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  1. If Superman's identity were publicly known, can he still work as a reporter for the Daily Planet? Can his parents still live in the same home in Smallville? Can he have a personal life without paparazzi dogging his every move? Could Batman fight crime at night while Bruce Wayne ran his business during the day, without any consequences, should his identity be revealed to the public? Generally, there are pretty good reasons why the heroes want a secret identity: 1. They want to have a personal life, free of scrutiny and harassment by the media, government and supervillains 2. They have a day job and/or family, and want to hold on to both 3. They want to protect the people they care about from the extremely dangerous foes they deal with Most heroes with a public identity in comics are not burdened by these issues: The Punisher has no day job, his loved ones are dead, and he is constantly at war with crime. The Fantastic Four live in the Baxter Building/Four Freedoms Plaza and their day job is being the Fantastic Four. Iron Man has the resources to deal with the threats posed by being out in public, and his "normal" identity is already subject to media scrutiny and government attention.
  2. Hedonia is a plane devoted to the Epicurean pursuit of pleasure. Food and drink, music, art, and, yes, pleasant companionship are all available here. Distinguishable from the Garden of Earthly Delights in a number of ways--it doesn't automatically conform to whatever the visitor desires, and it's possible to leave! There are areas of Hedonia where one can pursue...darker pleasures...but these can be quite dangerous, as the tables can turn suddenly.
  3. Well, in theory, if you played Champions once a week since 1st edition came out in...1981, earning 2 xp per week, for 38 years, and kept the same character, you'd have a 4000 point PC. Though if you gamed twice a week and averaged 5x per week, you'd hit 10,000 points. Of course, Superman and Batman's players have been at it for 80 years, so....
  4. Or, at least, such issues don't come up often enough to justify getting complication points for it. I was referring to a superhero with an "exposed" Secret Identity. Presumably, those with a preexisting Public ID have had time to adjust to it, as have their friends, family and associates.
  5. This is the KS-23K, a bullpup variant of the Russian KS-23 shotgun. The weapon is based on a "recycled" 23mm cannon barrel, and the gauge is therefore quite large, around 6 gauge. Slug rounds fired by the KS-23 are capable of penetrating an engine block at 100 meters. The bullpup version carries 7 rounds in the magazine, while the standard pump version carries 1+3 shells. If you need an overpowered shotgun for your game, this is an excellent candidate.
  6. Generally, the reasons a Secret ID is a complication: 1. the character's normal identity is accountable to others for their whereabouts, and their day job or normal identity makes it difficult at times for them to just duck out and go save the day(imagine Heroman is eating Thanksgiving dinner with his extended family, who don't know he is actually Heroman, and there's a newsflash about a hostage situation at a bank--how does he get out of there without people wondering what's going on?) 2. There could be personal consequences for the hero's "real" identity being revealed--job loss, arrest, having to go on the run from authorities, etc. 3. If the character has Hunteds, then discovery of their true identity would leave them nowhere to hide. 4. If the character has DNPCs, then discovery of their true identity would complicate those relationships--either they are put at risk, or they have issues with the character being a hero/lying to them 5. A superhero without a Secret ID is a superhero with a greatly reduced expectation of privacy--paparazzi and media may hound them, random people come to them on the street asking for autographs or help with their stolen car, etc.
  7. Classification of dimensions is a good thing. I think of "universes" as full-blown universes the size of our own(larger or smaller, perhaps), and quite frequently these are Earth-centric. Beyond that, there are thematic realms(time, mind, pleasure, dreams, etc.), afterlife realms(heaven, hell, Elysium, hades, etc.), mythical realms(Asgard, e.g.), "homeland" realms(the origin realms of species(Svartalfheim, home of the dark elves, e.g.), planar "cities"(an example might be the city of superheroes from Top Ten), and so forth.
  8. Has anyone ever used/written up more "utilitarian" dimensions--a place to store stuff, a place that just holds or makes weapons/vehicles, etc. ?
  9. Zone R63F is a dimension where a mysterious force turned all males into females, including the heroic and villainous counterparts to the prime universe. The zone is under quarantine because there is a significant risk that any male who ventures into the dimension may wind up permanently transformed. But even with all that, it's still safer than Zone R34...
  10. Well, a few observations: 1. You still have local government--municipal and county--and they have a fair degree of control/influence over localized policy and its enforcement. I think there's a good argument for devolving some powers from states to localities. 2. One option: if you can't beat 'em, infiltrate them. I assume that the state lege seats first have party primaries before the general election, yes? Run conservative Dem candidates focused on local issues in the primaries, and bring in crossover R voters who switch in order to help this happen. Then form a swing vote group in the state lege to ensure that rural communities and local constituencies are not ignored.
  11. There are Elemental planes, one for Air/Wind, Earth/Rock, Fire/Magma, Water/Ice, Wood, Metal, Aether and Void, plus Zenith, the capital of the Elemental Empire. Elementals and related beings, such as Water Nymphs, Djinn and Ifrit dwell in these planes. They are not inherently fatal to humans, but there are certainly very dangerous regions of these planes where one could burn, drown, etc. The Elemental Empire is not as aggressive as other empires such as the Infinite Reich, but it is a bad idea to antagonize them. Each plane has a monarch, and they are ruled by a god-emperor who has control over all of the elements. Minor and paraelemental planes also exist but are not part of the Elemental Empire.
  12. I have one dimension, the Wonderverse(c), which I jokingly call the Copyright Dimension, which contains characters who are basically analogues of famous comic book characters. So there's a "Gotham City", a "Metropolis" and a Marvel-style NYC. In the prime universe there's a Wonder Comics company, and the Wonderverse is basically Wonder Comics made real.
  13. Reichssphäre is the "capital" dimension/plane of the Infinite Reich(Undendliches Reich), an empire of time-and-dimension hopping Nazis led by the Unendlichesfuhrer, formerly Infinite Hitler. The Reich Sphere is an unfinished Dyson Sphere which is a composite from the numerous Earths and related planets/realms conquered and assimilated into the Reich. The Infinite Reich is one of, if not the greatest threat to the multiverse, particularly the Prime Universe, which the Reich sees as crucial to its ultimate domination of existence. Though the new Unendlichesfuhrer, Aloisia Heidler, appears to have turned over a new leaf and speaks of peace and harmony with the rest of existence, few are eager to take her at her word. The Reich has conquered and assimilated other adjacent dimensions in a bid to strengthen their position and diversify their ranks, and the former leader, Infinite Hitler, now resides in exile with his loyal supporters in another dimension, home of the purported Alt(e) Reich.
  14. Strife is a Nexus Point(a key dimension on one of the end points of the cosmic axes(there are 6)) dimension which is essentially a Battle Arena, both for individual fights and battles between cosmic armies. It was discovered that large-scale invasions and wars between different dimensions tend to weaken the cosmic axis, and so Strife is used as a proxy battleground, with an arbiter, The Balancer, regulating/refereeing disputes and the occasional wager. Unless the rules stipulate it, death on the fields of Strife is impermanent. One can see armies of angels battling hordes of demons, gods battling titans, Nazis fighting Elementals and so forth.
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