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  1. phydaux

    How Many Focus Do Your Characters Use?

    Back in the day I used foci all the time. Nearly every PC had at least a few powers linked to a focus. Then the Breakable rule was introduced. Now the guy in Power Armor takes a single point of Body, and WHAM he is POWERLESS. Nowdays I take OIHID.
  2. phydaux

    Reduced Endurance

    "The secret compartment of my ring I fill with an Underdog Super Energy Pill."
  3. phydaux

    Villain power opinion

    It has been literally decades since I've seen a PC that didn't have PD=ED.
  4. phydaux

    Villain power opinion

    Energy RKA No Range
  5. phydaux

    Idea for an adventure

    A little too dark for my tastes. Not that I like campy. I'm more of a Bronze Age guy. But that is WAY PAST Iron Age.
  6. Yeah, the print got smaller. THAT'S what happened. /scarcasm
  7. And there is WAY too much sex & underage drinking for Super Powereds to be YA. Heck, the main character in Wearing the Cape can't even THINK about sex without blushing, and only drinks champagne at charity fundraisers if her Mom says it's OK. In Super Powereds the characters play drinking games in their living room "pre-gaming" before taking their fake IDs to dance club, play Truth or Dare, and many of the characters, male and female, are total sex hounds.
  8. Resurrecting this thread to tout this. I'm half way through Year 3, and I'll polish off Corpies before I read Year 4.
  9. It all comes down to the "crunchyness" of the Hero system. When you build your PC you know EXACTLY what your character can do. Unfortunately, you ALSO know what your character CAN'T do. For some of us, it is the reason we love the system but a lot of players just HATE being restricted in any way. I can literally hear in my mind this player taking to the GM, because I have been that GM and have had players like that talk to me: "His powers are lizard-based, so he looks like a lizard. But not SO MUCH like a lizard that if he went out in public people would notice, so he doesn't get any negative modifiers to his social interactions. But he DOES GET bonuses to his PRE Attacks & Intimidation skill rolls because he looks like a lizard. And he can be super strong. He can be just as strong as a PC who was built to ONLY be super strong. But he can ALSO be super fast if he wants to be, just as fast as a speed-based character, only he won't be AS strong then, but he can still be super fast AND lift a tank over his head if he needs to. He gets around by Super Leaping but he can ALSO Cling, AND Swing, and Glide...."
  10. I only rarely let even experienced players run a VPP. The game gets bogged down as they try to do the math to see how many abilities they can pull off at the same time, frantically pulling meaningless power disadvantages out of thin air.
  11. The guy, being new to the system, wants to play a "comic book" character, while Champions is a "superhero" RPG. In comics, powers are very poorly defined. This is intentional. It lets the "title" hero be very strong one month and just not quite strong enough the month after that. It also lets the title hero have whatever power that happen to need just when they need it. Think Batman '66's Utility Belt, or Superman's Super Knitting. So while comic books work that way, Champions DOSN'T.
  12. phydaux

    What sources do you base your sf universes on?

    Classic Traveller covered it all for me. Plus you've got to love a game system where your PC can die during character creation.
  13. phydaux

    'Everyone Fears Me', how do I make that disadvantage

    Reputation? Although Distinctive Feature probably does it best. Combination of the two?
  14. phydaux

    First 6e Game (After a LONG HERO Hiatus...)!

    In a fantasy setting you can have spells or monsters that age the character.
  15. phydaux

    Plot Ideas

    OK, now that I've actually READ the thread, this all sounds like the Netflix series The Good Place, where a Professor of Moral Philosophy constantly uses various arguments from ethics & moral philosophy to get Kristen Bell to be good when all she wants to do is be naughty. And IMO anyone trying to get Kristen Bell to NOT be naughty when she REALLY wants to be deserves to have chipped puppies splashed on them.