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  1. If a character has the Line of Sight Advantage on a non-mental attack power, and they have a targeting sense with the Penetrative enhancer, does this Advantage allow them to attack something they can perceive, even if it is behind something they are perceiving through?
  2. Spiders use their legs to grab prey and also in constructing their webs, so their legs are used for more than mobility. They could also use their extra legs to help them break free from anything grabbing them.
  3. How do you handle the duration of Flash attacks and the fade rates of Adjustment powers?
  4. I think my focusing on the legs in my original post is tilting opinions against a centaur paying for Extra Limbs. They're a special effect and thus not giving enough benefit to require an expenditure of character points. However, if you instead look at a centaur as a horse with two arms and hands, that sounds more like a case for Extra Limbs. I guess it's a matter of how you view them. Are the two horse legs the additions or the arms with hands? If the legs are the additions, paying for Extra Limbs is unnecessary. If it's the arms and hands that are the additions, then Extra Limbs seems like it would be needed. So if you were building a horse that had a pair of arms as well as four legs, buying Extra Limbs would be reasonable.
  5. I was perusing through the 6E bestiary book and came across the entry for Centaurs. It's got two arms and four legs, but it wasn't built with Extra Limbs. Whenever I see an entry for a creature with a tail, it's usually bought as an Extra Limb with Limited Manipulation. Does this mean that having an extra pair of horse legs, presumably with extremely limited manipulation ability, doesn't then require paying for Extra Limbs? Are extra legs not actually Extra Limbs?
  6. One of the few things I remember from 3rd Edition was the declining value of Disadvantages as you took more of the same type: the 1st two were full value, the next two were 1/2 value, the next two were 1/4 value and any more after that were worth zero. I thought this was an interesting limiter on preventing you from loading up on Psychological Disadvantages or Hunteds. In 6E, it's simpler now, you can only take so many points from a single type. Did anyone ever take four Psychological Disadvantages or six different Hunteds?
  7. Me too, and my daughter is excited to see it as well. She's 11.
  8. I suppose that could work, but it seems like the benefit of being able to stand off at long range cancels out the hindrance of inverting the range penalty. Range Penalty levels are pretty cheap for a single attack, especially if done through a Focus like Iron Man's armor.
  9. Perhaps the damage calculation could be approached by literally inverting the language of "reduced by range" instead? No damage at 8 meters, then adding 2 DC for each doubling of range? 2 DC at 9-16m, 4 DC at 17-32m, 6 DC at 33-64m, 8 DC at 65-128m, etc. Done this way, it seems to do what the OP is looking for. You'd need to be pretty far away from your target before you can do good damage, and the range modifiers to your OCV would be nasty by that point.
  10. I wonder, other than Foxbat and Pulsar, who else would you classify in the CU as "Starting-Level Supervillains" that could be placed on the low end of the sorting algorithm of evil that are good for beginning 400-point PCs?
  11. Yes, that was my thinking. The church's loan is protected this way, they get a form of income that can be used to offset any bad loans, but it is not technically interest. If they are also selling insurance to people without any loans outstanding to them, their rates could be quite cheap. Since this is a fantasy world, I suppose "Raise Dead" magic could be something that was covered by a form of life insurance, although it would probably be more like modern health insurance than death benefit life insurance. I would also imagine the premiums for adventurers would be much higher than what it would cost a baker to get equivalent coverage.
  12. Interesting. I had something like this happen in my own campaign about a year or so ago. Do you maintain a website for your campaign?
  13. While it could be quite interesting for some players to have the better part of a gaming session devoted to making opposed rolls for Gambling (Poker) mixed in with shooting dialogue back and forth, most players like the hitting/shooting thing. What can sometimes liven things up is for villains to occasionally exceed their normal power level, or for heroes to be reduced in power because of some villain's scheme and have to deal with foes they would normally laugh at.
  14. I just had an idea about the idea of moderation as opposed to a church preaching abstention from certain things. The church could sell indulgences for those people who have trouble moderating themselves. Want to drink more and none of the taverns will serve you any more booze because it violates the terms of their loan from the church? Show them your indulgence card for drinking bought from the church. Want to spend a few days in the brothels, but the Moderation-following owners won't let you? Show them your indulgence card for wenching bought from the church.
  15. I guess the balancing issue in Hero comes down to relative points. If I have a 400-point villain facing two 400-point heroes, then the villain should lose. If I make the villain 600-points, then they could probably take on two 400-point heroes, but a third would probably tip things too far against them. Three 400-point heroes versus a single 800-point villain, then things get dramatic. Doctor Doom seems more powerful than any single member of the Fantastic Four, but he usually has to take on two or more of them at once and often all four. If you want even fights, villain teams of equal points to the heroes becomes the thing or a single master villain built on more points.
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