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  1. Personally I'd avoid anything to do with Dracula in MCU movies. The character carries too much baggage, too many audience preconceptions. The Darkhold exists independently of him, though, and could be introduced into the MCU the way the Infinity Stones were. Maybe with some buildup for the book and the Darkholders cult, the ground work could be laid for an eventual appearance by a Marvel version of Dracula. But if there was to be a new "phase" in the MCU laying out a big metaplot, IMO it should be a supernatural one. We've already done the cosmic stuff.
  2. Lord Liaden

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Yep. Two parties can view the identical event and come to radically different conclusions. It's sometimes disheartening to contemplate the amount of subjective filtering most of us do. But the Trump cult of personality has taken it to another level.
  3. Lord Liaden

    Does anyone else remember an amusement park?

    Hmm... it sounds rather like the linked adventures in Champions Battlegrounds, for Fifth Edition; five adventures which can be played independently or as part of an overarching plot. The third adventure, "Fatal Attractions," takes place at a supers-themed amusement park called Omegaworld. But the hunt for a bomb is central to the first adventure in the series, "A Walk in the Park," set in Memorial Park in Millennium City. That's the only matching reference coming to my mind at the moment. I could poke around my older collection, though, see if I'm overlooking something.
  4. Lord Liaden

    In other news...

    An overly rich diet will kill you sooner or later.
  5. Lord Liaden


    I have no problem with Tyler Hoechlin's characterization of Superman. His nobility and confidence tempered with modesty and humor strikes the right note for me. But I remember his first appearance on the Supergirl TV show, when he arrived at the DEO, and everyone there responded with respect and awe. That's who Superman is supposed to be. The fool he's become would never have earned such respect, or even survived this long. I also liked that Superman was the only one to know how to use the book. Not so much that he had it promptly taken away from him. Having Kara and Barry fight anti-Superman to keep him away from the book until Clark could finish, would have been a much better way to highlight them without nerfing him. We can come up with all sorts of rationalizations for why Superman acted like such an incompetent in this episode, but we shouldn't have to. The episode should have made such explanations clear, if they had any. But I don't believe they even bothered to try.
  6. Lord Liaden

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    There's no one person or group to blame for the current mess. Everyone had a hand in making it: the politicians for their egocentric, disingenuous, partisan ineptitude; and the public not only for electing them, but for passively enabling their behavior for so long until it came to this head. Donald Trump may be aggravating the mess, but he just saw an opportunity to exploit a mess that was already there.
  7. Lord Liaden


    Making someone who's supposed to be highly respected, look so inept just so the star can shine in comparison, is simply lazy writing.
  8. Comic Dr. Strange's "Big Three" nemeses have always been Dormammu, Mordo and Nightmare, so that news isn't surprising. Shuma-Gorath is probably a close runner-up, though.
  9. Lord Liaden

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Not sure I'd go that far; but I do believe we're seeing a preview of how Trump will melt down if the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives keeps stymying him. I have wondered why Trump is so fixated on building his border wall. He's walked away from other promises without a backward glance. Could he view the wall as his ultimate real-estate deal? Or as a monument to remind future generations of his "greatness?"
  10. Lord Liaden


    I posted my rant to the Supergirl thread. 😖
  11. Lord Liaden


    I just finished watching tonight's episode of Supergirl. I emphatically take back the above.
  12. Lord Liaden

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Wouldn't be surprised if May will be that far gone before it's all over. I'd love to know whose idea this parody was -- Serkis or someone else.
  13. Lord Liaden

    Aquaman Movie Trailer

    Between that movie and this one, the studio changed their minds?
  14. Lord Liaden

    Which Champions Franchise would you join?

    I voted Honolulu, and no it wasn't for the weather or scenery -- I don't like heat and have pollen allergies. 🤧 But it strikes me that this would be a good location for different types of supers adventures than found in the typical American city. Hawaii is a financial and social bridge between North America, Oceania, and the Far East, so it carries much potential for international action. Tourism can bring people to the islands from almost anywhere. The extensive military facilities beg for cooperation/friction with government agencies. The vast Pacific Ocean provides opportunities for exploring lost civilizations on hidden islands or beneath the waves; fighting prehistoric survivors or giant monsters from the deep; rescuing folks from hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, shipwrecks, and other disasters; or dealing with denizens of a supernatural folklore distinct from any in North America.