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  1. Lord Liaden

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Given his diet, by this point half his genetic material is probably trans fat.
  2. Lord Liaden

    How do you place a fictional city?

    Would it fit with the world timeline you have in mind to go the Millennium City/Bay City route, and just destroy an existing city in the past and build your new city on top of it?
  3. Lord Liaden

    Funny pics

  4. I really haven't tried to give any critical input on Champions Now, other than to note that it doesn't excite or interest me personally. FWIW I did contribute a modest amount to the Champions Now project, again out of loyalty. But I've about reached my limit for investing in Hero System product I don't want in the hope they'll eventually produce something I do want. I've been down that road several times, and almost always been disappointed.
  5. Lord Liaden

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I can't decide if Trump is genuinely cunning and sinister, or just oblivious to the implications of what he says and does. I mean, there's much evidence that he's not the genius he claims, but could a man who's lived so long and seen so much really be that thick?
  6. Lord Liaden

    "Neat" Pictures

    If you haven't considered the implications of juxtaposing those two sentences, you might want to rephrase.
  7. Lord Liaden

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    I'm not saying it is, but that really looks like somebody Photoshopped two different birds together.
  8. Lord Liaden

    A Human Firewing

    Following the trail of the Elder Worm to Earth, perhaps? Of course the Slug and his followers were safely hidden in suspended animation at that time; and the Malvan empire was already far in decline, well past its conquering expansionist phase (luckily for us). But if you wanted a Malvan influence on Persian religion, you could also say that vague memories of the tale of the Malvan/Worm war could have inspired the concept of the duality of good and evil, and ongoing conflict between them, that's a major feature of Zoroastrianism.
  9. Which is fair enough, and a worthy effort. But Ron Edwards has chosen to seek funding for it from fans, and Jason has chosen to cast it as supporting the Hero System, i.e. put money into this if you want Hero to continue, even if you don't want the product. They've dipped into that well before, but there's only so much you can expect fans to support out of loyalty alone.
  10. Lord Liaden

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "Why, hello there! So nice to see you!"
  11. It's funny, when Fifth Edition and the first Champions books for that line came out, there was so much excitement and pent-up demand, they practically flew off store shelves. I'm not sure what happened since then. Did Hero Games make too many mistakes in what they published and how they presented it? Did they just saturate their own market with product until there was no longer enough demand? Did the nature of the hobby and the gaming public as a whole move past what Hero offers? Was it some combination of the above, or something else? Fans have offered their own explanations and "fixes," based on their preferences and experience, and will continue to do so. But there's no uniformity to them, and none of them seem to be adequate to return Hero Games to its glory days.
  12. Lord Liaden

    "Neat" Pictures

    Is that where Mattel got the inspiration for its Major Matt Mason moon suit?
  13. Lord Liaden

    Funny pics

    I could totally see Gordon Ramsay yelling that at one of his contestants; only with lots of expletives.
  14. Lord Liaden

    A Human Firewing

    OTOH given the antipathy between the Malvans and the Elder Worm, and the taint of Qliphothic magic the latter carry, the interaction of that with the Furnace could be an excuse for a variety of interesting phenomena, from reduced power level, to unreliable powers or detrimental side effects, to Psychological or Physical Limitations. None of that would need to manifest immediately.
  15. Lord Liaden

    Easter Eggs

    "I loved ya in that Seventies classic, about a young lad who fights impossible odds to fulfill his destiny... What was that called? Oh yeah, Corvette Summer!"