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  1. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet Saw someone on the bus this morning on the way to work with an iPad. First time I've seen one here. It seemed a bit dim in the sunlight though, and she seemed to be using standard iPhone apps - mostly the weather etc.
  2. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Just finished "Feet of Clay" again, I'd forgotten the Robocop hommages I'm now starting Marsden's "Tomorrow, When the War Began" as the movie is out soon, and it is classic Aussie Lit that many, many YA have read already - so I'm thinking I've missed out on it when it came out (but when it came out I wasn't really into YA fiction, I was all into big fantasy novels). It's written in the style of first person, the main character (Ellie) writing it after the fact.
  3. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet
  4. Curufea

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Re: What Have You Watched Recently?
  5. Curufea

    What Have You Watched Recently?

    Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Saw Kick-Ass - was impressed even if they did over-super Hit Girl a bit. We've recently started rewatching Babylon 5 as well, now on the first disk of season 4. After seeing Clash of the Titans - I borrowed the original from a friend to rewatch that. Surprisingly they got Pegasus correct in the original, I was unsure if they did or not. There's also more nudity than I remember when I first watch it. The Harryhousen was just as jerky as I remember it though. I don't know what hollywood is thinking to make all the Greek Gods evil for the new version, and for some reason dependant on worship- they weren't evil in the original, just petty - they didn't depend on worship either but thought humans needed parenting. Original Clash- Gods are noble, petty and a bit arrogant - bicker amongst themselves and cause problems when they have favourites they support. iClash 3D- Gods are arrogant, petty and random - constantly scheming for leadership and will randomly help their favourites even if their favourite will often say he hates all gods and wants to get rid of them.
  6. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet UI FTW - possibly the best part of the iTampon-
  7. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...
  8. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet I think so. The typical restrictions that are on an iPhone will become even more apparent on the iTampon, and people will soon seek alternatives.
  9. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet Looks a bit iffy for me, I'd want something less browser-based I think.
  10. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet Would HD be even considered as an app for the iPad? Would Simon put it through the approval process to get it listed on iTunes? I'm thinking go the open source android tablet instead if you want to actually be able to customise a tablet.
  11. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet Nice! have some rep.
  12. Curufea

    Apple Tablet

    Re: Apple Tablet I'll wait for the open source linux based tablet before I buy one.
  13. Curufea

    Funny pics

    Re: Funny pics Trees that eat cars - http://nowthatsnifty.blogspot.com/2010/02/22-trees-growing-around-objects.html
  14. Re: What got you into role playing and when? What got you into Role-Playing? Don't know, it's was so long ago. Probably the social aspect, my peers were doing it, possibly I saw the fun and story aspects of it. [edit] Actually, I remember now - it was Runequest over the house of a friend of my parents'. What is your favorite system and why? I don't really have one. It depends what I'm trying to achieve with a game. Some systems are best for particular genres and settings. I tend to favour rules lite systems for ease of use - but sometimes the genre or setting doesn't suit those, or there aren't rules applicable and I don't have the time to write them for that. When did you start Role-Playing? Highschool. What or who got you into Role-Playing? Friends - I can't remember their surnames now as I've not seen them since highschool. Ben and Ross. [edit] Actually it was before then, and his name was Doug Alexander. It's amazing how memory improves after coffee. What's your least favorite system and why? Obviously D&D because it teaches all the bad things about roleplaying (a bit like trying to learn OOP by studying BASIC) and with such good marketing it's more likely to grab any new player out there and castrate their imagination, indoctrinate them into "the one true faith" and bind them in blinkers for any other system, genre, setting or just the possibility of collaborative storytelling.
  15. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Unable to parse this sentence, sorry. Can you espress it differently? Anyhow, I've almost finished Sasha (alternate review) by Joel Shepherd. I'd previously read and raved about his high tech cyberpunk series about Cassandra Kresnov (an android) - Crossover, Killswitch, Breakaway and this is his foray into fantasy. So far I'm liking it although I found it difficult to get into at first - there was too much politics, too fast at the beginning. It starts with the main character at training, but she spends all her time there talking about the possibilities of civil war between the various factions. It also doesn't help that all the names of things aren't spelt out. It would have helped if I'd known that the Serrin was a non-human race and that Verenthane, Goren-Yai and Nasi-Keth were religions/philosphies and the other names were provinces. It was too easy at the beginning to get them mixed up. Otherwise really good - lots of stuff in it that reminds me either of Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" or the low magic campaign I'm in of a friend of mine's (Montour). It has the structure of a modern epic - all the elements are there of great events, much like an historic epic. But like Martin and the RPG, he often "cuts to the chase". There is more action and less detailed backstory than Tolkein. As for the religion (to help Vondy out) - detail is not gone into. The Verenthane are an organised religion, probably with a holy book. I think they're pantheistic. They're the bad guys in general because the nobles who united the land all come from it, and are trying to rule a people that like their independance - most of whom stick with the old animist pagan ways of the Goren-Yai, which is more nature related. Both religions seem sexist - women have definite roles to play. I think the Nasi-Keth is the philosophy of the Serrin and is more zen buddhist/humanist (if it can be applied to a non-human philosophy). But this is just my understanding from the context in which the religions are referred to in the book. His second book in the series is out now, and I will be buying it when I get the chance. I was initially put off by the blurb on the back of the first book about the main character being a princess and the greatest swordfighter in the land - but as long as you read it in "movie trailer" voice - you realise that it's hype and not as cheesy as it sounds. For one thing - swordfighting is all well and good until you encounter lots of people, or someone with a crossbow Anyhow, I give it a ranking of 8 out of 10. I'd give it 10 if the beginning was easier to get into.