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  1. Oh, so they finally Graduated from Cat Pictures? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw9r8CL98N0
  2. As a Bastard myself, I could feel slightly offended. But then I am a legitimized Bastard. So there is that
  3. Well, the first question is: How are Poison, Diseases, Blinding and Paralyzation even build? Without knowing wich powers to counter, we can not counter them. So this goes more into general Game Design and Campaing rule territory, then simple power build. Diseases and Poison: Damage over Time applied to any number of Powers (from Damage, to Transforms, to Drains) would be away to go. If you make it NND (fitting Live Support), then a simple "LS; Useable on Others" could be that part of the power. My first instict for Blindness would be a Flash. But that is more for Combat Blindness, not "I can not see for hours" Blindness wich D&D seems to prefer (that falls more into Transform). But maybe a DoT version of Flash could work here, with the same logic as for Diseases and Poison? Paralyzation: Entangle is usually the first thing. And boy countering that one is tricky. But there are other possible ways. Look at the rules for having "0 in any Stat". That would allow Drains to become effective Paralysation tools. The simplest way would be to declare "All Diseases are countered by the Restoration Spell" as a Campaign rule. This may or may not give all those Power Builds a Limitation.
  4. Is Chaos a Special Effect? What is it's meaning in yoru Campaign? Is it just adding more Randomness? What you describe makes me think "Adding Minor Side Effect" to powers. Minor Transform can add a -1/2 Limitation. Major Transform a -1. APG I 82 also has Optional Rules to make Change Environment add Advantages/Limitations/Complications. But as anything in the APG, it is rather experimental. And they are additionally marked with a warning Sign. The only real limit is that those "can not completely remove the useability of the power", given the circumstances. Side Effects can explicitly be used to deal damage to the user and by default, this damage ignores defenses (what I asume you tried to do with NND or Drain). "Any Side Effect automatically affects the character (or environment or recipient) — no Attack Roll is necessary. The character, environment, or recipient gets no defenses against the Side Effect — not even if he’s Desolidified or otherwise protected from that form of damage under ordinary circumstances" Minor side effect (-1/4, x2 for being always there) is "15 Active Points, or one-fourth of the Active Points in the power (whichever is greater)". That is enough for 3D6 Damage that defenses will not prevent.
  5. Superheroic. Hands down. Even if it was generalized away from those roots, they still show in a lot of rules. The rules are Optimized for Superheroic play first, heroic play second to thrid. The Character creation is certainly too complex to throw the players into the Deep end here. Maybe you could get them to design a Character in OpenLegends and then parse it to Hero? I have been theorizing that it might be a good learning and abstraction tool. However, Pre-Generated can mean a lot of things. It could mean you pick characters from the books. Or that you handcraft the Ideas of the players (if you know them). But it is not nessesarily bad to have throwaway Characters for the first intro games. I would say Combat. Again, the game seems optimized for (Superheroic) combat resolution. Most of the powers have combat oriented uses. Even powers like Mind Control are balanced on how they interact with Combat System. The combat is the Systems Strenght. Again, I think Combat is Heroes Strenght. And here I want to point you to teh Original intro page of Mindmistress: Insert other media Start with a fight against normal, unpowered Criminals. Maybe have all of them fight in paralell. Leave superfights for later until the players got a "feel" for the rules. You do not want to overwhelm them with too many maneuvers. Aborting alone a very problematic thing to get your head around. As for handouts, this is my old Power Guide I wrote for introduction purposes. It should help equally with Parsing Sheets (without the books) and getting into the basics of Character Creation:
  6. It had to be taken down due to excessive Memory and CPU Demands on the Server. Unfortunately Heirarchical Forums are really taxing on just about any measure. The general age and amount of data still in there did not help. Recently even the Forums had to undergo a pruning of Threads. Mostly it affected the NGD Forum. The biggest victim was propably the old Funny Pictures thread, but we now got a new one.
  7. I have a rule: Never get into a conflict with something that weights more then twice of me. Bisons, cars, Trains - all of those I show a high amount of respect. Because they would feel a colission a lot less then me
  8. The 90's were not a time where a women could be successfull and show her emotions. And then she had the whole Kree Education. I mean, I do not expect someone from Vulcan to be good at emoting either. Wich ones were those? All I could see was the usual "arogant flyboy" from Topgun wich had "90's Sexism" added to his reportoi. 90's Movie + Flyboy + Female Protagonist. Entirely expeected. Clawed out by a alien, shapshifting horror that shortly before ate entire Kree patrols? Does not seem very stupid to me.
  9. Only in the sense that you make a roll. Any other thing I can think of is different. Block is a Active Defense Maneuver (the closest D&D equivalent is the Full Defense action) that can be aborted too (D&D has no such concept). With games like Warhammer Fantasy where you get 1 Block per turn, I could see some closer similarity. But at it's core, the Saving Throw is simply a inverted attack roll. With normal attacks you roll Attack Bonus + 1D20 vs AC. With saving throws you roll Saving Throw Bonus + 1D20 vs Spell DC. You roll defense, rather then attack.
  10. Battlestar Galactic had "Frag" in the same way. Farscape is definitely way up there. Apparently the Translator Bacteria had a censorship filter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCNDdlCo4rA And Zort, for the Fictional Talan Lanaguage of the game Outcast. Also sometimes "Ptok'chai" - and pardon my Klingon here. And from Dragonball Z Abridged: "Ah, Crapbaskets".
  11. Sometimes the only advice we can give someone is to get out of a Relationship that does not work. It does not mater if those are Economic, Romantic or Player/GM relationships. Confirming that those are the only paths we see as well can be a big help here. And everything you said has just been confirming it.
  12. I feel like she is listening to the world and that gives me an idea based on a game: Melodies escape. The Melodie Family had a story similar to the Alan Familiy: One superpower being passed down or appearing across generations. In their case it is a "harmonic induced hyper flowstate". In laymen terms, they are able capable of peakhuman feats of agility and strenght - but only while listening to music. The partial need for a technological focus was always a bit of an issues for these heroes, but it seemed like technological progress might eliminate it for the current generation. When it turned out the newest member of the Family was deaf, the family was between distraught (about the disability) and releived (that she would not dos something as dangerous as superheroing). Except the deafness might have been a tradeoff for her other superpower: Electromancy. The ability to manipualte and semse EM fields. Airwave does not need ears to hear music, for she can hear the radio stations directly in her mind. Moreover while "in the flow", she has additional powers like limited flight using a form of magnetic levitation and propulsion. Most of her time "on patrol" is spend just listening to the peacefull music of the city. But she always is aware of any major indicents that happen because she also listens to the Police Radio. Her main reason to interfere might be annoyance with this "disruption" of the peacefull music, but she is a powerfull Hero none the less.
  13. I largely distilled this down from someone elses writing. Wich was written as a free suplement to someone elses RPG setting. So I am honestly unsure what the legal ownership of any of that is.
  14. I dislike them in both Genders. I just can not comprehend someone trying to offset their lack of ability with abundance of activity or unwaranted certainty.
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