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  1. Luke Cage I can see getting a cameo in JJ.
  2. Jessica Jones s3 and Punisher s2 are premiering next year on Netflix.
  3. HBO stands for Horribly Blatantly Overpriced. 15 bucks a month is nearly as much as NF and Hulu combined(or Prime plus NF or Hulu).
  4. The essential problem is that Disney's likely going to pull most of its content from NF after 2019. If each major gets the same idea, it would create a huge headache for consumers, who might be looking at having to pay for 10-15 different streaming services to get what they get now from just 3(NF, Hulu, Prime). Additionally it pressures those services to create more original content in order to retain customers and stay competitive. There's only so much pie to go around.
  5. megaplayboy

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    The capybara may be one of the mellowest animals on the planet. Seems to get along with a lot of other animals.
  6. megaplayboy

    Is an Indirect, MegaArea, UBO power valid?

    ACV probably works, plus AVAD(mental defense) if it's an attack power of some kind.
  7. Well, DC is pulling the same thing with their streaming service. I can only add 8-10 bucks to my monthly bill so many times before I draw the line. I have NF, Hulu, Prime and Sling(and the CW, which is free), and that's enough.
  8. Maybe they'll do a Power Man & Iron Fist show.
  9. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    My only hope is that, as the symptoms/evidence mounts(and turns some skeptics into believers), and as electric cars and renewable energy gain in market share(and lobbying power), that there will be greater political equilibrium, a counterbalance to the forces opposing major action on climate change. Already coal's share of the electricity market has dropped and wind and solar risen. Tesla is set to produce 250,000 cars a year this year or next.
  10. I dunno if they had something like this in, say, Teen Champions, but it occurs to me that some of the broad cliques/stereotypes associated with high school kids(particularly in the US) could be modeled as package deals. For example, the Jock, the Nerd, the Cheerleader, the Goth Kid, the Redneck, the Thug/Bully, the Band Member, etc. They wouldn't necessarily be expensive packages, but might be a useful base for any campaign centered around high school PCs. Thoughts?
  11. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    It kinda amazes me that the worst case scenario for climate change is an increase of 5-6 degrees Celsius by 2100, and there's not even enough interest to spend even a night on it in cable news(apparently a ratings killer). The last time average temps rose by 6 degrees Celsius was quite a while ago, in the Permian Era. That, purely coincidentally I'm sure, was the worst extinction event in the history of the planet, with up to 95% of species being wiped out. 5-6 degrees is the level of increase that effectively puts a "?" next to "the future of humanity". 2 degrees isn't the standard prediction, it's the aspirational goal(actually some suggest trying for limiting it to +1.5, but that number will be hit by 2040, so there's not a hell of a lot of time). We're currently on pace for +4, from what I understand. That is uncomfortably close to that +5/6 apocalyptic hellscape threshold. At +4 sea levels will rise faster than we can build against it(about a meter every 20 years, starting in 2100). At +6, we're looking at melting everything by, say, 2400, raising sea level 200 feet. It's also notable that summer temps will go up by about double whatever the increase is, so at +6, you're looking at average summer temps going up by 10-12 C/20+ F. That's a massive number of heat-related deaths. How did this get to be a partisan issue? "We'd agree with the science, but, y'know, we're Republicans, so we can't."
  12. megaplayboy

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    What do Atlanteans eat?
  13. megaplayboy

    RIP Paul Allen -- and what comes after

    The Experience Music Project is a nice legacy for him.
  14. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Well, for one thing, the Framers/Founders(They Who Walk In Shadow, Those Whose Wisdom Must Not Be Questioned, etc.) were not originalists. They believed in a system of common law and binding precedent, not a hypertechnical examination of language which almost always, by sheer coincidence, matches the policy preferences of whatever the current version of political conservatism is.