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  1. And probably terribly cynically of me, any politician isn't likely to have a donor with any major loss based on either outcome of this battle. The only losers are the people, and politicians' reputations... not the companies. Though that's just my dubious thoughts, and eat them with a grain of salt, maybe some alcohol.
  2. My expectation of their interpretation of this was this as well. Frankly I think he's forgetting how many Christian "sects" clearly, cheerfully, and willingly murdered and went to war with other Christian "sects". A proper historian could tell me if that oppression was part of the motivation in fleeing to America to begin with... My personal thought is just that if your uncle thinks a Christian country is going to be more united, more strong, he is in for a really bad surprise. If politicians have no outsiders to target, they have to look towards insiders... like the Irish. I'm pretty sure I've started hearing those slurs in the media again...
  3. I see that sort of thing on my friends' FB posts all the time. Mostly people being smug about the shutdown being a "negotiating tactic" and "why can't you understand". I'm not fond of the dogmatic aspect of the back-and-forth, but there's a good subset of people who definitely fall into "flat earther" territory. It's good to see news organizations from other countries are as interested in this as we are.
  4. Thanks! I've finished up what I hope is the serviceable version. If there was a game you were in on Hero Central, you can now message me and I'll send you formatted threads! I have no idea how you'd watch them on a phone, but any computer with a browser should handle it.
  5. I've managed to resolve some JavaScript issues, and now the games build with a static and dynamic version of the posts. I also created post lists for both formats. If the dynamic file list doesn't work, the dynamic posts won't... so it works out pretty well!
  6. Back in the day, there was a site called Hero Central. I've been experimenting with local file restores of certain campaigns on the site. In short, if someone wants to read a campaign they were in, I can pass them zips of specific campaigns from Hero Central. They require are offline files, they are JavaScript (so a reasonable browser and computer, not a phone), and at this point I'm trying to keep the list I give out small. That being said, if you know a campaign you were a part of, tell me, and I'll pass along the files for it. This is still in the alpha stage so there may be lots of bugs or debugging to get threads to work. I have no plans to upload them to the general internet, and for the sake of people's general privacy I request that you do not post them publicly either. In other words... 1) The files will not be hosted online. Please do not upload them to the general internet either, please. 2) This fix requires javascript. This means you'll want a computer browser, not a phone, to read these. Later I may make flat files. 3) The javascript is clunky. I can't guarantee it'll work. This javascript is used to let me completely rewrite the templates later, and to standardize loading schemes. 4) Files on the site are not included. This includes character sheets, images, avatars, attachments. I don't have any of those, sorry. 5) I haven't included thread visibility rules. Because anyone could lurk the site in general, anything meant to be "in private" on a thread was not actually private. My apologies if your expectations were as such but I never designed the site. 6) I removed most user's information before distribution. 7) I haven't 'interpreted' the [action]/etc forum blocks. I will later release updates to the templates that may resolve this. 8 ) There -shouldn't- be dangerous HTML, but right now HTML is rendering. I may decide to filter this out if I feel there is a safety issue. I don't recall malware ever being on the site. I can't guarantee safety however...
  7. I do appreciate the discretion over valor... especially given the news we've already had over Syria. I'll take what good(?) news I can get.
  8. Agreed on it being unconstitutional, but I also kind of agree on them not being paid?
  9. Been sick for the entirety of the month. I didn't even get a chance to start. But I did do some drafting. In my head. That counts, right?
  10. Grandstanding today is application tomorrow. Though who knows how far this could actually go. Unfortunately grandstanding is a great way to test the viability of a movement in order to see if a politician can ride it into power (or to stay in power). For now, all we can do is tell them it's terrible and to stop. Anything that's going to happen will probably be years down the pipeline...
  11. Gutting the investigation is political. Which some claim is neutral, but I will not. However gutting the EPA is purely evil. Welcome to the race to the bottom on a worldwide scale. By the by, you'll be happy to know I know a HERO gamer seriously considering buying a tiny, cheap lake in Canada. As long as the water stays fresh...
  12. Yep. Been wondering about the repercussions of all of that. While I hate how politically motivated the investigation could have seemed, I frankly think it was on the right track. Putin said quite openly that he had been working with Trump before the election, so... Yeah.
  13. Voted. Took over an hour just to get started because the printers died barely an hour after the polling station opened. Aren't caravans kind of easy to spot? I don't know why anyone would build a whole wall to keep a caravan out when a couple dozen people could do the same. The problem with walls is they lock people in. Not just out.
  14. This is great thoughts on climate change, and it's nice to see climate change discussed on the thread. At the cost of sounding hysteric, and to be blunt, far above heat related deaths are the loss of food, water, and the associated government crackdowns that will happen over it. Food shortages and economic downturn are likely going to mean a marked rise in despotic leadership, military overtures, and more. It simply isn't practical to maintain a democracy if the leadership is dealing with dire problems they cannot actually address. The use of technology to remove or replace opposition will become very common, the urgency to replace people even more so. And no. There are no measures that are going to fix the current situation other than an alien species or apocalyptic event bailing us out. There's no 'measured approach' that will fix this. Yes, it will take decades to get there. But people are already acting based on their fears of this now (even those that likely suggest in public that climate change does not exist). You'll be happy to know I have family who joined a research commission to discuss solutions to difficult problems in the world. The most common question they have received from a multitude of potential millionaire investors tersely amounts to "How difficult is it to build and maintain a bunker in Canada". I will now lighten the mood with a dour artificially humorous statement engineered to prevent protest to my suggestions and ideas: "I need some alcohol." >_>
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