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  1. SteveZilla

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear. If possible I'd like to keep the build to using just a single Art to avoid having to buy multiple KS. It does translate back, which is why I'd like to entertain suggested Arts to pick from. I can say that the art would likely not be overly "showy", and would be (as I understand it) an 'external/hard' art and one from the "Jutsu" category (HSMA, p16). I want to avoid the (possible) mistake of picking Martial Art "X", and then writing his background as learning it in region "Y" - which is why I'd like to narrow the list of possibles before I flesh out a background.
  2. SteveZilla

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    To avoid buying multiple KS, I would like to keep it within a single Art if possible.
  3. SteveZilla

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    I'll have to check out what those are. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking about a similar (but different) list of maneuvers, but my question was aimed more at what *kind* of real-world art would be workable for such a character? Kung-Fu? Karate? Krav Maga? Something else? I *can* read all of the 6e HSMA book, but I was hoping to shorten the build process by tapping the knowledge of other Heroites...
  4. I am looking for suggestions for a (preferably) singular Martial Art for a character I am building. Currently I have 27 points available for maneuvers (points for Extra DCs have already been allocated). This is for a Standard Superheroic game, 6th Ed. Also, is it a requirement to purchase a KS: <name of martial art> as part of the overall Martial Art purchasing?
  5. SteveZilla

    Toy Boy: Help Wanted

    I thought that was a "Boy Toy"?
  6. SteveZilla

    A Thread for Random Videos

    Of note: My name is Steve, I am taking dance lessons, I grew up on an airport around airplanes, and I have nonmagnetic metal screws in one leg. Oh, also some minor NSFW language, and over-the-top cartoonish violence.
  7. SteveZilla

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Even before reading anything on that page, my first thought was "Zardoz"? 0.o I wish you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, Hyper-Man.
  8. SteveZilla

    Build Ideas for "Digital Energy Being"

    On the "Wind Spirit" page, it lists: PERKS Cost Name 57 The Android Body: Follower I do see that the Android Body page is built as a Vehicle - is calling it a Follower on the Spirit page intentional? Normally Vehicles are subject to being broken into and/or commandeered (I.e., control is wrested from the 'driving' character) - How is this prevented? Being a Vehicle, wouldn't the Spirit need Combat Piloting/Driving? Also, if a character has a no-range power and the 'Vehicle' has Stretching, can the character use the power through the Vehicle - or should the character buy an identical amount of Stretching and limit it with "Only Though Body(-?)"?
  9. Hi Steve, Is it (generally) allowable to apply Inherent (and thus Always On) to powers like Regeneration? I can't see Always On being allowable, which would seem to prevent having it be Inherent...
  10. 1. Can you Link a power to an Inherent power (either with or without limitations like below)? 2. Can an Inherent power take a Conditional Limitation like "Only In Intense Magnetic Fields"? Thanks!
  11. SteveZilla

    6e1 Binding Repair?

    I need to seek out 6e1 binding repair as well. If I find something I will share it.
  12. I forgot to mention this is for a Martial Artist, which precludes me from utilize Blast, as I need to use STR for the Arts.
  13. I wasn't sure if Personal Immunity would be needed for a Darkness AoE Surface build, but did think it would not be needed for a Damage Shield - though I wasn't sure if a Damage Shield would have _any_ effect on the character, since that is the point of a Damage Shield - it affects others and not the user... Also, would Darkness to Hearing Group not effectively make one undetectable by Sonar, similar to Invisibility to Hearing Group?