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  1. winterhawk

    Changes in a world with superpowers

    Off the top of my head... I think that the impact supers would have on pop culture would warrant their own television channel. The CU has SNN, and its sister station Sidekick. To continue with the wrestling analogy, WWE and may other promotions have their own online network. I think someone would do something akin to that realizing the $$ potential. I think highly secure places would have to deal with supers. The White House, Capital Hill and other key government locations would have Stronghold level power dampeners. The Secret Service would either be supers or be trained and equipped enough to qualify as supers. I ran a campaign set in Las Vegas and the casinos were equipped with power dampeners to prevent supers from cheating.
  2. https://youtu.be/nMWdVIw2wrM
  3. winterhawk

    Character name help - Hair Powers

    Since you have an international flair to your team, how about the obvious, Rapunzel
  4. winterhawk

    Many 6th Edition villains too tough?

    Yes, and I make sure the players know the gravity of the situation. Having the villain take out an NPC with one shot is a good starter. I've found that it gives players a chance to cut loose with their 'I only use this attack against really tough guys' attack, push powers with heroic effort, think creatively and use teamwork. Don't forget to reward the PCs with extra XP for taking one of the Big Bads out.
  5. winterhawk

    What can you Smash and Grab?

    Actually, last I heard, Federal Law didn't allow banks to handle money from marijuana shops as it was technically drug money. Shops have to hire armed guards, usually ex-military, to transport money to safehouses. Sounds like a cool set-up for a running battle, especially if the guards are also supers or ex-VIPER or PRIMUS and armed with blasters.
  6. winterhawk

    The Great (Expanded) Superhero Gallery Build of 2018

    The Elemental Powered Armor template came easy. My longest running player character's arch enemy was Cold Warrior, one of the only serviceable characters from the much maligned Enemies: The International File. This is the grandson of the original and the latest incarnation of the Cold Warrior, who opposes Putin and the Russian kleptocracy. It should be noted that Jeff O'Hare created the original character, and Rob Davis provided the art which I colored. Element PA 6.hdc
  7. My master of the keyboard's handle was Chopin
  8. winterhawk

    The Great (Expanded) Superhero Gallery Build of 2018

    Next up is the Cultural Mystic. I decided to flesh out a character mentioned on page 72 of CU 6th edition in the inset box in the margin. This is Voodoo Doll, heroine and mystical defender of New Orleans. CultMyst 6.hdc
  9. winterhawk

    Need Help - Theme Team Member

    Thanks for everyone's contributions, I doled out some rep in return. Inspired by the discussion, I decided to stick with Uppercut. He and Southpaw are going to be brothers, and the team found three sets of power gauntlets. Heavyweight and Gold Glove called dibs on the first two pairs, Southpaw and Uppercut had to split the last pair. They decided that Uppercut was a better name than 'Righty'. Thanks again for the input.
  10. winterhawk

    About to start an Atomic Age Supers game

    If I ever the get opportunity, I am so stealing this one. I ran an Atomic Age campaign awhile back, ironically set in Las Vegas. Here are some suggestions based on my research on the time period: Atomic tests were a regular occurrence in the Nevada desert, so much so that casinos would motor people out to the desert, complete with a picnic lunch, to watch the mushroom clouds erupt. A perfect opportunity for instant superpowers for the spectators or a mutated desert hellbeast to snack on innocent bystanders. Las Vegas itself was a company town, the company being the Mafia. Casinos were covertly under the control of the Mob. It sounds like you are running a higher powered game, but a mobster could gain powers (maybe from one of those regular atomic tests) and try to take over the whole operation. The Mafia could come to the heroes with hat in hand to beg them to stop their former associate.
  11. winterhawk

    Need Help - Theme Team Member

    I'm creating an homage to one of my favorite villainous theme teams, The Wrecking Crew. I wanted a team of four bricks each with a little something to differentiate them from other bricks. I decided on a boxing theme, hence the Fight Club. All members were mid to low card boxers who moonlighted as muscle and legbreakers when they discovered a cache of Gadroon devices that enhanced their strength and fighting ability. They are led by Heavyweight, who has minor gravity control powers. Backing him up are Southpaw, who has a power gauntlet, but only on his left hand and Gold Glove, who has a pair of them. My conundrum comes to the fourth member. I was considering Uppercut, but didn't really see any way to differentiate him from the other two. So I'm looking for a fourth member of the team based on boxing terminology, or maybe an idea for a gimmick for Uppercut. I know there are several long-running Theme Team threads on the board, so I know there are some creative people who can hopefully give me a hand. As always, thanks for any and all suggestions in advance.
  12. winterhawk

    The Great Superhero Gallery Build of 2017

    More images, Brain Damage and Mr. Iota
  13. winterhawk

    The Great (Expanded) Superhero Gallery Build of 2018

    For the Caped Detective, I tried to do something a little different, not wanting to do another Batman clone. Instead, I ended up with a clone of one of his minor enemies, Cluemaster, which I realized once I was done. This is the Sleuth, an investigator obsessed with solving crimes... CapTec I.hdc
  14. Continuing in the same vein as the 2017 post, I'm going to continue with the Expanded Superhero Gallery found in the store here: Superhero Gallery Expanded The rundown on the archetypes is as follows: This PDF expands the Superhero Gallery from pages 243-87 of Champions to add ten new character types you can quickly and easily create: —the Animal-Man, a character whose powers derive from, or are themed around, a particular type of animal; —the Caped Detective, who combines his investigative skills with various fighting abilities and gadgets to make himself a matchless enemy of the underworld; —the Cultural Mystic, whose magical powers derive from a specific mystical tradition or culture (such as Egyptian, Shamanism, or Voodoo on this sheet, though you can easily adapt it to others if you’d like); —the Elemental Powered Armor wearer, whose powered armor’s weapons and defenses focus on a specific “elemental” form of attack (such as Fire, Electricity, or Ice); —the Force character, who manipulates sheer force to attack, move objects, and achieve other effects; —the Light character, who controls light in various forms (from blinding flares to deadly lasers); —the Power Weapon wielder, who possesses a weapon of great cosmic, mystic, or technological might; —the Robo-Hero, whose artificial body grants him superhuman powers; —the Shadowmaster, who controls darkness and shadow; and —the Themed Gadgeteer, whose arsenal of gadgets are all designed or formed along some theme (such as a particular animal, holiday, or category of objects [such as “toys”]). First up is Stinger II, another one of Hornet's attempts to create an insectile henchman using the Animal Man archetype. Animal 6a.hdc