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  1. Pushing is probably the most rules-valid route to take. GMs can allow pushing beyond normal limits in situations of extreme need. Granted, this does put the mechanic back within the "GM fiat" field that you seem to want to avoid. However, as you note, such effects are well out of the scale of normal game play, so there's really no way to avoid a GM deciding whether to permit it.
  2. Well, I don't think just being a ruthless killer is enough to draw equivalency to the Joker. Quite apart from their respective motifs, Joker's crimes are the equivalent of someone shooting craps. Luthor's crimes are always a chess game.
  3. I expect Rodan to lose, but don't sell him too short. Rodan has always been the fastest, most agile flier of all the Toho monsters, and Ghidorah is fighting him in his element.
  4. When in polite company, "fudge" and "dang" are my go-to. But I find I've been outright swearing more in recent years -- maybe because my life has grown more swear-able. I am trying to cut down, though.
  5. At least there's no doubt as to Cthulhu's religious convictions.
  6. For many years comic-book Luthor has been quite willing to kill his opponents in his relentless pursuit of power, although he seems to prefer gaining leverage over them to force their obedience, or at least torment them before killing them. He's also willing to let underlings die to further his schemes. But when he was a public figure of great wealth and influence, he was always careful to insulate himself from any visible connection to such incidents. The Lex Luthor on this show has been outed as a villain, despised and feared by society. He no longer needs to hide his ruthlessness.
  7. Well, Thanos used it to escape from Thor, so it was at least somewhat functional. I think the Gauntlet was only able to channel the full power of all six Stones one time, before burning out.
  8. Gerry and Sylvia must be smiling down from Heaven.
  9. I'm fond of Molnya myself. Of all the Champions mastermind supervillains, he seems the most mature, disciplined and rational. Molnya aspires to be the power behind a throne, so he could either be an 'advisor" to Putin (they would have known each other in the KGB), or to the leader of one of the breakaway Soviet republics. Partnership with another master villain is also possible -- I believe the Warlord is supposed to have a hidden base in Siberia.
  10. With climate change blurring habitat lines, polar bear/grizzly fraternization is on the rise, so we'll probably see more bears looking like this.
  11. Although Vladimir Putin's "kleptocracy" doesn't really resemble the old Soviet Union, he certainly has the autocrat part down. His super team might not even need to pose as criminals, though. Putin is all about building Russia's power and prestige (as an extension of his own), and a public state-sponsored team of superheroes would fit that agenda, as it did for the Soviet Union in Red Doom. Mind you, they'd have to be careful not to become so popular that they upstage him -- he really seems to dislike that. OTOH a black-ops superteam seems like a foregone conclusion, and they might masquerade as criminals. Given how Putin loves to project an image of athleticism and virility, if there was a safe reliable method for him to become "SuperPutin" himself he'd probably take it.
  12. Joe Sinnott was often referred to as "the fifth member of the Fantastic Four," since he inked that title continuously from 1965 until 1981. But over his 60+ year career he inked nearly every character in the Marvel stable at one time or another. Stan Lee called him the most in-demand inker by Marvel pencillers. He had a big hand in shaping the distinctive early Marvel art style. It's nice to read blurbs about a veteran like this prompted by his retirement, rather than his death.
  13. Perhaps the fact there's a 5E D&D version led to confusion as to the existence of a 5E Hero version.
  14. Maybe like something from the new God of War game?
  15. Yeah, now the color of that upholstery would have me worried.
  16. Changing their names and some background details would probably help, though. They were pretty heavily Soviet-themed.
  17. My suspicion is it's something like what we see on real Earth between nations possessing weapons of mass destruction. No one is willing to be the first to use them in battle, for fear others will retaliate in kind. QED, MAD.
  18. Loki called what Odin used to send Thor to Earth after the Bifrost was broken, "dark energy," not magic. Another physics concept.
  19. How cool would it be if this had actually been what I read your caption as initially -- a capsule crewed by dragons.
  20. Normalcy is greatly overrated. As are humans.
  21. Stormbreaker's travel trick looked just like Asgard's Bifrost -- a column of coruscating, multi-colored light descending from the sky, leaving a circle of "runes" burned into the ground. Since Asgard and the original Bifrost are now ash and debris, I'd say the implication is clear that Stormbreaker allows Thor to create a bridge from wherever it is, to wherever he wants to go. A power like what comic-book Mjolnir has had almost from the beginning of Thor's "Journey into Mystery" days. This Tesseract/lightspeed engine business reminds me of another McGuffin associated with the Kree from their early comic-book appearances, the Omni-Wave Projector. That secret allowed the Kree to communicate even across inter-galactic distances, but a Projector could also be made into a devastating weapon. Many enemies of the Kree have tried to obtain one.
  22. "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." - Stephen King
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