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  1. Christopher

    The Academics Thread

    How about engraved in the magnetic dust of a rotating disk, or the state of relays?
  2. Christopher

    Supers Image game

    @wcw43921 Sounds like we got 3 choices. Time to make a decision.
  3. Christopher

    More space news!

    Apparently it was only captured by hobby astronomers, not by any of the scientific Telescopes. So getting a reliable value for brightness (and everything you derive from it) is difficulty to impossible.
  4. In many situations the GM will make the roll (or at least the counter roll) hidden, so you do not even know if you succeeded. This same property is shared by Conversation and Persuasion. Unless the GM wants you do know if you succeeded or failed, you do not know if you did. Wich skill you use to get the information does not mater.
  5. Bossfights are a tool, nothing more nothing less. There are no bad tools in the toolkit. Only missapplication of the tools we have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGXIR2dlktc
  6. Christopher

    "Neat" Pictures

    Or you could turn the contour map into a nice color spectrum instead, wich allows for way more detail then any contour map
  7. Christopher

    Funny pics

    I think it used to mean something like "Praise Satan" back then. IIRC the fanatic christians were triggered for it being used by metal fans. "Do not cross the streams" - Egon, Ghostbusters
  8. All of them, because he is still around in one form or another? "But only becuase Failure is the best teacher." - Episode 8
  9. Christopher

    How do you draw an X?

    Ah, a old man complaining about the new stuff. How cliche
  10. Christopher

    More space news!

    10-100 Million years? There are species on our planet that are older then that!
  11. Interrogation also does not tell you if the target is lying. Wich is a much bigger concern for Interrogation, due to the "make something up so the other guy stops" phenomenon.
  12. Christopher

    Improving Intimidation

    Except for Comeliness and Striking appereance saying exactly the opposite. So much they had to mention "yes, this also works for being a scray dude".
  13. Because Conversation and Persuasion already cover the "Polite Company" part? I once did a breakdown using real-life iterrogation techniques. Including stuff like God-Cop/Bad-Cop. The end result was that kinda off Interrogation was only left to deal with outright Torture. Everything else was covered by other skills, assisting roles, complimentary rolls or bonuses.
  14. Christopher

    "Neat" Pictures

    Well, X-Ray map in right colors tend to be outside of my visual spectrum, so I can understand why they do that
  15. Christopher

    How do you draw an X?

    I had to test to even rememberm, but I am a 5 or 6 myself. Nowadays a preferebly write in Block Capitals. At wich point the 5 is what I use. When I still used handwriting, the small x would sometimes end up using 6 instead, simply because my pen was down there from the previous letter.