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  1. L. Marcus

    Longest Running Thread EVER

    Surgery time! Catch all y'all on da flip side.
  2. L. Marcus

    Please no more Royal Wedding

    "I'll do the short-short version! Do you? Do you? Good -- yer married. Kiss 'er!"
  3. L. Marcus

    A Thread for Random Musings

    Welp. Here I am, at the out-patient hotel at the University Hospital of Norrland. I've been enered into the rolls of the thoracical surgery ward, all tests have been run and samples have been taken. Next thing is surgery on Monday morno. What to do in Umeå on a lazy weekend? I know! Let's go to the Norrland's Open Kendo Championship!
  4. L. Marcus

    The Last Word

    The sequel, The Craft of War, was not as well received.
  5. L. Marcus

    Complicate the Person Above

    The venerable Bede once wrote a vitae over DT, but it has been lost to the ages.
  6. L. Marcus

    A Game Of Questions

    Munchkin level?
  7. L. Marcus

    A Game Of Questions

    Not gamers, surely?
  8. L. Marcus

    2017 Word Association Game