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  1. Mister E

    A DC Animated-style HeroMachine

    I miss the old City Of Heroes costume generator.
  2. Mister E

    What happens when a combat precog runs out of options?

    This exact scenario happened to a precog in "DV8" the old Image comic book. It taxed the precog until she burned out, allowing the enemy to learn the limits of her powers.
  3. Mister E

    Scarecrow: Need a twist

    A genius logician who is a master at successfully employing straw man arguments to achieve tactical advantages & commit crimes. A virtuoso at bearing false witness against heroes. Extremely mocking. Extraordinary impersonation skills.
  4. Make all PCs have the same Speed. It's just easier that way. YMMV
  5. Mister E

    Emotion vampirism ?

    If you can sustain yourself on something other than food that is a form of Life Support. If feeding on emotions is meant to exactly replace feeding on food, no points. Compare to toggling from breathing air to breathing water.
  6. Mister E

    Comic Oddities

    Look, mom! No hands!
  7. Mister E

    Training Mundane Animals

    No xp is required. It is an ingame thing.
  8. Mister E

    Similarities and Differences between Gnomes and Halflings?

    Halflings (Hobbits) are the most like humans if all the demihumans. They can be both Reincarnated & Resurrected. Tend to be over weight. Lives w/in civilized lands. Very predictable. Good at throwing things. Stealthy. A new race not known by all other races. Hairy feet. Cooking is a big deal. Gnomes (Smurfs) live in the wilderness. They are elemental. Wise. Great illusionists & tricksters. The smallest of the demihumans. Biggest noses. Gemcutting is a big deal. Talking to animals is huge. I think they might only Reincarnate. The souls/spirits of both halflings & gnomes often go to Bitopia (the Twin Paradises) when they die -- a celestial outer plane between the Seven Heavens (LG) & Elysium (NG).
  9. During Obama gun sales were way up because of the fear that the government was coming for your guns. With 45 as president gun sales have dropped sharply because the people who were scared of Obama are not worried about 45. That & they already bought so many. So now the new fear that is replacing the old fear is of the mythical radical left antifa. Marketing.
  10. In accordance with prophecy.
  11. Mister E

    The duct tape of...TOMORRROOOW!!!

    Robot towels tasked with coming up w/ new uses for themselves.
  12. Mister E

    I challenge you!

    Ice cream. Warren Beatty vs. Robert Wagner