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  1. "Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." - Stephen King
  2. MCU Dr. Strange really stepped up his game from his origin movie, and is now almost on par with his comic-book analogue. And a lot of people who watched Infinity War were impressed. I'd say his next solo film has a good shot at joining the billion-dollar b.o. club.
  3. There's really no place in that world that doesn't suck in some way.
  4. I remember that too. Frankly, I always found it a little odd that SHIELD took nearly 70 years to try to harness the Tesseract's power if they possessed it all that time, especially considering they had all that confiscated Hydra weaponry we saw in the first Avengers movie. The idea that it moved around some over the years seems more reasonable.
  5. When I was a young child, a willow tree in my local park had to be cut down to a stump. But a new tree sprouted from it. As it matured children would climb on it, which resulted in the tree growing increasingly bent over. Ironically, that only made the tree ever more perfect and desirable to climb. The city put steel poles under it to help brace it, but ultimately it couldn't be saved, so they chopped it up completely. But it still lives in the memories of generations, and of course in photos.
  6. To be fair, we haven't firmly established at this point whether these two 737 crashes have the same cause, although that's looking more likely; and even if they do, whether the fault is with the MCAS system, the pilot, both, or neither.
  7. A while back I posted a suggestion for how to translate the current political/social climate in the United States into something suitable for use in a Champions campaign, without having to use real personages or party ideologies: The Sutherland Presidency.
  8. Okay, I have to ask... is that a real fish, or a sculpture of some sort? Either way it's remarkable.
  9. I can respect that view. OTOH one can look at that extended history as a deepened source of inspiration for characters and plots. For example, I often find myself serving as a kind of CU "lore consultant" for the Champions Online role-playing community who find it appealing to build from the precedents established for the setting. A couple of those consultations stand out in my mind, as they produced modern-day Champs PCs rooted in the prehistory of the setting: At his height, during the Turakian Age, Kilbern Skyfather was the chief of the gods, but bound most of his power into his sword Auralia in order to seal the tomb of Takofanes the Undying. He'd retired to a quiet corner of Elysium, slowly losing power as his worshipers died out... Then, in 1987, the Tomb was opened. Kilbern could feel the disturbance as Auralia was removed and the Lich-King's tomb opened. He spent most of his remaining power crossing the Elysian fields against the wishes of the other gods there, leaving him weak enough to evade the Ban. He manifested directly on Earth, but with only the power of a beginning superhero. Now he strives to become famous enough (the modern equivalent of worship) to gain the power to defeat Takofanes permanently. And here's another one: Once, she ruled an empire. Viviane the Abyzinian was born to the common folk of that empire, her magical abilities untapped until the day she discovered a lost relic of an ancient age - a mystical gauntlet clutching a magically-preserved skull; both had belonged to the Turakian wizard-king Ansgar the Twice-Lived. The latent magic she possessed was enough to rouse the King of Khrisulia's spirit, and the ancient wizard's relic combined with his tutelage made Viviane the greatest sorceress Abyzinia had seen in generations. She ascended the throne, but though she ruled wisely and was beloved by the common folk of the Empire, the nobles took offense at her 'staining' the throne with her common blood. Besieged on all sides, she was forced to turn to the demonic powers she had sought to avoid to protect her reign - and in the end the sacrifice doomed her. Betrayed and defeated, she was dragged away into Hell. For millennia uncounted she was imprisoned in that dark realm, her power broken and her spirit with it; only Ansgar's company kept her from going completely mad and surrendering to the darkness and evil that surrounded her. Time disappeared. The world changed. Then, one day, Ansgar spoke to his companion with horror that not even Hell could bring. Something had stirred across the cosmos, a darkness thought long-sealed had awoken. Kal-Turak the Ravager of Men had been loosed once more, into an age unprepared to face his wickedness - but his awakening also served as a beacon for the other lich to follow. Though it took decades, he was able to guide Viviane back to the mortal realm... ..and beneath a bloody moon on Halloween of 2018, the Last Witch-Queen of Abyzinia and her Turakian counselor collapsed through the realms into a world neither recognized.... Rather like the infamous Prime Directive of the Star Trek universe, what may at first seem like a liability can be turned into an asset, depending on how you look at it.
  10. Once again, guys make fools of themselves over a pretty face.
  11. Honestly, the "magic" thing isn't an important enough issue for me to need or want to debate it further. I stated my case, and don't mind at all if someone disagrees with it.
  12. I believe it's fair to point out that this is Brie Larson's first foray into this character, and this genre. Not everyone in these franchises hits it out of the park on their first try. Chris Evans didn't get a firm handle on how to play Steve Rogers until Winter Soldier. Chris Hemsworth took until Ragnarok to find an interpretation of Thor that seemed to connect with most moviegoers. (Not one I personally liked, but that's beside the point.) For my part, I'm willing to give Larson some time to see if she grows into the role.
  13. He's gonna stay thirsty if he keeps leaking like that.
  14. You can go to Jason's profile, and click on the Message button: https://www.herogames.com/forums/profile/23412-jason-swalters/
  15. For my part, the pacing was one of the things that made the series boring to me. I'm finally getting interested, because the series is at last coming to a head. I can look forward to stuff getting to the point in the foreseeable future. But I know most folks weren't watching the series for that, and I respect it.
  16. Hey, it wouldn't have been my first choice either. But I don't have a fundamental problem with it. I suspect Steve didn't expect so many other people would. I'm fine with agreeing to disagree on this issue, if you are.
  17. No shade thrown at PamelaIsley, of course she should modify the official setting in any way that makes it more fun for her to play in. Steve Long himself has written as much. But re magic underpinning the rise of superpowers, in the context of the modern era, that's just an enabling device to explain how the world could progress for centuries pretty much as in real life, and then one days supers start popping up (that day being analogous to when the first comic-book superhero debuted in the real world). Supertech, mutant powers, ch'i-fueled martial arts, aren't "magic" themselves -- magic just loosens the laws of physics enough for them to manifest. (Let's face it, comics break real physics every issue.) If every time "magic" as the reason for super powers appeared in print, you scratched it out, and wrote in your preferred causative force -- cosmic energy, quantum flux, dimensional instability, whatever -- the rest of the setting would roll on pretty much the same. IME the main problem most gamers have who express distaste for that explanation, is that they have strong personal preconceptions as to what magic "really" is (which is an amusing notion in itself).
  18. It's "Karadonna," but I'm unable to locate it for sale in the Hero website store or anywhere else on the Internet. I would suggest sending a Private Message to Jason Walters asking about its current status.
  19. No, I was the one who brought up hair. Given the average age of us forumites, I should have known better.
  20. This thread didn't drift, it rode a tsunami.
  21. In that case, I'll add that while Angelstone Laboratories as written has no particular anti-superhero agenda, and is often consulted by heroes (due to its excellent expertise in many fields), CCC p. 11 mentions that Angelstone's Superhuman Studies Division "has done contracted research for the Institute for Human Advancement in the past, making some superheroes suspicious of it."
  22. As a corollary to the Angelstone Laboratories rundown above, Cops, Crews, And Cabals p. 7 points out that its main rivals are "defense contractors and think tanks of similar size," and mentions three particular examples: National Applied Research Inc., NovaSolutions Worldwide, and the Silverbrook Corporation. The first of those is a subsidiary of Advanced Concepts Industries, Franklin Stone's corporation; while the last is a front for ARGENT. But NovaSolutions Worldwide receives no further elaboration, in that book or any other AFAIK. If you wanted to create a group tailored to your precise intentions that still fits in the official CU, that would seem a good jumping-off point.
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