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  1. Might as well add misappropriated outrage?
  2. New York is a mess. The only way this works out for them is that the rumors of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving wanting to jump ship to the Knicks in the summer are more than fever dreams by New York media. also it's looking like the Anthony Davis train to LA has sort of derailed in that New Orleans wants the moon. (Possibly rightfully so) That may still get done but it will require a lot from the Lakers in the form of picks, and young talent. Also Lonzo's dad reminded the Pelicans that they don't want to deal with his family.
  3. Squadron Supreme Maxi-Series Death of Captain Marvel
  4. There is a developmental league. The rest of the NFL develops so that the Pats can take the players aboard and win championships with them. I'm disappointed in the outcome of the Subparbowl but I really don't begrudge the Pats. It's not like they haven't come up short in the big game but they are always in the picture. They roll players through and we count them out and then they win again. When Bilicek (sp) is no longer able to torment the league someone else will come along and sustain greatness and they'll be the villains.
  5. They're drifters. Without a home. Sail on Good ship "Ball Eater."
  6. Some more villains. I have no links but I have some art! Hopefully this doesn't break a rule. Pariah let me know if I misstepped. We have from 4th Edition Champions Universe: Lightning and Thunder
  7. yeah, I was giving a lot of scorers a poor shot there (Pun intended) Honestly, I'd have liked to see guys like Jerry West or Elgin Baylor with 3 point shots. I don't think Wilt would have made too much of a dent with those. Wilt, Karl Malone, and Kareem are tremendous scorers, but Wilt didn't have the luxury of a 20 year career. Though to be honest, I don't think Wilt would worry about my slight. However, I tend to give the Harden, Kobe, MJ prop out of angry deference to the fact that they're better players than I want to give them credit. Kobe has 2 more Titles than He should have IMO. And if I'm lucky Harden won't get one. Said that about LeBron and KD too, *sigh* some guys I soften on over the years, LeBron, Magic, and Shaq being the three I look back now with kind of a fondness. Still hate Jordan, Kobe, and Harden tho. Bill Lambier too. Yeah this is why. Harden's come up gloriously short. His game is predictable but not as overpowering as Jordan or Wilt King was derailed by injury but I never saw him in his prime so don't know how good a closer he was. I'll also die on the hill that Kobe was less adept at clutch shooting than he and his fans think (the guys who hit the daggers were Big Shot Rob and Derek Fisher) Kobe would pout during the playoffs. Harden's chokes are what I breathe when I feel bad. Paul too.
  8. James Harden is into Kobe territory and may go down as the greatest scorer in NBA histo - oh right Michael Jordan. Harden (like Kobe and Jordan before him) annoys me. I can only hope his self-absorbed scoring (I know that it's not as bad as I perceive it, but darn it it's my opinion and I can lie to myself if I want to) and defensive nothingness forever denies him a ring. But I will say this, Harden might actually be the one of the three I'd actually be fine with outside of the game. He's got neither Kobe or Jordan's personal flaws, I just don't like him as a player. Fantastic player though.
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