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  1. C-Note

    What is your favorite sci-fi RPG setting?

    Here is the player intro for my own Star Hero setting, an amalgam of published and original material: AD 2,203. Earth's population is 100 billion. The solar system has been colonized, but not terraformed. The planets and asteroid belt are members of a loose alliance called the Terran Union. Over the past 100 years, unmanned sublight probes were sent nearby stars which revealed several worlds which were hospitable to life. Massive colony ships were launched to these systems. And then, Dr. Nels Bergenholm invented the hyperdrive. Communication has been lost with the Santa Maria, the colossal sublight colony ship en route to Barnard's Star. On the last voice transmission, only screams of terror were heard. Your ship, the IPM Windfall Prophet, an 800-ton Gazelle-class Close Escort, has been retrofitted with the new Bergenholm Hyperdrive. Your assignment is to intercept the Santa Maria and find out what happened.
  2. C-Note

    Differences in ambient mana

    How about using "Naked Advantage" or "Drain" to simulate differences in ambient Mana? For example: In areas of high Mana, the Endurance (Mana) cost of casting spells is reduced. 60 Points - High Mana Area: Naked Advantage: Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) for up to 100 Active Points, Trigger (Spellcaster Enters High Mana Area, Trigger resets automatically, immediately after it activates; +3/4), Area Of Effect (50m Radius; +1 1/4) (75 Active Points); Usable By Other (-1/4), Grantor can only grant the power to others. This way, you have an Active Point value for the High Mana area for purposes of affecting it. With "Naked Advantage", spellcasting could also become faster (Autofire), longer-lasting (Damage Over Time), easier (No Skill Roll Required), etc. Different High Mana areas could provide different Advantages. For Low Mana Areas, an AoE Drain could be used to make spellcasting more difficult. Again, you would have an Active Cost for the Low Mana area for purposes of affecting it.
  3. 6th Edition Vehicles and Pulp Hero.
  4. C-Note

    Old Spacers Toolkit Additions

    Spacers Toolkit Online
  5. C-Note

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    "The Chronicles of Riddick". One of the most criminally underrated space operas of all time. Pure entertainment.
  6. C-Note

    First 6e Game (After a LONG HERO Hiatus...)!

    If you're a fan of Robert E. Howard Sword & Sorcery, you're welcome to join anyway. I just don't know when we we will play next. Hero is definitely not as easy to run on Roll20 as PF or D&D. Sent you the Roll20 link in a PM.
  7. C-Note

    First 6e Game (After a LONG HERO Hiatus...)!

    That's because I have the game marked Private, not discoverable. All my maps are set to hexes rather than the default squares. I have a few basic scripts like Hit Location and Stun Multipliers.
  8. C-Note

    First 6e Game (After a LONG HERO Hiatus...)!

    Let me clarify. I had not played for about 20 years until discovering Roll20. Because of schedule issues, we only play about 2-3 times per year.
  9. C-Note

    Cargo Capacity For Vehicles

    Thanks. I have a old hard copy of this in a box somewhere. HERO never released the 6th Edition version of Ultimate Vehicle, although it was referenced in 6E Star Hero. I think it should be the next Kickstarter project.
  10. C-Note

    Cargo Capacity For Vehicles

    It doesn't matter. I'm trying to work out a general mechanic for calculating cargo volume. e.g. If it's a cargo ship, it would purchase extra STR with a limitation "Only for Lifting/Carrying".
  11. C-Note

    Cargo Capacity For Vehicles

    The characters are having a ship built. Using the Encumbrance rules, it's easy enough to figure out cargo capacity for mass. Cargo capacity volume appears to be left to the GM, so I want to know if anyone has a method for determining that. My suggestion above is to apply Encumbrance rules to Volume the same way it applies to STR. 10% of vehicle's total volume allocated for cargo. I realize this is a rough calculation. If the vehicle has extra STR, the cargo volume would increase.
  12. C-Note

    Cargo Capacity For Vehicles

    Yup. That's what I use. 6E2 187: "Vehicle STR can lift exactly as much as character STR. Encumbrance rules apply and may slow down heavily-loaded vehicles." What about volume of cargo space as a percentage of vehicle volume? 10%, using same rules as Encumbrance for STR (or more if vehicle is encumbered)?
  13. How does everyone handle this? For the ships in my Star Hero campaign, I use the Encumbrance rules. The cargo capacity is 10% of the ship's lifting STR. The ship can carry more, but with Encumbrance penalties. I haven't figured out cargo Volume, just Mass.
  14. C-Note

    Multiform with equipment

    The closest statement I've found that addresses this in in 5th Edition Revised, Page 211: "A character’s forms do not get to “share” anything for free. If a character’s true form has some resource or object, such as a Base or a Vehicle, his alternate forms also have to pay for it if they want to use it. Otherwise, it disappears or somehow becomes inaccessible to them."
  15. Can 12-Point Overall Skill Levels be used as Mental Combat Skill Levels?