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  1. Re: Foods for those that just don't care anymore Which kind? (I'm guessing Mexican, in which case was it the sweet cinnamon sugar or hot cinnamon flavor? There are five things I usually order when we go to any Mexican resturant for the first time. Steak tacos Enchiladas Rojas Tamales (preferably with pork) Quesadillas (and they better be on corn tortillas with no meat damn it!) Horchata and fried ice cream for desert if I have room after all that sampeling.
  2. Bloodstone

    A Thread for Random Videos

    Re: A Thread for Random Videos
  3. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities I play a fair number of female toons. I have been hit on before and it deffintly happens more when I'm playing a female toon, though it has happened when I play some of my male toons as well. But doesn't happen to my female toons very often, nor do I get treated differently, because I make no pretense of actually being a woman. I have seen occassional atitude shifts when I DO seriously roleplay one of my female toons though. Had one poor guy incredibly upset that I was not only male but American (apparently some of the slag I used was quite authentic... blame Guy ritchie films I guess) I have observed that I get compliments on my costume designs way more often when I play female toons. Most of the complimets for my male toons are along the lines of "neat concept" or "clever name", with only the occassional "OMG, U R SO HOT"...
  4. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities Well, as the COH Devs explained it, more body types adds to development time/expense for each and every costume piece and animation in the game. Each one of those things would need to be rechecked and reworked for compatability. Otherwise you get clipping and other issues that make the game look second rate and peopel then complain that the option is there but it sucks. It's one of the reasosn they were adamant about not adding in additional body types after release. Huge Female (for heavily muscled super women), overweight/fat for both genders and various nonhuman body types were requested regularly. They were also quite reluctant to red light "cross dressing", which was also requested on many occassions, but would run into simialr problems. Mind you I think in all my time playing the "coross dressing" aspect mostly came from players that wanted more "Butch/Tom Boy" options for thier female toons. Relativly few players actually stated they wanted to play a dude running around in a bra and stockings. Though they absolutly DID exist. I still remember one players impassioned plea to the devs to not change the power FX for Brute invulnerabilty, since the sparkling rainbow colors were a vital aspect of his characters concept of Trollvestite (this was years before we got power customization). Regardless, I also think it was ultimatly felt that any of the above would be features that wouldn't be used much so it was not worth the time and money. Statistically, this is probably true. But, we'll never really know for sure COH had an incredible degre of customization allowed already, what with the various body sliders and power customization, but no matter how much they added they were never gogn to satisy everyone. Most games don't take the time to even try though, so you end up with the reliable stereotypical. The majority will always crave statuesque males and centerfold females and the industry will always primarily cater to that majority. I think that is unlikely to change in the future, but we have deffintly seen a slow shift over time. Afterall, this is what Lara Croft looks like now:
  5. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities I don't assume one way or the other. I INFER!
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    Creepy Pics.

    Re: Creepy Pics. Not sure if most would consider the origional cute or creepy...
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    Funny pics

    Re: Funny pics
  8. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities
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    "Neat" Pictures

    Re: "Neat" Pictures [ATTACH=CONFIG]44900[/ATTACH] You're thinking of Wolverine. He's the guy with the blind stagehands: [ATTACH=CONFIG]44899[/ATTACH]
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    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... Not the first time it's happened:
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    "Neat" Pictures

    Re: "Neat" Pictures
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    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... Jungle Cat... they aren't normally that... fluffy...
  13. Bloodstone

    TSA: Officially Staffed by Morons...

    Re: TSA: Officially Staffed by Morons... The necro made me momentarily think Kristopher was back Posting this, since it seems relevant. Kevin Pereira's TSA Story from the Joe Rogan Experience: Beware of F-Bombs and assorted other foul langugae! Joe makes heavy use of the C-Word during his shows...
  14. Bloodstone

    A Thread for Random Videos

    Re: A Thread for Random Videos Back in the early 90's, MTV used to play this on Liquid Televion, which also gave rise to Aeon Flux, Beavis and Butthead and tons of other stuff I probably can't even remember... I miss that show Also, MTV: Oddities, which showed The Maxx: http://liquidtelevision.com/videos/series/the-maxx/
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    A Thread for Random Videos

    Re: A Thread for Random Videos This one?