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  1. This is one I can't even remember, which makes me curious for more information about it. Was it written for a particular genre? Who's the author? And artist if it includes art? What's the page count? How many characters, and what are their point totals? Heroic or superheroic? Anything in it that's appeared in some form in earlier or later publications?


    I just don't feel like I know enough about this to be interested in buying it.

  2. These are very original concepts and designs, with clever and imaginative use of 6E Hero System mechanics to model some unique Special Effects. Although actual illustrations of the creatures aren't included, their vivid textual descriptions are appropriately alien, grotesque, and disturbing.


    The Tatterdemalion Terrors will add distinctive flavor to any supers, fantasy, or weird sci-fi campaign.

  3. Having been a test-reader for Dean Shomshak's manuscript, I can personally attest to its reality, and its quality. Moreover, I received this email from Dean today:


    "Because of my computer troubles, I get only the briefest glimpse of the HERO Announcement comments and cannot reply. Would you mind replying for me?

    Of course Spells of the Devachan is real. The announcement came on March 31, not April 1!
    I've finished everything but the conversion to PDF. Getting some problems there: Twice now, the first lines on one page slid to the bottom of the previous page, upsetting the formatting. When I fix that, the final product goes to Jason "HERO Overlord" Walters, and then for sale.
    Incidentally, the picture Jason posted with the announcement goes amazingly well with one of the spells in the book, Globe of Revelation. Kudos to Jason!
    Dean Shomshak"

  4. More like Dr. Strange goes interstellar. ;)


    If you have a supers, space-opera, or high-fantasy campaign setting which allows for both alien races and magic, this would be easy to add to it. And if you like Dean Shomshak's writings on magic and mystical cosmology, this work takes concepts like those in innovative and imaginative directions.


    And I have it on good authority that this will be available for purchase soon. :)

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