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  1. SAW

    Champions Jargon

    Re: Champions Jargon Pulling a Quickie: Named after the character Quicksilver whose player suggested that since we had just instituted the "natural 3 citical hit" rule we should also have a "natural 18 critical fumble" rule and then on his next attack roll... you guessed it, rolled an 18. SAW
  2. SAW

    WWYCD: The Invasion Is On...

    Re: WWYCD: The Invasion Is On... Shadow Hawk: Would pass the data onto KnightRaven then as a member of Star*Guard would contact them for help with a diplomatic solution and for backup if diplmacy failed. KnightRaven: Would assemble the top minds on the planet (some of which are already on the team) to help him analyze the data and come up with plans for earth defense WMDs then before turning the plans over to the UN and all major world governments would add in tech/computer program that would allow him to destroy or take control of the WMDs. Then he would use the data to start planning commando raids on the alien ships. Golden Knight: Would be part of the think-tank that is going over the data. Then he would start preparing to led troops (superhuman or otherwise) into battle. Archangel: Would gather all the mystics on the planet (hero and villain alike) and get them to researching any earth defense spells. Then she would start preparing to led troops (superhuman or otherwise) into battle. SAW
  3. SAW

    Answers & Questions

    Re: Answers & Questions Q. What did Gulliver say of his travels in Lilliput? A. A bathrobe, a spatula and a six pack of Vaseline. SAW
  4. Let's say I have a 15d6 Energy Blast with a +1/2 Variable Advantage. Normally I could drop the EB to 14d6 and spread to hit two targets. If I use the +1/2 to make a One Hex AOE EB may I still reduce the EB to 14d6 and have two One Hex AOE attacks? SAW
  5. SAW

    In the spirit of "The Tick"...

    Does anyone know if the "the Tick" cartoon series is available on DVD anywhere? Tugun Master, I'll bite. Where is A.L.B.A.L.D.U.?