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  1. FenrisUlf

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    Who ever knew mice were into reefer?
  2. FenrisUlf

    Non-canon COTN outtake

    Great to see some information at long last on the Northern Guard. Glancing through it did leave me wondering how to make some of those powers the various characters had.
  3. FenrisUlf

    'Everyone Fears Me', how do I make that disadvantage

    Thanks to everyone who responded here with the advice.
  4. I was just looking at another potential character. They're a empath who can control and inflict one single emotion, fear. The problem is they can't turn it off entirely and as a result people react badly to them because they're afraid of them, even if they don't know why. Since this doesn't help, it only hinders, I was wondering how best to handle it -- as Distinctive Features: Everyone Fears Me, or as a Social Limitation? Or is it both? Thanks for any help
  5. FenrisUlf

    Today's Dumb Criminal Story ...

    How else could she learn if her research was any good?
  6. FenrisUlf

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    So is the Halloween Special one available now or is it coming soon?
  7. FenrisUlf

    How do I make these two powers?

    Thanks Csyphrett, and thank you everyone else as well.
  8. FenrisUlf

    How do I make these two powers?

    I mostly saw the power as affecting people who got their movement powers from Kelvarite if that's still in the game. So it probably wouldn't affect magical teleports or supertech ones. I didn't mention that before because firstly, I'm really tired right now and secondly, I thought it would make things needlessly complicated
  9. FenrisUlf

    How do I make these two powers?

    'To him' as in 'you try to teleport up to him to hit him or otherwise attack or grab him'. 'Away from him' as in you use teleport to try and run away, or just get away from him when he's trying to hit you. I was thinking of it as being like a black hole that affects teleporters; pass close by in a teleport and he can force you to appear where he wants you to appear, which is usually right in front of him.
  10. FenrisUlf

    How do I make these two powers?

    I was thinking of some new character ideas and came up with two powers I'd like to try. The thing is, I'm stuck for how to make them. First is someone who can affect teleporters by 'pulling' them to him. If you try to teleport him, to him, or away from him, he is able to redirect the teleport (probably by a Trigger effect, it just happens whether or not he was about to use it) so you end up right in front of him and ready for a punch. Any ideas on how to do that? I was thinking maybe some sort of Triggered teleport, activated when someone uses teleportation nearby, that drops you right next to the guy? The other is a telepath with an Ego Attack and a Mind Link to their teammates. They can use the Ego Attack through the Mind Link against someone attacking their teammates. To an unwary onlooker, the attack seems to come from the person being attacked. Again, ay ideas on how to do that? One more thing -- I mostly use the 5th edition of the game. I hope that's not too big of a problem.
  11. FenrisUlf

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    I forget, what book was the Ghoul in? I swear I remember him from 'Invasions from Below', but none of what I'm hearing here sounds like it came from that book.
  12. I suppose this will work here -- can anyone tell me if the horrid stories I've heard about the new 'Titans' trailer are accurate? I mean, Starfire kills people like she was the Punisher and Dove yanks a guy's limbs off?
  13. FenrisUlf

    Unable to download purchase

    Thanks, will do.
  14. FenrisUlf

    Unable to download purchase

    I just paid for Digital Hero #10 and for some reason I'm not getting a link to download it. May I please get that link?