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  1. IIRC all of the early Hero Ebooks were offered on Floppy disk. My copy of UE came from a floppy.
  2. Usually only one, but certain character types do merit multiple foci. ie Batman types, & Weapons Masters
  3. Yeah, the math hasn't changed in 30 years and from the playtest doc, this edition will not have appreciably different math. I mean if you were doing something additive like Robot Warriors or Fuzion Champions Powers, you wouldn't need anything ex perhaps a simple spreadsheet that can add columns. But, it looks like Hero Math will be in force for this game PS the doc didn't really do anything to change my negative opinion about this project.
  4. So is there any news on when those books will be available for POD again?
  5. Yes, I would like to see that. Because new gamers need something that gets them into the action now and simplifies character generation. They can always include the nitty gritty under the hood stuff for the people who DO want to customize further. Plot Point Campaigns. I really love Necessary Evil. It's well put together and is pretty easy to convert to Hero. The Deadlands PP books are supposed to be good too. PS sorry if I replied to this one before. I don't remember if I have and my original post keeps getting likes so...
  6. I want Hero to make a fully realized fully built out Fantasy World. Including Spells, Fighting styles, History, Full color maps, Hero System rules. Everything but power building rules. Everything that a GM needs to run games in that fantasy world. It could be a Rulebook and a Gazetteer style book (ie Pathfinder Core and Inner Sea World Guide). I would also like to see the same thing done to Superheroes. the idea would be for the writeup to be minimal nothing extra and to keep things very simple. Self contained would be the watchword. GM's wanting more customization would be pointed at Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete. Writeups of all equipment, spells etc with all of the costs in them would be available using Bits & Mortar service. Also something that crosses Savage Worlds Plot point campaigns with Paizo's Adventure path. ie Something that has a strong plotline, but also has some side adventures/quests for variety. Because adventures actually drives sales of other books. GM's need adventures and campaigns. Making it easy for the GM to run will generate sales of the books because they will want to run the game. I would also love to see more Champions Miniatures. Perhaps WizKids can do some HeroClix of the Champions Universe characters.
  7. Technically their phase is whatever segment they take it in. That phase could be on Seg3,4,5 and yes they could move up to their max on Seg 5 and then move the same on seg 6. That movement isn't fluid is kind of weird when looked at from a metagame perspective, but it's supposed to look more fluid than it plays. BTW I have played in a game where taking a combat action didn't end a PC's phase. It wasn't game breaking. Players had to rethink their tactics a bit. It became more like 3.x D&D which wasn't good or bad. It may be time to let that sacred cow go. Acceleration in Hero only really matters in closed spaces or when making move by and move through maneuvers.
  8. The assumption is that CE makes dark places lit enough to kill any penalties. You COULD just limit the power if you want something dimly lit.
  9. I thought you used Change Environment to light up an area. That the images build wasn't the way it's supposed to be built anymore.
  10. Probably just do it like +15 Strength, not for Lifting, pushing etc. Adding hand attack feels repetitive to me.
  11. Will there eventually be a version for people who want color?
  12. from 6e1 pg 49 last paragraph on the page "The accompanying Characteristics Comparison Table lists some suggested guidelines that should apply well to most campaigns, but the GM can change the ranges listed for each category if he wants." The italicized words appear in the original text with that style. Besides that the text talks about the chart only applying to "Humans", which at once makes it very squishy. So an Ogre PC could have a 40Strength because they aren't human.
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