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  1. Marcus Impudite

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    Would it be cost effective to constantly have to replace ATMs that have been ripped to shreds by super-strong criminals?
  2. Parking lots would either become a thing of the past or at least wouldn't be used as much, since you can drive to wherever you're going and then put your car into a capsule and put it in your pocket. Parking meters would also be pointless.
  3. A person could probably bring their basement with them too, they'd just need to excavate a large enough hole in the ground before unpacking it. They're probably carrying a backhoe in a capsule for that purpose. ;)
  4. Dimensional Compression Capsules (DCCs for short) are pocket-sized devices that have within them a compressed dimension that the owner can use for storage of personal possessions, weapons, clothing, vehicles, supplies of food and drink, etc. The storage capacity of these capsules varies, with the cheaper capsules having only a very small amount of space (roughly the equivalent of a closet) and the more expensive capsules having nearly unlimited space. For reasons the manufacturer has not fully disclosed, all DCCs come with a warning printed on the packaging stating that, "Placing living things into the compressed space is not recommended and will void your warranty." There are a number of urban legends as to the reason for the warning label, but no one outside the company knows the full truth. How would society change if such devices became commercially available?
  5. Marcus Impudite

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    1) Superbattle insurance would quickly become a thing, and a policy will be more expensive in the major cities where such battles are most likely to occur. 2) Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) will be heavily reinforced to prevent--among other things--super-strong individuals form easily ripping one open and taking all the cash.
  6. You're at Campaign City Bank again. This time, by an astonishing coincidence, Negator (see this thread) and Magic Word (see Hermit's The Adventures of Fish Guy) show up to rob the bank the same day. Neither is particularly pleased to see the other. The two approach each other and Negator says, "Nice tux, the Hunger Games convention isn't until next month." To this, Magic Word replies, "PLEASE, go take a long walk off a short pier." As a result, Magic Word is now in a fetal position on the lobby floor, crying inconsolably. As for Negator, He turned and walked out of the bank, and appears to be headed in the direction of Campaign City Harbor. WWYCD?
  7. Marcus Impudite

    Answers & Questions

    Q: Okay we got the cameras set up and ready to roll, and everything we need to summon Cthulhu. What? What's wrong? A: The only way that could've been an easier headshot is if the muzzle of your rifle was right up against his nose.
  8. Marcus Impudite

    WWYCD: Negator

    Your character is a Campaign City Bank (in Secret ID if applicable) when a figure in a three piece suit and a rubber Don Rickles mask walks in. He announces, "Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Negator, and this is a robbery." The bank security guard approaches with his gun drawn and says, "Get a load of this jerk, he's not even armed." "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you," Negator says. "You're not a very good shot. You might hit an innocent bystander, or worse shoot yourself in the foot." The bank guard drops his gun and falls to the floor crying like a child. Negator then approaches a man standing in line and says, "Nice haircut pal, I see your wife got a new pot." The man falls to the floor crying and sobbing. Negator approaches a woman in the same line and says to her, "That is a lovely dress. Was the Salvation Army having a sale?" The woman falls to the floor crying and sobbing. Nagator approaches the bank teller and says, "It must be hell counting and handing out so much money on your crappy salary." The bank teller falls to the floor crying and Negator hops over the counter. He immediately begins emptying the cash drawers into a black drawstring trashbag he brought with him. WWYCD?
  9. Marcus Impudite

    Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    The first film in the Purge franchise was a basic home invasion thriller, even though committing a home invasion on Purge night wouldn't really be such a hot idea. If you don't get my meaning, consider the following: you're breaking into someone's home on the one night of the year that the homeowner can do anything they want to you and not worry about whether or not it meets the legal definition of self-defense. Best case scenario, they kill you the instant they catch you in their house. Worst case scenario, the sky's the limit as to what nasty things they might do to you before they get around to finishing you off.
  10. Marcus Impudite

    Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Got dragged to see it Friday by my cousin and his kids (I shall have my revenge later this week). The opening space battle was okay, but the rest of the movie had me facepalming, cringing, and wondering if the scriptwriter was vaping laundry detergent. This festering pile of porg diarrhea is officially on my "drink to forget about it" list. BTW, Poe was right in that the dreadnought needed to be destroyed or they would've ALL been dead in short order. Both Leia and Vice Admiral Hair Dye were absolute rubbish when it comes to leadership.
  11. Marcus Impudite

    Superdraft: All Your Earths are Belong to V'han!

    Okay, my third and final option to round things out: Option #3: A super advanced piece of technology up for grabs: the Quantum Forge. This machine can create nearly anything the user wants provided there's a source of quantum transmutable matter it can draw from. Whichever side in the conflict gets their hands on will enjoy a substantial advantage. I leave it up to Hermit to decide (secretly) who will ultimately acquire the Forge, just to make things interesting.
  12. Marcus Impudite

    Laundry Detergent Pods... Really?

    Nothing would please me more than to know for sure that's true. Of course, even 1% of the population being that stupid is too much.
  13. Marcus Impudite

    Laundry Detergent Pods... Really?

    My folks buy the big fishbowl-shaped containers they come in at Sam's and I break the safety tabs off the lid for them. They don't have any small children or idiot teenagers in the house, so it's not an issue. They have their little dog, Misty, but thankfully the one and only time one of those pods got dropped on the garage floor she turned her nose up at it. How sad that a household pet is smarter than so many teens and twenty-somethings out there.
  14. Mike works as a security guard at the base of one of Campaign City's superhero teams. While making his rounds around the base late one night, Mike notices the door to the team leader's office is open and a figure in black trousers, a black turtleneck, and a black ski mask (i.e., standard burglar getup) is at the desk rifling through the drawers and tampering with said team leader's laptop. To get the obvious out of the way, Mike follows established security protocol and contacts the main security office via radio to let them know about the intruder in the compound. He also requests back up just in case the perp turns out to be more dangerous than appearances suggest. From this point, how is Mike--and by extension, his back up when they arrive--allowed to proceed according to the law in your campaign world?
  15. Marcus Impudite

    WWYCD?: Helpless Holly Is In Trouble Again. (have a deck of cards handy)

    Interesting, might use that in the next one...