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  1. TrickstaPriest

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I should probably re-read a thread before I assume I went on a drunken rant-bender last night...
  2. TrickstaPriest

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Oh. Yes. Very much so.
  3. TrickstaPriest

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I'm very sorry. I was sticking mostly to security topics as a neutral input (the office of OPM and so on). I was hoping to avoid to avoid 'picking sides' and bringing people to the understanding that corruption isn't a 'this or that side' manner. I didn't mean to make it worse, or to be histrionic. My apologies.
  4. TrickstaPriest

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I can semi-vouch for Simon's expertise in this field >_> Hillary probably should be looked at for the emails, but so should so many, many others. Running private email servers is apparently an epidemic in Washington... and if you think that's bad, how many stories have come out this last year of critical government and military infrastructures being raided? I haven't forgotten the Republican voter databank records being available without password protection on Amazon AWS servers X_x But unless you can understand the data (and it did appear to be anonymised?), it's more interesting for how and what data is being stored to begin with. For real messes, the OPM (Office of Personnel Management) breach is hideous. People I know with TOS who haven't been government employees for years have still been impacted. I can't imagine the amount of special agents who's identities are now out. So if we are talking about prosecution, I hate to say it but that feels a heck of a lot more political than anything else. Our government's data security is well over the hill. The email servers need to be dealt with, but there's simply so much even more critical areas that need to be dealt with. In general, if you find corruption in a party, it's got to be dealt with. No one is exempt. I don't know that the email servers qualify as corruption (at least by personal definition), merely reckless. But not nearly as reckless as our whole government IT infrastructure right now. As a vague security stab, Trump's goading of Kim Jong Un "just you wait for what's coming" might have led to the North Koreans searching for, and unearthing, our assassination strategy coordinated with South Korea. What a ridiculous situation it is, when our strategic military personnel are struggling to work around a PotUS twitter account.
  5. TrickstaPriest

    RIP: Jim Nabors

  6. TrickstaPriest

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    We had to knock the US down a few pegs somehow. 0:) Okay, that joke may be in poor taste.
  7. TrickstaPriest

    Which of these Champion Campaign ideas sounds best to you?

    Likely my votes would be like Bolo for much the same reasons. For an adult game likely the Terra Force idea for its fun premise? I feel like the kids of villains is an interesting role-playing theme though. Maybe I'm watching too much hero academia ;p
  8. TrickstaPriest

    2017 NaNoWriMo thread

    Wondering if I could ever write 4 pages a day >_> Looks like you pulled an amazing job, and you still have 5 days left! You could finish the story ;D
  9. TrickstaPriest

    2017 NaNoWriMo thread

    you did it! Hm. How many pages is 50k?
  10. TrickstaPriest

    Retro Styled Campaign

    I wish I watched more older era movies. I can't seem to hack it even when I try and emulate the eras in different design concepts. It's all I can do to try and emulate some of the 'modern retro' stuff going on nowadays
  11. Getting distracted? I wanted to do the 50k, then I realized how unlikely that was this year. So hammer away and get it done! Nah I kid. But good luck! Also, happy Tankerday
  12. TrickstaPriest

    5th Edition 250 Points Superhero World

    Hah! Batman has powers after all
  13. TrickstaPriest

    5th Edition 250 Points Superhero World

  14. TrickstaPriest

    What is the average Damage Class of your heroes?

    10 to 11 ish nowadays. But I tend to run characters with low def... holy moly I only have a couple brick builds.