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  1. Tasha

    Champions Now Information

    Yeah, the math hasn't changed in 30 years and from the playtest doc, this edition will not have appreciably different math. I mean if you were doing something additive like Robot Warriors or Fuzion Champions Powers, you wouldn't need anything ex perhaps a simple spreadsheet that can add columns. But, it looks like Hero Math will be in force for this game PS the doc didn't really do anything to change my negative opinion about this project.
  2. Tasha

    POD for 6e1 and 6e2

    So is there any news on when those books will be available for POD again?
  3. "However, someone who spends 1 Turn out of combat can take an Inaccessible Focus away from a character (or otherwise deprive him of its use and benefits). An Inaccessible Focus cannot be removed from a character who’s struggling or resisting." 6e1 pg 377 Allowing Teleportation to do this is HIGHLY unbalanced. I could see a huge DIspel that uses that as it's special effect. But not any form of Teleportation.
  4. You can't Teleport someone out of their Inaccessable Focus nor can you do that with something bought with Only in Alternate ID. It's why those limitations are smaller than Accessable Foci.
  5. The Difference is that a Focus can still be taken away eventually. An inaccessable Focus just needs the user to be unconscious for a bit. OIAID (Only in Alternate ID), you can't take the item away. Just that the item must be part of an obvious ID (ie Iron Man's armor and Thor's Hammer. Both OIAID).
  6. Tasha


    Don't forget the 1/2 DCV
  7. Yes, I would like to see that. Because new gamers need something that gets them into the action now and simplifies character generation. They can always include the nitty gritty under the hood stuff for the people who DO want to customize further. Plot Point Campaigns. I really love Necessary Evil. It's well put together and is pretty easy to convert to Hero. The Deadlands PP books are supposed to be good too. PS sorry if I replied to this one before. I don't remember if I have and my original post keeps getting likes so...
  8. I think that the actual AP books are break even or loss leader. They are designed to drive sales of stuff like the supplement books that detail stuff in the AP(ie Core rulebooks, Regional and racial splatbooks) also accessories like the Pawns and Pathfinder Battles miniatures. So they are subsidized by the sales of the accessories.
  9. I want Hero to make a fully realized fully built out Fantasy World. Including Spells, Fighting styles, History, Full color maps, Hero System rules. Everything but power building rules. Everything that a GM needs to run games in that fantasy world. It could be a Rulebook and a Gazetteer style book (ie Pathfinder Core and Inner Sea World Guide). I would also like to see the same thing done to Superheroes. the idea would be for the writeup to be minimal nothing extra and to keep things very simple. Self contained would be the watchword. GM's wanting more customization would be pointed at Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete. Writeups of all equipment, spells etc with all of the costs in them would be available using Bits & Mortar service. Also something that crosses Savage Worlds Plot point campaigns with Paizo's Adventure path. ie Something that has a strong plotline, but also has some side adventures/quests for variety. Because adventures actually drives sales of other books. GM's need adventures and campaigns. Making it easy for the GM to run will generate sales of the books because they will want to run the game. I would also love to see more Champions Miniatures. Perhaps WizKids can do some HeroClix of the Champions Universe characters.
  10. This is why I have been advocating the Adventure Path/ Plot Point campaign concept as a way to move forward. I lean toward Plot Point campaigns because of their flexability and ease of customization. Setting is Champions Universe. With Millenium City, Vibora Bay, and others being specific places within the setting. Calling Golarion a "Campaign Setting" is saying that it's a Setting that you can use to place your Campaign within. A Campaign is a series of interlocked Adventures. A Paizo Adventure Path is a Campaign, Pinnacle's Plot Point Campaigns are a Campaign. I would argue that there were a ton of Mini Campaigns written for 4e Champions. When DOJ took over, Steve decided that Adventures weren't worth the time they took to write as they didn't sell well. Though it appears that Paizo and Pinnacle turned that assumption on their heads with innovative versions of a campaign.
  11. I think that it would be more useful and would be a bigger draw to new GMs to have settings that defined those things up front. Then all of the supplements can use those Power levels, and other things like that as a baseline.
  12. I am finding that I am not alone as a Hero GM, that the time and work required to build a campaign is a bit daunting. It leads to playing other systems that don't need that amount of preparation.