed, all DCCs come with a warning printed on the packaging stating that, "Placing living things into the compressed space is not recommended and will void your warranty." There are a number of urban legends as to the reason for the warning label, but no one outside the company knows the full truth. How would society change if such devices became commercially available?
  14. 1) Superbattle insurance would quickly become a thing, and a policy will be more expensive in the major cities where such battles are most likely to occur. 2) Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) will be heavily reinforced to prevent--among other things--super-strong individuals form easily ripping one open and taking all the cash.
  15. You're at Campaign City Bank again. This time, by an astonishing coincidence, Negator (see this thread) and Magic Word (see Hermit's The Adventures of Fish Guy) show up to rob the bank the same day. Neither is particularly pleased to see the other. The two approach each other and Negator says, "Nice tux, the Hunger Games convention isn't until next month." To this, Magic Word replies, "PLEASE, go take a long walk off a short pier." As a result, Magic Word is now in a fetal position on the lobby floor, crying inconsolably. As for Negator, He turned and walked out of the bank, and appears to be headed in the direction of Campaign City Harbor. WWYCD?
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