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  1. They do. The other retailers take a portion, but if you buy from the Hero Games website store, all the money goes to HG.
  2. I would suggest sending a Private Message to Jason Walters about this issue. I'm guessing it's just an oversight that the PDF isn't listed as available separately, and perhaps easily corrected. But if you don't want to wait, DriveThruRPG does seem to have it: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/3086/HERO-System-Sidekick-Revised?it=1
  3. Well, "political moralizing" can be overt, or integrated naturally into the story. IMO Black Panther, and Wonder Woman, are examples of the latter. They were cultural touchstones because they struck fundamental elements of human history and society; but those elements were a natural part of the world their characters found themselves in, and their journey of self-discovery through that world.
  4. The slings made by the Incas and other Andean peoples were often braided of different colored strands of llama wool. Quite colorful and artistic. You could build a cultural iconography out of something like that.
  5. I would recommend the sling. Cheap and simple to make from animal hide available in your environment, or preferably, some imported fabric like wool or flax; and natural ammunition should be plentiful, or easily fashioned from clay or lead as in ancient times. Since your race uses fire magic, slings could also be used to launch enchanted incendiary projectiles (maybe the "dormant fire" in obsidian could be "awakened"). Easily concealed, and since you'd like them to be able to "strike the opponent from behind," it could double as a garrote.
  6. This discussion highlights that the term, "best," is such an amalgam of subjective responses, individual viewpoints, and personal biases, no two people will be in complete agreement even on how to define it, let alone what examples of an entertainment like movies represent it. The Best Picture Oscar will represent what the majority of voting members of the Academy consider Best Picture. You can take that for what it's worth.
  7. I don't think Joe Biden has formally confirmed he'll run -- he's still "exploring." For my part, while I respect Biden and Sanders, their advanced age would be a factor for me were I voting for President, just from concern over continuity. But the field of announced candidates is wide, and as with Barack Obama, there's plenty of time for others to rise to prominence.
  8. In America, it's known as Fox News. (And that's probably enough politics for this thread.) 😛
  9. They bought their scepters used from Black Talon.
  10. His name was "Millard Fillmore.' What more do you need?
  11. It always sucks when you lose a good job through no fault of your own, but because big corporations are playing chess with it.
  12. There have been a few such mechanics developed in Hero over the years, particularly for 4E. Champions in 3-D includes "Horror World" by Allen Varney, which introduced a sanity-draining effect in the presence of Lovecraftian monsters. It's run as a cumulative Transform, Linked to a successful Presence Attack by the monsters. Horror Hero: Endless Nightmares greatly expands on the long-term effects of Presence Attacks, including modifiers for Stress, i.e. being in an inherently stressful environment/situation for an extended period. When 5E came out Steve Long wrote The HERO System Genre By Genre, a free PDF exploring conventions for various genres of RPG. The brief Horror description includes a simple optional "Sanity" Figured Characteristic, showing how it might be "damaged" and recovered. However, what dekrass is asking for sounds most like an "ambient" Transform, inherent to a particular time and place. The last official description of such an effect in Hero I can remember is in The Mystic World by Dean Shomshak. That book includes an outline of a universe called "the Shining Darkness," antithetical to life from a "positive" universe such as ours. Being in the Shining Darkness would gradually Transform a visitor into one of its inhabitants, with the progress of the transformation increasingly noticeable. The Transform would begin to "heal back" once visitors left that dimension.
  13. Don't have time for details right now, but a few thoughts: It strikes me that the defining principle for your religion should be, Commonwealth. Everyone cooperates for the greater advancement of the whole, through opportunities for individuals to progress and enrich themselves, but with the expectation they would in turn give back to the community. Second, with the emphasis on government and church involvement in the practical aspects of society, the divine organization might resemble the celestial bureaucracy of Chinese folk religion, with all the gods having defined functions and reporting to superiors. Third, the supreme deity would probably be defined as a master of all skills and crafts, since innovation and practicality are highly valued. Rather like the Irish god Lugh. A god or gods of commerce would likely also be very prominent. More later.
  14. If all we ever got was those few scenes of the kaiju from the trailers, I would say Western film makers have contributed to the genre.
  15. A story has been making the rounds which may be apocryphal, being attributed to "unnamed sources within the Trump administration." Reputedly, when Republican Congressional leaders expressed concerns to the President over the future ballooning national debt resulting from his tax cuts combined with increased spending, Trump is said to have replied: "I won't be here." Again, that may not be true, but it would be consistent with the attitude Trump's displayed to date. If it doesn't directly affect him, it doesn't concern him.
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