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  1. I'll have to look into those. I didn't know that about the Elephant Man, As far as genre, think cinematic Very Powerful Heroic/Low Powered Superheroic. There might be things (power armor, magic devices, esper powers... actually, that's it, really) that grant the effect of someone having STR 45, but an actual human simply can't contain that kind of power. They'd tear themselves apart. Like, imagine if the Spartans had been ale to continue their "we're gonna turn ourselves unto perfect warriors, and have slaves deal with all that other stuff, like raising crops" plan for another 2,500 years, what would they even look like? I mean, aside from their amazing hair; seriously, look it up, they taunted the Persians by basically doing stretches and making sure their hair was immaculate. And, not really relevant for this discussion, but... for this setting, even if someone had enough "superhuman strength" to one-hand lift a 20' shipping container (2300 kg), they're not built to hold themselves together under that kind of strain. The weight would tear it apart around your hand.
  2. I've been trying to figure out how best to convey this idea, so here goes. Lets say that, over the course of the last 5,000 years -- some starting at the very beginning, and others coming in later -- various groups have attempted to create "perfect humans". In this case, "perfect" means "better than normal people". The methods used vary, but in the end they boil down to Breeding and Training. For Training, there are virtually unlimited options, and I would make extensive use of 5e Pulp HERO and Dark Champions Super-Skills, as well as some of the special abilities from 6e Ultimate Martial Artist as good sources. Although, if you have interesting ideas on that front, please share them. What I want to focus on, though, is the idea of Breeding. Without getting into some kind of Captain America ludicrousness, what would be the plausible physical limits achievable by humans solely based on their genetics? I was going over my copy of GURPS Biotech, and there is a wealth of information there. But I prefer HERO, and their power build system just doesn't work for me, so I know we have the Characteristic Maxima Table (6e1 50), but aside from those basic points (all 239 of them... sheesh), what else could be considered "natural" maximums for humans; by which I mean the limit past which you're slipping into the superpowers section of town? Many of the Talents could simply be "things I can do" -- I know several people who just have Bump Of Direction -- but I think you would have to actually have a reason for Danger Sense. I'll start a list of the maximums as I think of them; if any of you have suggestions, please give them and I'll list the ones that work for me.
  3. Black Rose

    New Product: Wondrous Treasures 3

    The description lists magic items that were in Wondrous Treasures 2. What's in this one? I'm assuming Daggers, Bows and Crossbows, Helms, Shields, and Armor. Possibly Swords. Am I right? I'm thinking of picking this up, but I have all those except for Bows and Crossbows, and I can always spend the money on another book.
  4. Black Rose

    Delayed Regeneration

    No to the living guy in a coma. I'm aiming for a dead body, but where the decay doesn't really matter. Let's say Returno Lass can come back to life after one full season has passed. She gets killed in the wilderness near the beginning of summer, so has to wait through the rest of summer and all of autumn; call it 5 months. In that time, she decays, bugs and bacteria eat her soft bits, some animals eat the meat off of her. By the first day of winter, there's not much left. But then she comes back to life and is as good as new, or at least she's not scattered bones across several acres of scrub land.
  5. Black Rose

    Delayed Regeneration

    When I first read this, I thought, "damn, I didn't get my point across." But then I reread it, and I see I did get my point across. This is a weird, but entirely effective way to produce the effect of "I died, but came back to life after a given (fairly long) period of time". Which is exactly what I wanted. It's not so much the Regen frequency I'm concerned about (and yeah, 5th Ed'? Worst. Regen. Ever.) as wanting the character to stay dead for a while, then come back to life, but the amount of time isn't exactly related to how much damage they took. Forex: Rebirth Guy (10 BODY) takes 21 BODY damage. This is just barely enough damage to "kill" him. But Rebirth Guy has a power that lets him resurrect after seven days. And so, seven days later, he comes back to life. Later that month, Rebirth Guy takes 100 BODY damage. This also "kills" him (and leaves a nasty stain). But, just like last time, he's up and running after seven days.
  6. Black Rose

    Delayed Regeneration

    Trying to figure out how to get this effect right. Let me say first that I know I could use Healing, but I really didn't like Fifth Edition's Regeneration build. This pulls from Champions Powers, specifically Immortality Syndrome (pg. 379). I want the character to be able to "die" (go below un-adjusted negative BODY), then Regenerate back up to 0 BODY, and then Recover from there. But I want it to take a long time before they can come back to life, even if they have fully recovered all the negative BODY damage. To reference the example from Champions Powers, Immorto (15 BODY) suffers 35 BODY damage, enough to take him below his un-adjusted negative BODY by 5. His Regeneration... regenerates... 20 BODY, bringing him to 0 un-adjusted BODY after four minutes. But the Limitation I want means that, for example, they cannot come back to life until "a day, a night, and a day" has passed. Or seven days, or a month, or nine months (they must be "spiritually reborn"). Or whatever I want. Specifically, the time frames I'm thinking of are: 1 Year 9 Months 1 Season 1 Month 3 Days 1 Day Extra Time doesn't seem quite right, but I can't think of anything else that doesn't seem kind of fiat. HEROdom Assembled, any thoughts
  7. Okay, I'm willing to admit I probably missed something basic her, but I'm asking anyway. What is the game effect of missing sleep? As in, if I created an attack that simulated the target not sleeping for a week (or whatever), what would that effect be? TIA
  8. Black Rose

    We lost a good one.....

    Damn. Another good one lost. He will be missed.
  9. The latest in my never-ending quest to over-complicate things! How would HEROdom Assembled simulate a character having a second mouth. This mouth doesn't necessarily have a special bite or anything, but you can buy that if you want. It can do all the things your regular mouth can do -- breathe, eat, speak, lick things I guess... and that's it. It does make it a little harder to gag or suffocate someone. My thought was just use Extra Limb and call it a mouth. Does that seem reasonable?
  10. Black Rose

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    Ah, finally found it under Physical Limitation. Very frustrating that it never came up anywhere else, especially considering the sheer number of Harry Dresden quotes in the book. OTOH, the description suggests using, "Suppress, usually from 1-3d6 (similar to the amount of Unluck dice as outlined above), Damage Shield, Invisible Power Effects, Reduced Endurance, Persistent, Always On, Only Affects Technology (-1)." Since you gotta keep the END cost for Suppress now, that won't quite work. I suppose you could use Drain... If you Drain an inanimate thing down to "nothing", and then the Drained points return, is it fine?
  11. Black Rose

    Best Defense Spread

    Replying so late it's damn near necromancy.... Yes, this was exactly what I was looking for. <sigh> There was a time where I was looking at the forums and Killer Shrike's site at about the same rate; that is my only defense for not realizing it was on his site and not here.
  12. Black Rose

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    I dunno, that makes sense to me. I'd say that only unimportant things can be permanently broken using Drain, though. This was actually in a book. Unless I've reached the point where I am dreaming so lucidly I can actually read it. I mean, I can actually see (in my head) the text in the right-hand column and everything.
  13. This is one of my least-preferred threads to find -- the "I read this somewhere, but now I can't find it. Find it for meee!" request. My apologies. I am 99.9% sure (though that is slowly shrinking) that I read in a HERO System book a short (maybe a column or so) discussion of a spell casters' aura interfering with technology. I might be wrong about this point, but I think there was an example of both a "pure Complication, can't twist it to your use" version and a "PITA, but can sometimes use it for your own benefit" version. I first found it looking for a good example of a gremlin to use for a summoning spell; I was surprised that the Bestiary doesn't have one. I have also seen a thread here that used a 1-pt RKA Damage Shield, with a Suppress to... well, suppress the effect to a degree. Can anyone help?
  14. Black Rose

    Best Defense Spread

    Some point back, I was reading a thread here; can't recall the title, if I could, I wouldn't be asking this question. IIRC, the topic had something to do with which Defenses people preferred; specifically, Damage Negation, Damage Reduction, and Resistant Protection. At some point, someone (I keep thinking it was Tasha, but I could be wrong) gave a really well-thought-out breakdown of where each one best stood out. The final conclusion was that, while each had their good points, the best was a (roughly equal) mix of all three. Now, since I "know" that, I could stop here. Thing is, I'd really like to reread that thread, and also copy'n'paste the info for my own records. Does anyone else recall this, and would you please point me towards it? Thank you, HEROdom Assembled.
  15. Black Rose

    Hero System 6th Edition Core Books Available in POD

    Just put my order in. Wish the delivery time was a little faster, but I'm still getting the core books! Update: ignore the above, they printed them in a day and had them mailed to me within a week, which was about two weeks sooner than I expected. Awesome work, Drive Thruxton and Hero Games.