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  1. There have been a few such mechanics developed in Hero over the years, particularly for 4E. Champions in 3-D includes "Horror World" by Allen Varney, which introduced a sanity-draining effect in the presence of Lovecraftian monsters. It's run as a cumulative Transform, Linked to a successful Presence Attack by the monsters. Horror Hero: Endless Nightmares greatly expands on the long-term effects of Presence Attacks, including modifiers for Stress, i.e. being in an inherently stressful environment/situation for an extended period. When 5E came out Steve Long wrote The HERO System Genre By Genre, a free PDF exploring conventions for various genres of RPG. The brief Horror description includes a simple optional "Sanity" Figured Characteristic, showing how it might be "damaged" and recovered. However, what dekrass is asking for sounds most like an "ambient" Transform, inherent to a particular time and place. The last official description of such an effect in Hero I can remember is in The Mystic World by Dean Shomshak. That book includes an outline of a universe called "the Shining Darkness," antithetical to life from a "positive" universe such as ours. Being in the Shining Darkness would gradually Transform a visitor into one of its inhabitants, with the progress of the transformation increasingly noticeable. The Transform would begin to "heal back" once visitors left that dimension.
  2. Don't have time for details right now, but a few thoughts: It strikes me that the defining principle for your religion should be, Commonwealth. Everyone cooperates for the greater advancement of the whole, through opportunities for individuals to progress and enrich themselves, but with the expectation they would in turn give back to the community. Second, with the emphasis on government and church involvement in the practical aspects of society, the divine organization might resemble the celestial bureaucracy of Chinese folk religion, with all the gods having defined functions and reporting to superiors. Third, the supreme deity would probably be defined as a master of all skills and crafts, since innovation and practicality are highly valued. Rather like the Irish god Lugh. A god or gods of commerce would likely also be very prominent. More later.
  3. If all we ever got was those few scenes of the kaiju from the trailers, I would say Western film makers have contributed to the genre.
  4. A story has been making the rounds which may be apocryphal, being attributed to "unnamed sources within the Trump administration." Reputedly, when Republican Congressional leaders expressed concerns to the President over the future ballooning national debt resulting from his tax cuts combined with increased spending, Trump is said to have replied: "I won't be here." Again, that may not be true, but it would be consistent with the attitude Trump's displayed to date. If it doesn't directly affect him, it doesn't concern him.
  5. I don't believe this situation is due to funding for the wall. I believe it's the cumulative result of a long list of moves by President Trump which a significant number of the public, experts, and the country's leadership -- if not the majority -- believe to have been misguided and dangerous. It's about Congress exercising its Constitutional duty to balance the authority and actions of the Executive branch. If the fight hadn't been picked over the border wall, it would have been something else. This is just the first issue the new Democratic House has been in a position to oppose, and the one Trump has chosen to make his stand.
  6. A declaration of National Emergency is not like dealing with other emergencies. A state of National Emergency grants the President broad powers to act without following the usual legislative and legal procedures. The National Emergencies Act of 1976 was enacted to place limitations on the President's emergency powers; but it requires Congress to vote to do so.
  7. Like all of his moves as President, this one is calculated to please his base of support and the conservative pundits he listens to. Even if it ultimately fails, he'll be able to claim he did everything he could to make his wall happen. And then most likely blame Democrats, disloyal Republicans, the news media, and anyone else he can think of, as he has before.
  8. Money and politics, as usual, are inextricably linked here. The President is attempting to bypass Congress's Constitutionally-appointed responsibility for government financial expenditures, which sets a dangerous precedent. Whether the reasons for other "national emergencies" were "relatively minor" or not, no previous President has attempted to declare one over such strenuous Congressional objections. The precedent is one that deeply worries Republicans, as well. If a Republican President can successfully declare a national emergency over immigration in the face of Congressional opposition, what's to stop a future Democratic President from declaring one over climate change? Or gun control? Or any other issue Republicans don't agree with? In any event, the case is already bound for the courts. I expect most lower courts to deny Trump's desire, but the real test will be when it makes its way to the Supreme Court. Then we'll see whether or not the current SCOTUS suffers from more than the usual partisan divisions. Regardless, we have months of gnashing of teeth ahead of us.
  9. Another consideration would be, what happens to existing factions on Malva who have long been sidelined due to general lack of interest in what they stand for? For example, let's take the followers of Ralathurion, the ancient Malvan fire-religion which maintains the Furnace of the First Ones in their Grand Temple, and reveres Firewing as a divine avatar. Might larger numbers of Malvans turn to religion to find purpose in their lives? Perhaps try to overthrow the Phazor and establish a fundamentalist theocracy, maybe with Firewing as their leader (or figurehead)? Even start a galactic jihad? And what role might the Wisdom Stones play? With more Malvans desiring to do something positive, perhaps the Stones would consider the race worthy of their attention and involvement again, and recruit agents to carry out missions for some larger purpose. One that might involve Earth.
  10. Looking at those official Malvans who had already become more motivated, such as Firewing, Athulos Starheart, Tateklys, Telxaxares, we can see a wide range of motivations and activities. It's quite possible that such a gradual "awakening" might merely introduce an increasing number of random, chaotic wild cards into the galaxy. OTOH Durzan Malakim raises a far scarier prospect. Once the Malvans realize what the Elder Worm did to them, some of them may be of a mind to continue their genocidal vengeance against the species. Not only do humans possess Worm DNA; the last supreme ruler of the Elder Worm, the Slug, is alive on Earth.Considering that one front-line Malvan warship can devastate an entire fleet of less-advanced ships, and purge whole worlds of life, it wouldn't take many vengeful Malvans to pose a deadly threat to Earth.
  11. I always thought the Huntsman of the Black Forest from EE was a solid concept, and a decent design for the role he was supposed to play, with the caveat of the usual EE mechanical and math problems. Also easy to justify inserting into any adventure or campaign taking place in Europe.
  12. Joker pays really well. His recruitment pitch probably also includes something along the lines of, "Be in on my jokes, or be the butt of them." Extremely threatening in context.
  13. Along those lines, the Producer from Strike Force (3E and 6E versions), with his android duplicates of celebrities, movie stars, and famous monsters, and penchant for recreating famous pop-culture scenes, could team up with the Director and his crew.
  14. Throw in Insectoid from Escape from Stronghold, and you'd have... well, an argument for a REALLY big bug-zapper.
  15. Passing on a request emailed me by our esteemed Dean Shomshak: LL: AOHell is refusing to load the forum reply field today, so could you please post this to the politics thread? I'd like it posted before the discussion moves on too far. Re: Pariah's incredulity on supposed Originalists blatantly violating the Establishment clause: As I've posted before, some legal scholars think Originalism was always a fraud. But this is a different argument. To many Evangelicals, the SCOTUS did make an Originalist ruling. Here I can actually speak from something close to personal experience, based on the chain email rants my conservative uncle in Texas used to forward me. One perennial was the list of supposed quotes by Founding Fathers about how the USA was Christian, Christian, only and fundamentally Christian, and so all those secular liberals needed to "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" (Sic; and not just in caps, but in extra-large font.) How to reconcile this with the Establishment Clause? Ah, the Founders intent was only that Congress could not establish one Christian sect above others. I have not personally read any Evangelical celebrations of this ruling. I think it is a plausible speculation, though, that many will celebrate it as tacit acknowledgement of "Christian America." Dean Shomshak
  16. What I did like about the 2E Deathstroke module, was the concept of the philosophy behind their organizational recruitment, "government by crooks who are at least honest about it." I always wished someone had done more with that. In today's political climate especially, I could see that actually having some appeal.
  17. For Enchanted Items, there's a review on this thread: https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/58806-enchanted-items/
  18. Not what you want to see when you look over your head.
  19. Hermit, your point is valid; but the people who are cheering this decision are very often also highly motivated to keep that demographic from changing as you anticipate, by whatever draconian measures are necessary.They won't accept that their efforts are inevitably doomed to failure in the long term.
  20. By any chance, have you looked at the 6E Wondrous Treasure PDFs? https://www.herogames.com/forums/search/?q="wondrous treasure"&type=nexus_package_item&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy If you have no objection to using 5E, there's always the official Enchanted Items: https://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/229-enchanted-items-pdf/
  21. Binder, Slick, and Blackstar are largely unchanged from their earlier incarnations. Cyclone, Thunderbolt, Radium, and Orion were never Ultimates. Instead, they had Charger (similar in some ways to Thunderbolt), and Plasmoid, a powerful alien artificial life-form made up of energy fields. Plasmoid's programming had been scrambled in its journey across space, leaving it largely purposeless and random; but for some reason it was willing to follow Binder's orders (most of the time). Enemies Assemble (a later published collection of supervillain teams) updated and modified the Ultimates. Due to an accident involving Plasmoid, Binder's intellect was vastly expanded. He devised a full powered-armor suit employing force-field weapons, and took to calling himself the Ultimate Mastermind. Meanwhile Charger's health had deteriorated, requiring an extensive life-support suit, but his power increased as a result, leading to a name change to Supercharger.
  22. It's classy of you to acknowledge that. OTOH "I told you so" would not only be petty, but bring no satisfaction whatsoever.
  23. You can have it for a song from the Hero store: See, when you titled the thread, "Classic/Eighties Champions Villains," we all assumed you were asking for suggestions from that era, not this millennium. However, BoloOfEarth's suggestion of Road Kill does raise the possibility of conflict with other singer-supers. Sapphire of the Champions is an obvious choice; but the Teen Dream (Teen Champions) could involve your characters in the schemes of Teleios. Or maybe a gig at the trendy club, the Minefield (Vibora Bay) could draw them into the demonic doings there.
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