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  1. I have literally no idea what you are talking about. Please explain.
  2. You mean those people who insist he is not even a dwarf planet?
  3. I remember a Group of Youtube Videos like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjR-L7ZlfYo I managed to get a smartphone before the 3rd Decade of 2000 came around. Maybe in decade 3 I get it mobile internet too
  4. Not to mention the functional similarity. And the price similarity. And the advantage similarities.
  5. The thing is that with Multipowers you can ot use all teh powers at the same time. That is why they are cheaper. That being said, I once did something thinking about how to put Multipowers into VPP's and vice versa, by treating the whole Multipower like a single power. It could at least be generalized. You build a Multipower that has a monolythic cost. Then apply Area of Effect to it. I am still not certain that this is a build/power that can be balanced. It is just too swingy. And even if you could make it, I doubt anybody would use it. Because again: Too swingy. Any Randomess would have to be a limitation. But how much, depends on the "time lost" formula . Wich will be different in a game where turning blue has you killed by the gods vs. a normal game where turning blue just makes you fell a bit ... blue.
  6. ... Does she have a cat? If so, what is it's name?
  7. I asume you are using some version of PHP and thus MySQL? Then there is not much room for optimisation. If it was a MS SQL server you would have nice stuff like the Filestream storage Attribute. And stuff like the Output syntax. You can say what you want about MS Product prices, but they do have some of the nicest features for professional developers.
  8. "It's a trap" is not a question!
  9. Yes it is. A dwarf Planet is still a planet.
  10. The banks reporting large transactions is absolutely normal in every democracy on the planet. Asset forfeiture in turn is absolutely broken, and almost unique to the USA. And maybe some 3rd world countries. In germany we seize ill gotten gains the same way we seize evidence. Regulated on Federal level, rather then per state. And that is one of the big downsides of Cryptocurrencies: Nobody that could restore/change your password if you forget it (or you die). It was only a mater of time, before that shoe dropped. In fact it already had dropped: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/bitcoin-lost-newport-landfill Granted it was propably gross neglegience on the Founder/Worker part. You do not store such a importnat piece of information with only a single person. That is just basic sanity.
  11. So he is doing Back ops? Funny that 4 of those were in a DC action:
  12. Must be a Jailbird! And I repeat: "Do not cross the streams!"
  13. If I try to add from existing attachments, I got 0 results. So I think 100% of them have been deleted.
  14. Why would it be? All small businesses have to take every upportunity to advertise themself. Especially while on Duty. Of course he might want to put it on the car he uses to get around, asuming that does not put the police on his trail too quickly. Just because you are a brick, does not mean you can not be businesss savy!
  15. While it was largely Hypothetical, a "really desxtrous guy"? Someone that is so dextrous that I worked it into the backstory? My SOP of design is to make a Character to a concept. Then develop the backstory to fit that concept. If I have NCM, I can do that. If we have "maybe the GM will allow it", I can not. I look at the words I said. And can not find your interpretation actively looking for it. While I have my fair share of issues in communication, therapy got me beyond passively asuming I am that bad.
  16. That is a mater of perspective. https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/raise-dead As I read it: As long as you have the head (in the proper place) when casting the spell, it should just count the "cut neck" as a mortal wound. If the enemy stole the head, then you have to retrieve it or use a higher level spell. Same way if the target was dead for more then 10 days or had been turned into an undead.
  17. As the spellcast is the person that has to Spend Character points to buy this power, it being unuseably swingy is very important. There is no point in designing a power that breaks all design rules of Hero and will never be taken by a player or even NPC, because it is unuseably swingy. Not everything that can be done, needs to be done And with Hero games we in part have to think like Game Designers ourself.
  18. There are two ways to get resistant defenses: a) buying Resistant PD/ED b) buying PD/ED, then buying the resistant advantage for those points Your case is B. You tried to math it like a case A. But if you add the cost of hte Defenses themself to it, you should get the same result. This is actually 25 PD, 25 ED and Resistant (+1/2) for 50 points of defenses. 3x25 or 75 Active Points. And it should be 50x1.5 = 75 Active Points for Resistant Protection as well (no idea where you got the 90 from). Note however: - both builds are viable. - both builds are similar but not quite the same. For example, they react differently to Drain or Aid rD/D. - there is no clear consesnsus when you should use one or the other. Vanilla books tend towards using "Resistant Defenses" for Armors you wear and "Defenses, Resistant (+1/2)" for things like skin. But even those books are not consistent in that regard.
  19. D&D has some pretty extreme effects, that incldue stuff like "Instant Death". It already comes with a high delta of Randomness. If D&D does not have a thing, it is likely too swingy to ever be used by a player or GM. It is too unpredictable for a game that has "you die, no saving throw" effects!
  20. I want to stress this a bit more: This chaos bomb is propably unuseably swingy. One the one hand, it turns the enemy blue. On the other it teleports an enemy off the tower the final fight takes place in, instantly killing him/taking him out of the fight or nessisating a rescue. Even the Teleport power itself is highly swingy, as the fight might happen on the ground, the teleport might move it more to the center or the enemy might have flight, wich would make it more like turning someone blue. That delta of Randomness is the size of the Grand Canyon:
  21. What you try to model here is a campaign rule. D&D campaign rules say: "Negative Energy hurts living and heals undead" "Positive Energy hurts undead and heals living" You do not model campaign rules with power builds. As a GM, you declare them. Same way you declare the Starting points and Attribute caps. You just say "X AP of Positive Energy Healing does Y DC of damage to undead". I can not even think of a D&D spell that has that spread of effects. Such a degree of Randomness is just not manageable. The closest thing is Prismatic Spray: https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Prismatic Spray#h-Prismatic Spray The first 5 results are the same damage with randomized special effects. Wich can trigger specialist defenses or weaknesses. 6 is Paralysis/turn to stone 7 is a banishment effect 8 is only there because we do not have D7's outside of Star Trek. So multiple aided Characteristics and even picking hte right Characteristic automagically? Maybe a UBO Multipower of wich only one option can be picked? Again, not a spell I know even D&D of having due to balancing issues. An attack that treats certain kinds of barriers as transparent? Indirect would work to hit a undead enemy behind an ally and got past most other cover/barriers. "Only affects undead" is a clear limitation. Maybe you could even combine them into a +0 advantage, similar to "only does STUN" attacks?
  22. That is just SOP for banking and finances. 15.000 € per Customer and day is the legal hard cap, after wich the Finance Ministery of Germany has to be informed. Below that it is up to each bank. 500€ seems to be my banks limit. And the "severity" of it is, that I have to show my ID when depositing, so they got a solid paper trail if it ever turns out there was something illegal happening.
  23. Then repeat it. You always write such walls of text, it is hard to figure out what even your point is.
  24. If this spell somehow traps the players soul, something went Jumanjii there. I think you need to write it out a bit more.
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