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  1. Hiding in the quantum realm is cheating. And Thanos isn't gone yet.
  2. And partly because the suit the actor playing the Alien wore didn't stand up to prolonged inspection in good light.
  3. FYI, if you're interested in the New Millennium setting but not the Fuzion system, there is a Hero (4E) version available.
  4. These "ghost apples" were formed in a Michigan orchard when ice collected around rotting fruit. As the fruit decayed it slid out the bottom, leaving an icy shell.
  5. The kid better hope Chaotic Evil isn't on his birth certificate. That sort of thing sticks with you.
  6. You see his avatar? If they're even related, yeah, could be.
  7. I hate to do the "broken record" thing... but APG II breaks down how to do this mechanically in Hero in great detail. In fact, it describes three optional systems: Skills based, Talents based, and Combat Maneuvers based, that last similar to what RDU Neil describes.
  8. https://www.herogames.com/forums/search/?q=advanced player's guide&type=nexus_package_item&search_and_or=and&search_in=titles Note that there are a few additional 6E system expansion books: https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/category/10-hero-system-general/
  9. Given all the facts, I really can't see any way to look at Alabama's Corrections decision excluding the imam, as anything but religious discrimination. Clearly the court saw the same. What the state government does next will show where their principles really lie.
  10. For question two, Interaction Skills are the easiest way to go. Both Hero System Skills and Advanced Players Guide I go into detail on using Interaction Skills in a variety of social situations. However, APG II describes a detailed optional "Social Combat" system, including "combat maneuvers" and "damage" effects. One unofficial element that has potential is a mechanic that Hero Games author Shelley Chrystal Mactyre proposed in relation to her long-in-limbo Regency Hero source book project: Reputation Points. On the non-mechanical front, in the past I posted to the forums a campaign concept and large number of "plot seeds," under the overall heading, Besruhan Intrigues, for a fantasy campaign stressing politics and intrigue at least as much as fighting and exploring, set in Hero Games's "Turakian Age" setting. As you suggest, most such interactions would be handled through role-playing; but the region I chose includes a number of elements which I felt naturally led to plots to draw PCs into those power maneuvers.
  11. A crisp, vivid CGI reproduction of scenes from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, showcasing the most graceful, elegantly beautiful space ship design in sci-fi history.
  12. Sure, if they want the UK and Ireland to declare war.
  13. "That's it, kid, always look 'em in the eye... keep your neck loose... and mind your footing!"
  14. Oh... that is not going to end well.
  15. For all intents and purposes, Slug is an alien. The human whose body he possessed no longer exists, and hasn't for decades.
  16. I'm thinking Multipower with the different Powers you want to apply to the spell, with No Conscious Control on the whole thing to model the result depending on circumstances beyond the caster's control.
  17. Ah, okay. In that case Cassandra's suggestion of the Pantheon from Alien Enemies would be directly relevant. And that opens some other possibilities. From Challenges for Champions, the villain Starhand of the Hand supervillain group is another human bonded to an alien symbiote. So too is the Mexican matter-transmuting villain, the Chemichameleon, from Enemies: The International File. From the adventure, Atlas Unleashed, all the Atlas supervillains gained powers by tapping the "Q'rrm Effect," the combined psychic energy of the extinct Gobylite race. While the Seven Horsemen (from the module of the same name) had their origins due to an artifact of a Lovecraftian race of "Old Ones" that was explicitly extraterrestrial.
  18. I guess the Blood would be a matter of interpretation. Azor was the only one with powers directly bestowed -- his descendants inherited them. Same issue with the Empyreans. And Azor's patrons were Lovecraftian elder gods, if you can count those as "aliens."
  19. That actually brings up a good point: did you want just official villains from the current CU, or including villains from past editions of the game, or even from other published settings using Hero System?
  20. You had me up until your Infinity War comments. Ah, well, YMMV...
  21. Steve Long, who of course is a lawyer, does discuss that issue in the Stronghold source book.
  22. Hmm... your proscriptions do limit the possibilities, but I can think of a few others who might fit. If you're willing to consider Howler, you might also look at the Warlord's minion Warcry, who had Hzeel communication devices implanted directly into his throat in imitation of Howler. The VIPER Dragon Branch villain Occulon gained his powerful eyebeams from Dr. Moreau implanting Hzeel eyes after he lost his own. Professor Paradigm's follower Tesseract has an origin very similar to Esper's, except the possessing aliens were extradimensional rather than extraterrestrial. The first generation of Empyreans, known as "the Ancients," were created out of pre-human stock by the alien Progenitors. Garon, archivist and historian of the Empyreans, is the only Ancient known to still be living on Earth. (Unknown to the Empyreans, the monstrous Ancient named Ogurn is still alive and trapped beneath the surface of the Earth.) Several Champions supers were empowered by the "coruscations of power" cast across space and time by the cosmic catastrophe which created the alien tyrant Xarriel: the villains Photon, Sunspot, Stareye, and Vector, and the hero Victory. In case heroes with such origins might be of interest to you: Diamond, longest-serving member of the Sentinels, and a founder of the legendary Fabulous Five, was transformed along with the rest of the Five by the explosion of the alien ship containing the invading Kuzane. Speaking of the Kuzane, an artifact from their ship was taken up by a group of monks as the Bell of the Chosen, which empowered the CU's analogue to Superman, the late Vanguard. If you'd be willing to consider other deceased supers, the young hero Sunheart was made the imprisoning vessel for a criminal of the alien energy-race called the F'woosh. His ultimate fatal failure to control the alien's power led the hero Rowan to found Ravenswood Academy. Qularr scientists discovered a dormant clone of the supervillain Revenger on the Moon, and experimentally mingled it with captured Gadroon genetic material, creating a superstrong monster which went berserk and killed them. The monster is still trapped on the Moon.
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