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  1. SteveZilla

    Is an Indirect, MegaArea, UBO power valid?

    You are conflating/confusing "range" with "number of targets". As you interpret would not fly in any game I can think of, as it would be a *massive* loophole.
  2. SteveZilla

    Is an Indirect, MegaArea, UBO power valid?

    I am being purposefully non-disclosing because my GM and at lease some fellow players also are members here. So, sorry to disappoint.
  3. SteveZilla

    Is an Indirect, MegaArea, UBO power valid?

    Not without a butt-load of Limitations (or some loophole I am unaware of). Though I am presuming you mean the power could be granted to ~7.5 billion people with one action - that's a heck of a large UOO advantage to achieve that.
  4. SteveZilla

    Is an Indirect, MegaArea, UBO power valid?

    I should mention that adding AOE to a UOO power does not increase the number of people that can use it - that is controlled by the UOO Advantage. Though that is irrelevant to my desires for this power - my build is intended to be single-target. AFAIK it should not matter what power was being granted, be it Mental Awareness, Resistant Protection, Flight, Regeneration, etc.
  5. SteveZilla

    Is an Indirect, MegaArea, UBO power valid?

    1. The scope of the game probably won't include off-planet areas. Addendum: This power will likely be used though a Mind Link (and thus should be made a Mental Power). I am a little puzzled on how to make a "regular" power into a "mental" power in 6E, as there is no more BOECV like in 5E. Does buying LOS, IPE, and two ACVs do that now?
  6. Question about UBO, and targeting. Would taking Fully Indirect + Megascale Area (planet) allow one to grant the power no matter where the 'target' was? EDIT: This is in 6E.
  7. SteveZilla

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    Do you have any API scripts already in place? I need to read up on how to access them as I don't see it off the bat.
  8. SteveZilla

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    Cool, thanks!
  9. SteveZilla

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    One thing I would like to look into is somehow implementing temporary adjustments to the character sheet. Not only for adjustment powers, but for the allocation of skill levels, and the bonuses/penalties from various maneuvers to CV. I would like my macros for martial arts to be able to make those adjustments automatically instead of having to remember.
  10. SteveZilla

    Resourcing Hero games on Roll20

    I am just starting to dabble with macros/abilities in Roll20 to make the Hero experience less painful there. I've written an API script that (for now) enables people to send a text message in chat as a command for it to roll X dice for normal damage (other types of roll to be added later). My GM has the upgraded account for doing APIs, so I will have to wait for him to test it for me. I am new to Javascript (for the API), but experienced in coding, so I expect any errors to be minor syntax ones, if that. I would like to join this also, so maybe I can do my own testing and "sandbox learning". I can share my script here if you want, DD.
  11. SteveZilla

    We lost a good one.....

  12. SteveZilla

    6E Martial Art extra DCs and NND attacks

    For some reason I was thinking it was 4:1 (DCs to NND dice) in 4E/5E. So 8 DCs would add 4, making it a 6D6 NND? Wow.
  13. In 6E, I can't seem to find where the rules state the ratio of Martial Art DCs to gain extra damage on Nerve Strike/Choke Hold maneuvers that do NND damage. For example, Mr. Artist has bought Choke Hold (2D6 NND), and then buys four Damage Classes with his art. How much damage does his Choke Hold now do? (Also, it was kinda difficult just to find the rules on *buying* extra Martial DCs...)
  14. SteveZilla

    Haymaker and Abort

    Doesn't grabbing an object to use as a weapon take a half-phase attack action?
  15. SteveZilla

    Martial Art(s) for a Batman-esque Character

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear. If possible I'd like to keep the build to using just a single Art to avoid having to buy multiple KS. It does translate back, which is why I'd like to entertain suggested Arts to pick from. I can say that the art would likely not be overly "showy", and would be (as I understand it) an 'external/hard' art and one from the "Jutsu" category (HSMA, p16). I want to avoid the (possible) mistake of picking Martial Art "X", and then writing his background as learning it in region "Y" - which is why I'd like to narrow the list of possibles before I flesh out a background.