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  1. Steve

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    Something I came across in my picture browsing. It's more Urban Fantasy Hero than Champions though.
  2. Steve

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    Another background element of the campaign is the region officially known as North Las Vegas but is more commonly known by the locals as Neverland. North Las Vegas boasts a population approaching 250,000 as of 2018, but a significant portion of that population is inhuman: former denizens of Faerie, renegades from one of the various Netherworlds, at least one coterie of vampires, scattered Fae-blooded humans, Witchbreed (the campaign's name for mutants) and also an assortment of shamans, sorcerers and wizards. It is arguably one of the largest concentrations of such beings in the United States, estimated at one or two percent of the total population (although it could be higher). While there are a very few powerful enough to participate in the Superhuman World, most are not that powerful and even many of the most powerful among them don’t bother. Neverland is also a hodgepodge of the rich and well-off mixed with a few slums where the local police avoid going unless absolutely necessary, giving PRIMUS control of them and letting them deal with any crimes that occur there. Due to the current state of the law, those who are not of human descent have few rights. Witchbreed and Fae-blooded, being of provable human descent with a simple blood test, receive rights equal to that of an ordinary human. Vampires, while also receiving human rights (and there is even one working for the local branch of PRIMUS), are somewhat more limited in those rights as the laws are still in flux regarding their “undead person” status and they are watched closely. They are also supposed to register their whereabouts in a similar fashion to Megan’s Law, but it is not enforced very heavily. So-called “anthros” range from actual furred humanoids to those appearing otherwise human except for some minor animalistic features such as ears, a tail, or facial features, and those that can prove human heritage with a simple blood test are granted human rights. Netherworld escapees and Fae have no real rights, and they are not considered “persons” as far as the law goes. Some countries have afforded the Fae more rights than they will see in the United States in the foreseeable future. While rarer, talking animals also fall into this category, and feral groupings of such creatures, even those that are pretty harmless to humans, are considered pests that can be exterminated if they become a nuisance. Feral pixies also fall in this category, being faeries of below-human intelligence and small size (about the size of a Barbie/Ken doll with insect-like wings) that breed like rats and have minor magical abilities. Because of the legal status of the Fae, while not technically brothels, so-called glamour clubs can be found in Neverland and other regions of Las Vegas. They utilize weaker faeries such as nymphs as “hostesses” for the entertainment of their guests. Because they are not considered “persons” in the eyes of the law, they can be owned and treated like property, and some receive quite cruel treatment from club management. They are kept under control using enchanted collars that any half-decent street wizard can make. So-called “glamour girls” are even available for sale in stores carrying Faerie-made products to private individuals. Roaming gangs of orcs, orc/human mixes and even the occasional ogre make up a portion of the street gang problem in some of the worst sections of Neverland. They are also involved in dealing drugs, including some imported concoctions from Faerie.
  3. If a character is struck and the hit location is rolled for, what happens if the rolled hit location is missing or desolid? Does the attack miss completely, the GM changes the location or is the location re-rolled? Example: Character A is in a fight but their left arm is desolid or missing. The left hand is what comes up after rolling for location. Does the attack miss completely, is it shifted to the right hand instead, or is the side not even rolled for and a hand location automatically becomes the right hand?
  4. Steve

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have it in my collection and will take a look at it.
  5. Steve

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    Do you have any campaign notes somewhere I might peruse? I'm already incorporating ideas from the WoD supplement Fallen Tower: Las Vegas and The Twilight Horizon for Shadowrun. Adding magic to Las Vegas is proving to be amazingly easy. I'm wondering why I never tried setting up a campaign there before.
  6. Steve

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    One of the things I am importing into Las Vegas from elsewhere in the CU is the Card Shark organization. I am currently considering the Vegas group as a franchise operation from the Hudson City main group. Their gambling theme seems like a great match to Las Vegas to me. Since VIPER only has a Minor Nest, this also gives me another costumed group to work with.
  7. Steve

    Las Vegas - Champions Universe

    That was the only one I was aware of too, which might explain why there aren’t any superteams in the city. There is a mention of Las Vegas in the 5th Edition’s VIPER supplement as having a Minor Nest there, but I thought there might be more in other books. Has anyone ever played in or GMed a campaign there?
  8. I have a new campaign getting going in the next few months that I'm going to set in Las Vegas, and I was wondering what supplements for either Hero System or the Champions Universe discuss that particular city and its superhuman or supernatural subcultures. I don't mind brewing up my own stuff, but I'd like to try and incorporate as much existing material as I can.
  9. Steve

    We lost a good one.....

    I'm shocked to hear this. I always enjoyed his contributions to the forums. I would echo others that offering it as an auction item on Ebay is probably the best way to keep it together, but I'm not sure if you will be able to find a buyer for the entire collection unless it is discounted. Donating the money to a charity in his name is a good idea.
  10. Steve

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    You can find this discussed in Urban Fantasy Hero.
  11. Steve

    The Sutherland Presidency

    Actually, that particular element wasn't. I was originally considering Franklin Stone (also from CV1) to be the President, but Invictus worked out much, much better in the role. His Century Corps is also a great way to annoy PCs from numerous directions. My original plan was just to have the PCs rescue the Senators, gaining the team numerous allies in congress. Now they are considering how to act against a sitting President who wants to conquer the world. The PCs are currently poised to take to the world stage as Earth's preeminent superteam, chartered by the UN, although they are being pressured to increase their membership with various superhumans from other nations on the UN Security Council.
  12. Steve

    The Sutherland Presidency

    President David Sutherland has now become a feature of my Champions campaign, and his origin story is a shadowy reflection of one of the PCs (Valient), sort of like how Belloq is to Indiana Jones. Valient is a very popular Public ID superhero and was offered a cabinet position in the Sutherland Administration as the Secretary of Superhuman Affairs. He chose to accept at the conclusion of the session last night, and his getting the position is pretty much a lock after the team had just rescued about thirty senators from imprisonment in Faerie, each of them replaced by fetches of themselves answering to Morgan Le Fay and Black Paladin. A newer, tougher version of the Superhuman Registration Act is being considered by congress and is supported by Sutherland, since he has a Public ID.
  13. Steve

    Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    A quote from tonight’s Champions game, presented without context: Flowers For Mechanon.
  14. Steve

    Post-Apocalypse Firearms

    Since brass can be recycled, old shell cases could be melted down and remade into new ones. I could see brass being a valuable post-apocalypse commodity along with bullets.
  15. If a character reloads their own brass, is there a misfire chance that can occur after they reload them more than once or twice? I searched through Dark Champions but did not see anything on this.