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  1. megaplayboy


    Well, the Satire/Parody defense can be pretty broadly interpreted by the courts. This could be considered a dark satire. Alternatively, some of the elements of the Superman story--alien origin, superpower panoply, foster parents--might now be considered "stock" nowadays. Certainly when JMS rewrote Hyperion's origin, he liberally "borrowed" the basic elements of the Superman story, with a dark twist(the parents were government agents hired to act as his parents, and terrified of the boy after he kills a puppy in front of them).
  2. megaplayboy


    I think it wasn't a turn towards "realism" that turned many fans away from the Iron/Dark Age of Comics, it was the turn towards cynicism. The government is always portrayed as alternatively corrupt or indifferent or oppressive. The heroes are self-serving, have terrible personal flaws and morals barely better than the villains they fight. That said, it's pretty easy to turn Superman's origin story into a horror story. Aliens sent one of their own here to infiltrate and destroy us. Of course, Species already did this story.
  3. megaplayboy

    Superhero power archetypes

    I think Matter Eater Lad is also Matter Defecator Lad, only about 12 hours after doing the former.
  4. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I have read the theory advanced by some that, more so than any final report, Mueller will make the case against Trump via "speaking indictments" against other parties. That is, detailed public criminal indictments against other parties, which typically refer to Trump as "Individual-1", will tend to incriminate Trump and implicate him in the charged conspiracy. If there's an underlying crime or crimes to be covered up, then the obstruction of justice case against the President is likely to be overwhelming.
  5. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    RIP. HIs branch of the party--the blueblood country club Republicans, Rockefeller Republicans, moderates, Northeastern Republicans--has pretty much withered on the vine.
  6. Daredevil cancelled by Netflix. Cost and increasing difficulty working with Disney cited. Jessica Jones and Punisher wrapped recently on their next seasons, but it's a safe bet that's it for Marvel on NF. Too bad.
  7. megaplayboy

    In other news...

    Well sure. Supervillains are the equivalent of terrorists with elite training and access to advanced military tech and even weapons of mass destruction(honestly, the ability to level a few city blocks in a matter of minutes is enough to qualify a super as a potential WMD). They are truly independent operators and exactly the kind of threat that would require virtually every nation to cooperate and coordinate with each other. And that's before we get into alien and extradimensional incursions!
  8. megaplayboy

    Funny pics

    I've only read Ulysses. Started Beloved but didn't finish it.
  9. megaplayboy

    In other news...

    The conflict between Ukraine and Russia appears to be on the verge of going big. Very scary developments.
  10. megaplayboy

    Supervillain lair inspiration thread

    The various bunkers and special trains built for Hitler and other Nazi leaders are fairly obvious lair models, particularly for a Golden Age campaign.
  11. megaplayboy

    The end of Space(travel)

    Seems like you could build something to "clean up" floating debris, either by scooping it up, or pushing it down to the planet(to hopefully burn up on re-entry). Or perhaps with sufficient advances in directed energy weapons, we could vaporize objects in LEO.
  12. megaplayboy

    Saitama (One Punch Man) vs. Thanos+

    As with any top tier master villain, Thanos has insane levels of durability, plus his Eternal physiology means he can heal or recover from any near-fatal injury. He has tanked Black Bolt's scream at point blank range, survived blasts from Odin and Galactus, and taken dozens of mighty blows from the likes of Thor, Gladiator and the Hulk without dropping--and that's without the IG! Without the IG, The Mad Titan is likely one or two orders of magnitude tougher than anyone the Caped Baldy has faced. With the IG, he's literally more powerful than what Saitama's creator has suggested is his maximum power. The X factor is that OPM is typically portrayed as nigh invulnerable to energy attacks and highly resistant to mental powers and other exotic abilities. Without explanation, of course.
  13. megaplayboy

    Supervillain lair inspiration thread

    Seems like a suitable lair for a cold/ice based villain or team of such villains.
  14. megaplayboy

    Supervillain lair inspiration thread

  15. Hey, he didn't devolve into self-parody until the latter half of his career.