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  1. Mister E

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    The larger the number of dice, the more random.
  2. Mister E

    Days Won

    Lucius: 13 days won.
  3. Sisyphus was all about existence. Longevity. Cheating death. I imagine him happy.
  4. Mister E

    Days Won

    Old Man: 301 days won.
  5. Mister E

    HERO master

    Yes. I played in a game where we could only advance if we succeeded. Call Of Chthulu.
  6. Mister E

    Days Won

    "You last won the day on March 26, 2017" 6 What you got?
  7. Who would win in a fight: One Punch Man (Saitama) or Thanos (w/ the Infinity Gauntlet). ?
  8. Mister E

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    I miss the old City Of Heroes costume generator.
  9. Mister E

    What happens when a combat precog runs out of options?

    This exact scenario happened to a precog in "DV8" the old Image comic book. It taxed the precog until she burned out, allowing the enemy to learn the limits of her powers.
  10. Mister E

    Scarecrow: Need a twist

    A genius logician who is a master at successfully employing straw man arguments to achieve tactical advantages & commit crimes. A virtuoso at bearing false witness against heroes. Extremely mocking. Extraordinary impersonation skills.
  11. Make all PCs have the same Speed. It's just easier that way. YMMV
  12. Mister E

    Emotion vampirism ?

    If you can sustain yourself on something other than food that is a form of Life Support. If feeding on emotions is meant to exactly replace feeding on food, no points. Compare to toggling from breathing air to breathing water.
  13. Mister E

    Comic Oddities

    Look, mom! No hands!