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  1. Black Rose

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    Ah, finally found it under Physical Limitation. Very frustrating that it never came up anywhere else, especially considering the sheer number of Harry Dresden quotes in the book. OTOH, the description suggests using, "Suppress, usually from 1-3d6 (similar to the amount of Unluck dice as outlined above), Damage Shield, Invisible Power Effects, Reduced Endurance, Persistent, Always On, Only Affects Technology (-1)." Since you gotta keep the END cost for Suppress now, that won't quite work. I suppose you could use Drain... If you Drain an inanimate thing down to "nothing", and then the Drained points return, is it fine?
  2. Black Rose

    Best Defense Spread

    Replying so late it's damn near necromancy.... Yes, this was exactly what I was looking for. <sigh> There was a time where I was looking at the forums and Killer Shrike's site at about the same rate; that is my only defense for not realizing it was on his site and not here.
  3. Black Rose

    Write-up Search: Dresden-esque Techbane Aura

    I dunno, that makes sense to me. I'd say that only unimportant things can be permanently broken using Drain, though. This was actually in a book. Unless I've reached the point where I am dreaming so lucidly I can actually read it. I mean, I can actually see (in my head) the text in the right-hand column and everything.
  4. This is one of my least-preferred threads to find -- the "I read this somewhere, but now I can't find it. Find it for meee!" request. My apologies. I am 99.9% sure (though that is slowly shrinking) that I read in a HERO System book a short (maybe a column or so) discussion of a spell casters' aura interfering with technology. I might be wrong about this point, but I think there was an example of both a "pure Complication, can't twist it to your use" version and a "PITA, but can sometimes use it for your own benefit" version. I first found it looking for a good example of a gremlin to use for a summoning spell; I was surprised that the Bestiary doesn't have one. I have also seen a thread here that used a 1-pt RKA Damage Shield, with a Suppress to... well, suppress the effect to a degree. Can anyone help?
  5. Black Rose

    Proportional Result And Margin Of Success

    @Doc Democracy if it were just an attack, that'd be fine. Actually, I love builds like that, and except for the complication of seeing it on a sheet, I prefer it for most things (especially spells). In this case, though, the idea is that, instead of one effect (e.g., lightning bolt) that gets bigger the better the roll, you've got multiple variable effects (how big, how much weather change, how long does it last). I think I'm going to have to just go with a Multipower, with variable access to the base pool depending on the MoS of the roll; the better the roll, the more options (more AoE, greater CE potency, more points in Long-Lasting, etc...) available. I wanted to be able to throw all the spells into a limited VPP, but I guess that's not viable here.
  6. I really like the idea of the Proportional Advantage and Proportional Result Limitation (APG 139-40 and 144-45), at least as I think they work. The way it's described is using a werewolf (who gets stronger during the full moon) and Sir Gwethon of Arthurian legend (who was apparently cut from my copy, but gets stronger the closer to noon it is, IIRC). Essentially, I like the idea of sliding effect. In this case, what I'm looking for is how to represent the ability (specifically for a weather control spell) to increase the potency of effect/area covered/duration of the spell based on the margin of success of your skill roll. Kind of like Time Limit can have "5 Minutes, +1 Minute per point of margin of success", but more '+/-1 Temperature Level or Wind Level, +1 per point of margin of success", or "8 km radius, +1 km per point of margin of success", or "1 Hour, +1 Hour per point of margin of success". The more successful your roll is, the more effect you can have, and you could prioritize certain parts, such as having the area covered be the most important, and then the strength of effect, and finally duration. This is the base write-up I'm starting from (yanked from Champions Powers and altered slightly) Weather Magic: Change Environment (±10 Temperature Levels), Varying Combat Effects; Area Of Effect (16m Radius; +¾), MegaArea (1m = 1 km broad and wide; +1), Varying Effect (+1); Can Only Alter Existing Weather, Not Create Weather (-¼), Extra Time (time required depends on the severity of the change in the weather the character wants to create, but minimum of 1 Hour -3), No Range (-½), Requires A Roll (Power: Celestial Hekau; -1 per 20 AP; -¼). AP/RC: 150/30
  7. Black Rose

    Teleporting Within A Building

    Well, the original source has it as two forms: temporary, where you draw or scratch a door on a surface and basically use it once permanent, where you carve a door into a surface and can use it whenever you pay for it I decided to mostly ditch the temporary mode, and focus on the permanent form. My intention is that you create (carve) a door, charge it up (pay END to set up), and can use it here in this place. If you want to do it somewhere else, you need to make a new one. I suppose a Floating Location that can only work with a pre-made door in an area. I had originally intended your first point (forever and always the same space), but now I'm leaning toward the second (can use any space as long as it has been defined in advance) That could work. Originally I was going to use something like Tunneling, but that really wouldn't work for the needed range. Now that I think about it, strip out the fluff, and it's like a Star Trek transporter that can only work on the ship and you have to be by a wall... okay, not much like one, but you get the idea. I'm trying to see if Star HERO has any good ideas.
  8. The effect(s) I'm trying to replicate is as follows: The character can enter into a prepared physical space - usually defined as a carved or drawn door - and "come out" of a surface anywhere within an "area". For simplicity's sake, "areas" are usually something like a building, but could also be an aircraft or ship. If I understand the character right, it's kinda like Mirror Master, but the special effects are a bit different - not actually mirrors and in a predefined space. I'd use something like UMA's Castle Without Walls, but aside from a step or two, it's almost instant. Any thoughts?
  9. I really love the Cumulative and Effect Over Time Advantages. I mean, a lot. They help simulate the slow buildup effect that I like to see in my preferred settings -- low-Active Point (if not low power level) Urban Fantasy, Espers (think Sense8 and Firestarter), and Champions (think a lot of Spiderman: Homecoming or the Netflix Marvel shows) -- in a way that just clicks visually for me. Write-ups working visually is important for me, and I dig "normals with powers" settings, if that makes sense. I'm trying to figure out how best to simulate this kind of build that I see in a lot of published material; the Super Skill where Mind Control, Telepathy, or Transform is being used, but it's not really Mind Control, Telepathy., or Transform as you'd see it in a Four-Color setting Usually, this is done like so (nicked from the 5e Dark Champs genre book): Reading The Opposition: Telepathy 8d6; 0 END (+½); Can Only Read Surface Thoughts (-½), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼), Extra Time (5 Minutes; -2), Instant (-½), Limited Range (6m; -½), Requires A Roll (Gambling; -½) plus Telepathy +6d6; 0 END (+½); Can Only Read Surface Thoughts (-½), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼), Extra Time (5 Minutes; -2), Instant (-½), Limited Range (6m; -½), Only To Achieve +20 “Target Cannot Detect Telepathy” Modifier (-½), Requires A Roll (Gambling; -½). AP/RC: 60/11 + 45/8 = 105/19 What I want to know from HEROdom Assembled is, if I tweaked the build thusly: Reading The Opposition, Option 1: Telepathy 3d6; 0 END (+½), Cumulative (72 pts; +1); 20 Pts Of Effect Must Be Dedicated To “Target Cannot Detect Telepathy” Modifier (-X), Can Only Read Surface Thoughts (-½), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼), Extra Time (1 Minute; -1½), Instant (-½), Limited Range (6m; -½), Requires A Roll (Gambling; -½). AP/RC: 37/?? or other thusly? Reading The Opposition, Option 2: Telepathy 3d6; 0 END (+½), Effect Over Time (4 effect increments, effect occurs every Minute, "locked out" until all effect increments accrued; +¾); 20 Pts Of Effect Must Be Dedicated To “Target Cannot Detect Telepathy” Modifier (-X), Can Only Read Surface Thoughts (-½), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼), Instant (-½), Limited Range (6m; -½), Requires A Roll (Gambling; -½). AP/RC: 34/?? I prefer the first build over the second -- it allows for quicker use on a weaker-willed opponent, and just feels "cleaner". Just how much do you think "20 Pts Of Effect Must Be Dedicated To “Target Cannot Detect Telepathy” Modifier (-X)" is worth, in these cases?
  10. Black Rose

    Did all the sticky topics get un-stickied?

    Well, I don't think its just you. I double checked my profile settings just to be sure, and yeah, I ain't seeing anything there.
  11. Yeah, I saw that at DriveThruRPG. Really hoping to see it out soon.
  12. Black Rose

    Rivalry (5R) w/ ex-spouse over children?

    I think which Rivalry you use depends on where the arena of conflict will be. I also think Romantic should be renamed Social. As your example shows, the area of rivalry isn't really "job-related"; and yes, I know being a parent is a job. One could argue that the Rivalry should be "Professional and Social", to reflect that you want others (the kids, and possibly others in your community) to both "see you as a better parent (Professional)" and "like you more than mommy/daddy (Social)", or simply one or the other. Just as an aside, reading Rivalry's listing (6e1 426-7) in terms of a custody battle sounds waaaaaaay too plausible.
  13. Black Rose

    Best Defense Spread

    Some point back, I was reading a thread here; can't recall the title, if I could, I wouldn't be asking this question. IIRC, the topic had something to do with which Defenses people preferred; specifically, Damage Negation, Damage Reduction, and Resistant Protection. At some point, someone (I keep thinking it was Tasha, but I could be wrong) gave a really well-thought-out breakdown of where each one best stood out. The final conclusion was that, while each had their good points, the best was a (roughly equal) mix of all three. Now, since I "know" that, I could stop here. Thing is, I'd really like to reread that thread, and also copy'n'paste the info for my own records. Does anyone else recall this, and would you please point me towards it? Thank you, HEROdom Assembled.
  14. I was sadly short of funds while the Kickstarter was going -- does anyone know when the book (well, the pdf, really) will be released?