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  1. Quick reply on other's reaction to the character: In a (semi-)realistic heroic game having DF-only one arm but no Phys lim would arguably be an advantage. Enemies would often underestimate the character.
  2. Re: The Weird Power Posting Game. 9" superleap, only straight up (-1), only maximum noncombat move (-1), gestures (both hands) (pull imaginary handle behind head) (-½), incantations (yell "Eject, eject, eject!") (-1/4), AP 9, real cost 2. 1D6 BODY drain, continous (+1), damage shield (+½), 0 END (+½), invisible power effects (+1), only versus attacker's clothing (-2), AP40, real cost 13. Bad enough...?
  3. If a hydra (or similar monster) built with duplication gets hit by an attack that does knockback, what happens? It seems stupid that the head (or whatever) that is hits flies away from the rest of the creature, but the rules can be read that way... /Henrik
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