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  1. Nice export format! If the character image is large, you end up with a horizontal scroll bar. You might want to resize the image in HTML.
  2. After bugs are squashed, still hoping for character graphic image display!
  3. HERO has multiple ways of modeling what you're looking for. Here is one way of doing offroad: Ground Movement 6"; Only On Appropriate Terrain (-1/2); Total Cost: -4. Applying the limitation "Only On Appropriate Terrain" to the base 6" Ground Movement will give you 4 points to spend elsewhere (or reduce total cost by 4), and will reduce vehicle velocity by half on inappropriate (e.g. Off-road) terrain.
  4. You build it as a Vehicle. File -> New Character -> 6th Edition -> Vehicle. Or, you can use the template I provided above. File -> New Character -> Custom/Non-Standard. Vehicles are almost identical to characters with some changes to Characteristics. They have a SIZE, but lack INT, EGO, and PRE. There are some other minor differences. Open the "Close Escort" hdc file above to get a feel for ship construction. You will need to use a Vehicle Export Format available in the Downloads section on this site, since Hero Designer PDF export is only designed for characters.
  5. According to Star Hero 6E p218, 1G of acceleration translates to 120m of Flight per Turn. A SPD 3 ship would need 40m of Flight to achieve 1G. A SPD 2 ship would need 60m of Flight. Etc. Combat/Non-Combat rules apply. There is a chart on p218 that goes up to 6G of acceleration. With the Star Hero chart combined with the Traveller chart above, you should be able to easily handle in-system travel times. Star Hero p219 contains even more optional rules for realistic acceleration/deceleration depending upon how crunchy you want to get. Attached is a Hero Designer file for a Close Escort that my players captured in our campaign. Close Escort - Sublight.hdc Also attached is a Hero Designer template that combines a Vehicle with a Computer. Saves me time when designing both. Vehicle With Computer - 6th Edition.hdt
  6. I'm assuming all in-system travel involves acceleration to midpoint, and deceleration to the destination. This great chart is from Classic Traveller.
  7. Just purchased Fantasy Hero Complete and I've spotted a few errors while reading through. Is there an errata file?
  8. I'll take a negative tweetstorm against Hero Games any day. What's it going to do? Hurt sales? At the very least, it will raise Hero's profile. Love the idea of a 6E Pulp Hero setting. Would also love to see a Champions 3000 science-fantasy setting. Everything from battling space-orcs in a black hole debris field, up to defending the galaxy from evil, extra-dimensional space-gods.
  9. I'll be starting a "Cthulhu Hero" campaign for my players and I'm looking for pre-generated Pulp Hero archetypes (e.g. Strong-Jawed Hero, Detective, Femme Fatale, Soldier, Ace Pilot, Journalist, Gangster, etc.). I'm currently looking through Surbrook's Stuff. Are there any other locations where I can find pre-generated characters?
  10. Here is the player intro for my own Star Hero setting, an amalgam of published and original material: AD 2,203. Earth's population is 100 billion. The solar system has been colonized, but not terraformed. The planets and asteroid belt are members of a loose alliance called the Terran Union. Over the past 100 years, unmanned sublight probes were sent nearby stars which revealed several worlds which were hospitable to life. Massive colony ships were launched to these systems. And then, Dr. Nels Bergenholm invented the hyperdrive. Communication has been lost with the Santa Maria, the colossal sublight colony ship en route to Barnard's Star. On the last voice transmission, only screams of terror were heard. Your ship, the IPM Windfall Prophet, an 800-ton Gazelle-class Close Escort, has been retrofitted with the new Bergenholm Hyperdrive. Your assignment is to intercept the Santa Maria and find out what happened.
  11. How about using "Naked Advantage" or "Drain" to simulate differences in ambient Mana? For example: In areas of high Mana, the Endurance (Mana) cost of casting spells is reduced. 60 Points - High Mana Area: Naked Advantage: Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) for up to 100 Active Points, Trigger (Spellcaster Enters High Mana Area, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates; +3/4), Area Of Effect (50m Radius; +1 1/4) (75 Active Points); Usable By Other (-1/4), Grantor can only grant the power to others. This way, you have an Active Point value for the High Mana area for purposes of affecting it. With "Naked Advantage", spellcasting could also become faster (Autofire), longer-lasting (Damage Over Time), easier (No Skill Roll Required), etc. Different High Mana areas could provide different Advantages. For Low Mana Areas, an AoE Drain could be used to make spellcasting more difficult. Again, you would have an Active Cost for the Low Mana area for purposes of affecting it.
  12. "The Chronicles of Riddick". One of the most criminally underrated space operas of all time. Pure entertainment.
  13. If you're a fan of Robert E. Howard Sword & Sorcery, you're welcome to join anyway. I just don't know when we we will play next. Hero is definitely not as easy to run on Roll20 as PF or D&D. Sent you the Roll20 link in a PM.
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