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  1. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    Not the final four I'd been dreaming about but it should be interesting.
  2. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    They deserved it. I'll never forgive Witless for his mangling of my team. Even when we were successful we were awful.
  3. Enforcer84

    RIP: Margot Kidder

    RIP Margot.
  4. Enforcer84

    2017-18 NFL Thread

  5. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    Your opinions have been forwarded to the appropriate minister, citizens. Of the teams left, I think by order of preferred to least preferred: Toronto, Utah, Indianapolis, 76ers. Milwaukee, Golden State, Boston, Cleveland, OKC, Washington, New Orleans, Houston. And I'm kind of waffling on some of the placement of the top 5 there. As long as Houston doesn't win, I'll be pleased. Toronto could just use it. Lowry deserves a deep Playoff run. Demarr has raised his game and the whole team is a redemption story. Utah has been amazing this season whenever anyone begins to doubt them Indiana makes me happy. Indy has been a feel good story all season with Oloadipo's rise and I am pleased to see Sabonis play well as I was a huge fan of his Dad. The 76ers are fun. It's nice to see Embiid finally playing. I love Giannis (even if I can't spell, let alone pronounce his name) and I have to admit a series between Milwaukee and New Orleans would be pretty amazing to watch. I have no problem with Golden State, in fact aside from Kevin Durant who I find annoying I really like them And Boston is doing so well despite key players absences it's hard not to root for these guys and that coach. I have no problem with LeBron and Cleveland, in fact if Larry Nance Jr gets a ring there I will be ecstatic for him. Good kid and I'm so pleased he got out of LA I didn't place OKC in there...let me fix that. I actually love Russ, PG, and Steve Adams. I will never get over the betrayal of Carmelo Anthony. (I was sure he'd be a better team guy than he turned out to be) I'm not sure I dislike Washington as much as I feel right now. I think John Wall is my second favorite player to come from the hated Duke University. But they seem like Jerks this year. can't cheer for the Pelicans just yet. But Anthony Davis has been amazing. Houston annoys me. Though I like Clint Capella's game. I dislike Harden's Game. I also think Paul is overrated - and the idea of them combining forces to put their past playoff swoons behind them only to swoon in the playoffs when being the best team in the NBA really appeals to me. The playoffs (with the exception of Portland's s#!%show) has been very entertaining. I wish the Wolves had strung together another win.
  6. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    Ok my sobbing is done. Is it next season yet? What do you mean there's still playoffs? *MY* team was eliminated. Call the whole %(YU@)ing thing off! ... So how about them 76ers?
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/24/us/schoolhouse-rock-creator-died-trnd/index.html The creator of Schoolhouse Rock has passed. Rest in Peace, Sir. I've sung your songs - and not always by choice - ever since I was a wee one.
  8. Enforcer84

    RIP: Harry Anderson

    RIP Harry.
  9. Enforcer84

    Are we too hard on Wil Wheaton?

    The man rolls more natural 1s than anyone. He's a scourge on d20's. Anything else? He's a pretty good guy.
  10. Enforcer84

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Part 2 of Barnwell's "We suck at drafting QB's" Series. It turns out...there's more to being a great QB than physical tools and analytics. *pours out a 40 for any QB under Jeff Fisher*
  11. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

  12. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    DAMMIT Magic Johnson! You managed to have the best story of the NBA this season. Stoopid Lakers. https://deadspin.com/andre-ingram-is-the-nbas-best-story-1825176085 32 Year old Rookie lights it up in his NBA Debut
  13. Enforcer84

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Richie was a piece of crap in college. That's why he was kicked out of Nebraska (?) and came to Oregon where they don't value class...only to be kicked out there too, IIRC. Though I may have the order wrong. He never grew out of his youth and became a crappy adult who can't deal with other people and the fact that he had a career this long is a depressing anecdote to the power of Football.
  14. Enforcer84

    '17-18 NBA Thread

    Oh and Joe Ingles is the best science teacher-looking player in years.
  15. Enforcer84

    2018-19 NFL Thread.

    Part one of Bill Barnwell's two part series about how bad the NFL is at picking QB's. This part goes into the "they're not good at it." Part two will go into how it's done?