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  1. Speaking as a veteran Kickstarter supporter, I can say it's not a good sign when the creators go silent.
  2. Steve

    A Human Firewing

    Yes, seeds of the Dark Phoenix, one could say.
  3. Steve

    A Human Firewing

    Since humans are tainted by Elder Worm DNA in the CU, would that be considered an imperfection to be purged away? Come to think of it, could Elder Worm DNA be one of the contributors to superhuman empowerment in humans?
  4. Steve

    A Human Firewing

    Yes, I was expecting most Malvans to just wave a lazy hand at hearing about it and not really caring much. I could imagine a schism in the Rathuliorn sect, with some thinking it blasphemy and others thinking it divine favor. This might awaken Malva a bit from its slumbers. Thank you for pointing out about the Starwings. I missed that in my readings.
  5. Steve

    A Human Firewing

    This is cool. I did read about the cult, but this gives me much more to work with. I was thinking that Firewing would be the only one who would really care, given the typical Malvan boredom with existence, but having a cult of Malvans as a Hunted yields all kinds of dramatic possibilities. My current plan is to have her dress and maybe act a bit like Phoenix of the X-Men, although not nearly as powerful (somewhere in the 800-1000 point range since the PCs are 800+ now).
  6. Steve

    A Human Firewing

    She's closest in design to a Pepper Potts personal assistant sort of character rather than a Lois Lane nosy reporter type, acting as the faithful assistant to one of the PCs (Valiant). She's a PRIMUS agent built as a Powerful Hero plus experience and has been involved in some of the usual DNPC schticks of being kidnapped or threatened by supervillains. Her relationship with Valiant has always been more of a professional one than romantic, since his romance time is usually taken up with superhumans (such as dating Lady Blue a few times, romancing Istvatha V'han and having a brief "Fatal Attraction" subplot with Scorpia). Valiant has more Complication Points than needed due to the player's plumbing of the character, so revising her as a DNPC to be as powerful as Valiant (he's 800+ points) will just add new color to their relationship if he chooses to mentor her in superheroing.
  7. Steve

    A Human Firewing

    In my Champions campaign, while the PCs are busy fighting in Malva's gladiatorial arena, one of their DNPCs, an unpowered human, has entered Malva's Furnace of the First Ones, for reasons I am not at liberty to say because a couple of my players read these forums. Assuming she survives the experience and experiences a superhero origin, I'm wondering how closely I should make her powers to be like Firewing's? Would anyone surviving the experience become just like Firewing or would only Malvans gain that specific powerset and other races would be affected differently? How do you think Malvans might react to the appearance of a non-Malvan Firewing?
  8. Steve

    Agents of ...Primus?

    You could do it as an AVLD (Power Defense), since some write-ups use Power Defense as a resistance to toxin-based attacks.
  9. Steve

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Maybe it's just me, but I seem to roll much better on average when I'm the GM than when I'm a player. I'm not sure why that is.
  10. Steve

    Question: What is your heroes area of operation?

    My current PC group started out in Millennium City but began heading further afield as they gained more experience points and could handle bigger threats. They've gone around the world, into the distant past (as far back as the Turakian Age) and to the ends of Reality. Their current adventure has the team on Malva, challenging three of the Phazor's best gladiators to a match (and one of their opponents is Firewing).
  11. Steve

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    In a D&D campaign I once ran quite some years back (2nd Edition, as I recall). Elf PC is a two-weapon fighter specialist (likely inspired by a certain Drow pretty boy from the Forgotten Realms who shall remain nameless). Elf PC leaps into combat, boldly brandishing his two longswords... and promptly rolls two 1s in a row. Since D&D didn't have fun fumble charts like Rolemaster/Spacemaster, I just said he lost his grip on his weapons. The joke at the table that night was that the Elf PC should consider getting some rope to secure his weapons to his wrists, so he wouldn't drop them again.
  12. Steve

    The Unluck Is Strong In This One

    Bolo's tale reminded me of an incident with an unlucky player in a Spacemaster campaign I ran about twenty-five years ago. The group was a bunch of mercenaries working for House Devon who came across another bunch of mercenaries working for House Colos. During the ensuing firefight, one of the players grabbed a blaster rifle off a dead Colosian (because it was quicker than reloading his own weapon, as I recall). His first shot was a fumble, and the Spacemaster fumble chart result was that it was a dead power pack. He then grabs a second rifle and promptly rolls another fumble with the same dead power pack result coming up again. The player's next words were totally in character, "Cheapjack Colosian s**t" as he tossed the defective weapon aside and finally got a working weapon to keep shooting with. After that, I wrote it into the campaign that Colosian-made weaponry had a reputation among soldiers as being poorly-made junk that couldn't hold a power pack charge.
  13. I'd back it for a Hero version.
  14. Steve

    Forgotten Enemies metathread

    You might also take a look at the old Underworld Enemies book. As I recall, there were horror type villains in it.
  15. Steve

    The Sailor Senshi are in Pittsburgh

    That statement raises an interesting point. How far can you stray from them their Japanese roots until they no longer feel like the Sailor Senshi? The West Coast might be more advantageous in its having more Japanese in its history than the East Coast, so Bay City and San Angelo might need less work to adapt for that reason. San Angelo even has the Dragon's Gate area which could easily house places like a Shinto shrine.