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  1. Steve

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Bolo's tale reminded me of an incident with an unlucky player in a Spacemaster campaign I ran about twenty-five years ago. The group was a bunch of mercenaries working for House Devon who came across another bunch of mercenaries working for House Colos. During the ensuing firefight, one of the players grabbed a blaster rifle off a dead Colosian (because it was quicker than reloading his own weapon, as I recall). His first shot was a fumble, and the Spacemaster fumble chart result was that it was a dead power pack. He then grabs a second rifle and promptly rolls another fumble with the same dead power pack result coming up again. The player's next words were totally in character, "Cheapjack Colosian s**t" as he tossed the defective weapon aside and finally got a working weapon to keep shooting with. After that, I wrote it into the campaign that Colosian-made weaponry had a reputation among soldiers as being poorly-made junk that couldn't hold a power pack charge.
  2. I'd back it for a Hero version.
  3. Steve

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    You might also take a look at the old Underworld Enemies book. As I recall, there were horror type villains in it.
  4. Steve

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    That statement raises an interesting point. How far can you stray from them their Japanese roots until they no longer feel like the Sailor Senshi? The West Coast might be more advantageous in its having more Japanese in its history than the East Coast, so Bay City and San Angelo might need less work to adapt for that reason. San Angelo even has the Dragon's Gate area which could easily house places like a Shinto shrine.
  5. Steve

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Ah, I thought I wasn't remembering it right, but I wasn't sure. Yes, those three rolls would have made a fine start to a D&D character, but were horrible for Hero System rolls.
  6. I was running my Champions campaign last night. The PCs had travelled to Malva to rescue superhumans taken for the gladiatorial games. During the course of the night, they ended up on board one of the Malvan Worldships, a miles-long warship, and got into a fight with the AI soldiers on board. Dread, the PC in question, has a hand-to-hand AOE (One Hex-Accurate) and attacked a couple of the AI soldiers. The final attack roll was an 18. Then the PC's next roll, an Acrobatics roll as I recall, was an 18 as well. I don't think I've ever seen back-to-back 18s in a gaming session before, and I've been playing for over 35 years. The unluck was strong with this player last night.
  7. Steve

    Champions Now Information

    I found the ancient Heromaker software available for download from archive.org, so you might be able to do 1st-3rd edition characters using it.
  8. They just need to buy one or two levels of Combat Luck. It's Hardened and Impenetrable so makes a nice addition to any hero's defenses. One PC in my current campaign had a small amount of body armor and SIX LEVELS of Combat Luck.
  9. Steve

    Is San Angelo suitable for the Sailor Senshi?

    I'm afraid I'm not seeing how it would be hard to remove supers from the city. Could you elaborate on that? Maybe the local supers existed in the past but are no longer active and no new supers have arisen to replace them? This would leave an opening for a new team of supers to appear (the Sailor Scouts).
  10. Steve

    What about Bay City for the Sailor Senshi?

    If you are looking for a pretty detailed West Coast city, why not use San Angelo by Gold Rush Games?
  11. Steve

    Foswell Syndrome

    I'm not a psychiatrist either, but it seems like it would be a delusion with a specific set of boundaries. If you think you're living inside a comic book, how would you act? Maybe the wackier, less lethal Silver Age version of the Joker could have this condition.
  12. Steve

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    Could you tell me where he was written up for 5th? I thought he was dropped from continuity when 5th Ed came out.
  13. Steve

    Head Hit Locations.

    I've always viewed it like how Vanguard does, going from the top of the head as 3, middle of the head as 4 and down to the neck as being location 5.
  14. Steve

    Five Nights At Freddy’s

    Huh. No one has posted to this forum at all since I posted this. I guess I drove everyone away from posting any Monster Hunter-related stuff?
  15. Steve

    Foswell Syndrome

    Naming it after the secret ID of Foxbat just seemed to make more dramatic sense to me, so I was thinking about it in terms of using a famous person's name. Once Foxbat is captured and unmasked, I can only imagine his case becoming pretty famous.