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  1. Just for the sake of comparison, the original "Hunted" Disadvantage was published in Champions III. It was treated as a subset of Psychological Limitation then, too, but written up differently: Hunting Target on 8- : 5 pts. Hunting Target on 11- : 10 pts. Hunting Target on 14- " 15 pts. Hero hunts target to bring him in: +0 pts. Hero takes irrational actions in the face of target: +5 pts. The frequency relates to how much time the character actively spends Hunting his target, e.g. on 11- he spends roughly half his time on this. Assuming a player wanted to roleplay this situation and the GM was willing to accomodate it, I suppose you could use the point breakdown for standard 5E Hunted as to the quality of the target, and use similar mechanics: roll at the beginning of each game session to see whether the character gets some clue or lead to the one he's Hunting. Alternatively the roll might dictate whether the character decides to drop everything else and go after the one he's Hunting, but that could seriously crimp the GM's plans. Ultimately it's probably simpler just to go with the Psych Lim approach.
  2. Excellent! When I clicked on that link the first time it didn't download properly. Thanks for the correction, JAGN.
  3. GoO had it up on the "Superhero Showdown" homepage for a while, nice and big, but it seems to be down now. The preview illo for the May 2003 Game Trade is still in their website archives, though. Since they posted it in public domain, I doubt they'd mind if I put it up here. This version's a little small, but it certainly gives you the idea:
  4. I'm very glad to hear that this project is still moving forward, and it's definitely on my "must buy" list. My only concern is that the long delay will have squandered some of the interest generated by the Superhero Showdown, which may have a negative impact on sales.
  5. For the female Eternal EP, might I suggest "Ora", playing both on "aura" and Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn.
  6. Glad I could help. I must say, though, that I personally like the concept of "Sir Dragun" as a Knight of Wundagore. The irony of a Komodo Dragon playing the role of a knight is quite delightful. I might do something with that myself.
  7. Off the top of my head: "Web-Foot:" Spider-Man knockoff. "Cold Duck:" Ice-powered hero or villain. "Lord Fowl:" Evil dimension lord (apologies to Steven Donaldson). "Pinfeather:" Bullseye-style master of throwing blades. "Ugly Duckling:" Twisted villain a la Batman's Rogues Gallery. "Wing Nut:" Joker-esque psycho. "Mandarin Duck:" Oriental mastermind. Possible plots: Villain seizes the reality-warping Cosmic Egg. Heroes face the Platinum Paddler, herald to the awesome Ducklactus.
  8. You would have to give the "Best Cape" award to the Batman. His does the most interesting things visually, and nicely splits the difference between just hanging there (Superman) and being overly busy (Spawn). And you know you can't go wrong with basic black.
  9. I hate to keep coming across as rules-picky , but LoW for Normal Defenses includes Damage Resistance for those defenses (FREd p. 125), which is what Sunder has. It seems that Armor and Force Field are what the rules refer to as "resistant defenses." I do look forward to the rest of the team.
  10. I wonder whether a 16d6 Strike for Sunder is really excessive compared to Ironclad's Find Weakness ability with his own 12d6 Strength Strike. Against an opponent without Lack of Weakness that latter attack is potentially even more damaging. Ironclad also has a CV one greater than Sunder; just on the basis of their respective threat to an opponent I think they compare rather well. Mind you, since Sunder does have Lack of Weakness Ironclad would be at a disadvantage against him. Which, given the plot purpose of this "extraction team," is probably a good thing.
  11. Why not make it a straight +4d6 HA at 0 END? Costs exactly the same.
  12. Re: wow, someone replied Ah, well, that's my point. Unless I'm misreading the rules I cited above, that Hand To Hand Attack will only do a maximum of 6d6 Penetrating damage when used - you will never get 15d6 total dice, Penetrating or otherwise, unless you buy Penetrating for the character's Strength as well.
  13. These are very fine character concepts, Hermit. Well developed backgrounds and personalities. I like how you've defined the likely reactions to Ironclad by each of them - good potential for intragroup conflicts after they arrive on Earth. I look forward to the rest of the team. Couple of clarifying questions: have I got it right that Star Drinker's "Release" attack is a 2d6 EB normally, plus a 6d6 EB with the addition of his wristbands? If so, how are the Absorbed points from his "Energy Siphon" distributed? And how do they add if he loses the wristbands? As for Sunder, because his +3d6 HA is Penetrating but the rest of his Strength isn't, he'll only be able to do a maximum of 6d6 Penetrating damage total when he uses it, no matter how much more Strength he can bring to bear (according to the rules for Advantaged HA on FREd p. 272). Was that your intention?
  14. I'm flattered - who is he, Laser Leech? People post their creations here as the spirit moves them; each as they're ready or when you have the whole team, go with your gut. We'll just steal what we like anyway.
  15. IIRC Dorvalans are supposed to have a high innate energy resistance, so I could see a character who has had that expanded into energy absorption and re-projection - always fun to throw at those energy-projecting heroes. I would expect the Dorvalans to have attempted the experiment than created Ironclad again, which would probably produce the team brick. It might be interesting if the experiment was not quite as successful as it was with Drogen Lar, producing a deformed monster. This being might want to kill Ironclad rather than just capture him, fearing that the Dorvalan government wants to replace him with Ironclad. Consider allowing members of other races to be part of this team, possibly as mercenaries. My suggestion would be a super-powered Malvan, perhaps someone Ironclad encountered in the arena, only now hopped up on power-enhancing Malvan drugs. Just for nostalgia's sake, I personally would love to see an alien martial artist proficient in Bandarian kick-boxing.
  16. Adventure module, softcover print, reputedly including an organization usable as recurring foes.
  17. I wonder if we should have put a "Spoiler" warning on this thread... some folks might want to be surprised. Of course for people unfamiliar with the old Champions Universe it probably won't make much difference. Then again, even veterans can't be sure what form the reboot will take.
  18. Upgrade Panacea Lazarus Adaptus Black Life (opposite of the "Black Death" plague, and matches his armor)
  19. Now there's a name from Hero Games's glorious past I never expected to see on these boards! That's very generous of you, Mr. M. The Coriolis Effect does get mentioned here in positive fashion from time to time, but the work of yours that seems to come up most often is The Great Super Villain Contest. That durable campaign premise keeps being reused by old and new HERO gamers. So, does your offer include the Crimson Claw et al ?
  20. Re: Re: Firewing Valid points. There is one complication, though: supposedly the nation of the winner of the Tournament will be blessed by the gods as the preeminent nation on Earth. The implications of a Malvan winning might be disturbing, to say the least. This is one of those tricky issues behind the "magic behind superpowers" rationale underlying the current CU timeline. What happens to all these magical phenomena and entities that supposedly continue to exist over the centuries, during times of waning magic as during the Terran Empire period? Does the Tournament of the Dragon simply go on "hold" when magic is low?
  21. Also keep in mind that a mentalist who wants a DCV competitive with that of other characters in the campaign, or uses a physical power in addition to Mental Powers, will still want to buy up his Dexterity in addition to his Ego score. So in practice, mentalists don't usually get much of a cost break - their players may actually end up investing more Character Points to make their characters viable in both CV and ECV.
  22. FWIW, according to the description of Mental Combat on FREd p. 246, the default rule is that characters using a Mental Power use Ego instead of Dexterity to determine their initiative in a Phase. The same rule description also points out that if the character using the Mental Power also wants to perform a physical action in his Phase like making a Half Move, he'd have to wait until his DEX rank comes up and then act before he uses his MP. That helps keep things balanced. I've run it pretty much this way since the BBB; as Pattern Ghost pointed out, unless the mentalist has an Ego score significantly higher than the average Dexterity of the campaign, it really has little effect on the flow of combat.
  23. Afraid not. You'd have to buy a +1 "Does Body" Advantage for it for that. Still, as I indicated above, an 6d6 EB BOECV, Does Body will cost 90 Active Points, while a 6d6 Ego Attack, Does Body will cost 120. BOECV attacks are also automatically Visible, don't grant Mental Awareness for free, and may not affect Desolidified characters depending on the SFX of the Power.
  24. Let me just weigh in briefly on BOECV compared to Ego Attack: I've always considered it valid to weigh how an Advantage is going to interact with other Advantages when determining how much it should cost. Yes, Ego Attack would give several benefits over an EB BOECV of the same Damage Class; but every Power Advantage you take on the BOECV attack subsequently (Reduced END, AoE, Does Body, etc.) is going to cost half as much as it would if applied to Ego Attack. It may not balance perfectly, but for me it's close enough.
  25. I suspect that part of the rationale for the Skill Levels being costed this way is to make them function uniformly across the board, rather than creating exceptions based on relative costs of Characteristics, which would make for more complexity and confusion. After all, they're the same rate for Agility Skills which are based on a far more expensive Characteristic, or for categories of Background Skills which may not use a Characteristic at all and can be bought at a cheaper initial level. While I wouldn't try to dissuade a GM who wants to allow a "tight group" of Skills that 3-point levels apply to, to my mind the benefits of the 5-pointer in other cases balance out any drawbacks to Intellect and Interaction Skills in the context of the game as a whole, such that I would not want to make exceptions myself. BTW for what it's worth, according to the FAQ a 5-point Skill Level with INT-based rolls would apply to Perception Rolls as well.
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