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    Toy Boy: Help Wanted

    I thought that was a "Boy Toy"?
  2. SteveZilla

    A Thread for Random Videos

    Of note: My name is Steve, I am taking dance lessons, I grew up on an airport around airplanes, and I have nonmagnetic metal screws in one leg. Oh, also some minor NSFW language, and over-the-top cartoonish violence.
  3. SteveZilla

    Hyperman in the hospital

    Even before reading anything on that page, my first thought was "Zardoz"? 0.o I wish you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, Hyper-Man.
  4. Hi Steve, Is it (generally) allowable to apply Inherent (and thus Always On) to powers like Regeneration? I can't see Always On being allowable, which would seem to prevent having it be Inherent...
  5. Hi assembled Hero-ites, I would like some advice for building a creature that is basically an "energy being". I am thinking of it having the attributes of being able to interface with - and possibly even "possess" - computers. But while not "possessing" a computer and existing as an independent entity is basically Desolid all the time. This may or may not be in a game with the existence of "Cyberspace" - would that choice make a difference on the interfacing/possessing aspects? Question: Should I buy Desolid + Zero END + Persistent + Inherent - Always On, in addition to a Physical Complication of being intangible with the exception of computer systems? Question: Should I buy Mind Control and Telepathy (both Machine Class of Mind), or just a very high Computer Programming roll, or for some reason both? Question: Are any of the other mental powers useable in dealing with Computers/Cyberspace? Thanks much for your input!
  6. SteveZilla

    Build Ideas for "Digital Energy Being"

    On the "Wind Spirit" page, it lists: PERKS Cost Name 57 The Android Body: Follower I do see that the Android Body page is built as a Vehicle - is calling it a Follower on the Spirit page intentional? Normally Vehicles are subject to being broken into and/or commandeered (I.e., control is wrested from the 'driving' character) - How is this prevented? Being a Vehicle, wouldn't the Spirit need Combat Piloting/Driving? Also, if a character has a no-range power and the 'Vehicle' has Stretching, can the character use the power through the Vehicle - or should the character buy an identical amount of Stretching and limit it with "Only Though Body(-?)"?
  7. 1. Can you Link a power to an Inherent power (either with or without limitations like below)? 2. Can an Inherent power take a Conditional Limitation like "Only In Intense Magnetic Fields"? Thanks!
  8. SteveZilla

    6e1 Binding Repair?

    I need to seek out 6e1 binding repair as well. If I find something I will share it.
  9. I want to build a 'suit' that suppresses the sound of a character's punches and his running. Would it be appropriate to use a Darkness Damage Shield (AoE Surface) build, or should it be done with two instances of Naked Advantage: Invisible Power Effects for each power (Running and STR)? I would also like the 'suit' to stop the wearer from being located by sonar as well, if that changes the build method.
  10. I forgot to mention this is for a Martial Artist, which precludes me from utilize Blast, as I need to use STR for the Arts.
  11. I wasn't sure if Personal Immunity would be needed for a Darkness AoE Surface build, but did think it would not be needed for a Damage Shield - though I wasn't sure if a Damage Shield would have _any_ effect on the character, since that is the point of a Damage Shield - it affects others and not the user... Also, would Darkness to Hearing Group not effectively make one undetectable by Sonar, similar to Invisibility to Hearing Group?
  12. I thought that Invisibility specifically did _not_ cover the SFX of active powers one is using (especially attack powers). Which is why I thought about Darkness, which AFAIK would do that.
  13. in 6e1, Inherent requires also applying Always On. Always On is forbidden for a power with the Focus limitation. Is there no way to build a Focus with a power where that power is Inherent to the existence of the Focus itself? For example, a power that represents a physical quality of the material/object in question (and is thus not adjustable)...
  14. A character has a Constant or Persistent power with a lengthy startup time (Resistant Defense, for example), and also a the Multiform power. They have their Resistant Defense power up and running and then choose to Multiform to their different form. When they revert back, do they have to restart the Resistant Defense from scratch? I.e., when you Multiform *out* of one form, does that "turn off" all powers that form has?
  15. SteveZilla


    Is using enhanced senses in this way valid and not broken? For a mute character who's primary means of communication with others is by giving empathic sensations/'nudges'. It only operates within 8m from the character, and may or may not need to take Penetrative... 34 Detect (Mental Sense Group) Emotions (Large Class; 10), Sense(2), 360 PER(5), Range(5), Discriminatory(5), Transmit(2), Concealed(-5; 5). The alternative AFAIK would be building something like: 39 Telepathy 3D6, Alien, Animal, Plant, Machine classes (35 BP), AoE Radius(8m; +½), Reduced END(Zero; +½), IPE(Hide From Targets; +½) (87 AP); No Range(-½), Empathy(-½), Not Through Mind Link(-¼) 43 Mind Control 3D6, Alien, Animal, Plant, Machine classes (35 BP),Telepathic(+¼), AoE Radius(8m; +½), Reduced END(Zero; +½), IPE(Hide From Targets; +½) (96 AP); No Range(-½), Empathy(-½), Not Through Mind Link(-¼) Which IMO are massive point expenditures for not much effect. Not to mention they are way over the game's AP cap...
  16. 6E1 says that a VPP normally takes "between a Turn and a Minute to change", and gives the example Control Cost Limitation of "Only Changes Between Adventures (Takes Days)" of -1/2. Because of that example, does that preclude someone from putting the Extra Time Limitation of 'Takes 1 Day(-4)' on the Control Cost? I presume so, but would like something more official than my presumption.
  17. SteveZilla

    A Thread for Random Musings

    #RandomThought If an astronaut on the ISS gets sick, are they still _under_ the weather?
  18. SteveZilla

    Build Ideas for "Digital Energy Being"

    This is along the lines of what I was thinking, except for my character it wouldn't be a link - he would be *in* the body's "mind"/CPU Core. Think kinda like how Shadowcat can phase and "hide" inside of another X-Man, like Colossus. Obviously she is not controlling him - but she is inside him, phased. If he gets killed, she would still be there, phased. This is fairly similar to what I was thinking, but... The body is built as a follower? What happens if the follower/android body is killed? It's not like followers grow on trees... What about building the body as a vehicle? While they too don't grow on trees they can be manufactured, and the second one doesn't have any reservations from knowing the first one getting destroyed.
  19. SteveZilla

    Build Ideas for "Digital Energy Being"

    What is the reasoning for saying AO is not useable? It would be his natural state, and not something he can (easily) turn off at will - kinda like a ghost's Desolid. It is Inherent into the existence, and thus AO.
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    2017 Word Association Game

  21. SteveZilla

    2017 Word Association Game

  22. Is a Trigger presumed to be an infallible 'Detect' (barring builds specifically designed to circumvent/nullify it)?
  23. SteveZilla

    Gamemechanics of the Enterprise D