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  1. Mister E

    Creating/Materializing Weapons

    How many swords can you make in an hour? This is extraordinary weaponsmithery.
  2. Missing hit locations ought to cost something. How would you build it? Some kind of localized Always On Desolid? A new form of Automaton Power?
  3. Mister E

    Critical Hits in the Hero System

    The larger the number of dice, the more random.
  4. Mister E

    Days Won

    Lucius: 13 days won.
  5. Sisyphus was all about existence. Longevity. Cheating death. I imagine him happy.
  6. Mister E

    Days Won

    Old Man: 301 days won.
  7. Mister E

    HERO master

    Yes. I played in a game where we could only advance if we succeeded. Call Of Chthulu.
  8. Mister E

    Days Won

    "You last won the day on March 26, 2017" 6 What you got?
  9. Who would win in a fight: One Punch Man (Saitama) or Thanos (w/ the Infinity Gauntlet). ?
  10. Mister E

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    I miss the old City Of Heroes costume generator.
  11. Mister E

    What happens when a combat precog runs out of options?

    This exact scenario happened to a precog in "DV8" the old Image comic book. It taxed the precog until she burned out, allowing the enemy to learn the limits of her powers.
  12. Mister E

    Scarecrow: Need a twist

    A genius logician who is a master at successfully employing straw man arguments to achieve tactical advantages & commit crimes. A virtuoso at bearing false witness against heroes. Extremely mocking. Extraordinary impersonation skills.
  13. Make all PCs have the same Speed. It's just easier that way. YMMV