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  1. megaplayboy

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Thor is a huge badass by the end of the film.
  2. megaplayboy

    Avengers Infinity War with spoilers

    Ballsy ending. A big creative risk, but hopefully pays off in the next one.
  3. megaplayboy

    In other news...

    Bill Cosby convicted on all counts. Biggest fall from grace in my memory.
  4. Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow · Apr 2 I never cease to be amazed by the lengths to which some readers will go to try to convince me that some unarmed black person shot dead by the police needed to be shot dead. It’s almost like they are trying to insulate themselves from societal guilt and societal shame.
  5. megaplayboy

    Balanced Starships

    Another way to think about weapon systems is to simply scale up personal weapons by adding the "class size" to the DC of the equivalent personal weapon. So if your blaster rifle does 3d6 KA, the main blast cannon on a Size 15 light cruiser do 8d6KA.
  6. megaplayboy


    I think, to model the mechanic, it's good to think about what feints are IRL. A feint is a move that "telegraphs"--falsely signals, in this case--a move, such as a punch or kick or even a move that appears to create an opening for a counterattack, in order to draw the opponent to react to the feint(blocking or dodging the false attack, possibly moving into the follow-up real strike). It's also possible that the feint draws the opponent to attempt an immediate counter-strike, which might put them at a disadvantage to the fainter's own real attack, or boosts the fainter's DCV as the opponent chases after an illusory opening. The idea is that the opponent's natural response to the false signal reduces the effectiveness of the maneuver versus the real attack or defense.
  7. megaplayboy

    And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "Doesn't Lassie seem...different...lately?"
  8. megaplayboy

    Military questions

    On a practical level, Lieutenants(1st and 2nd) command platoons of 30-40 men, Sergeants command squads of 10-12 men, Captains command companies of 100-200 men, Majors command battalions of 500-1000 men, and Colonels command brigades of 3-5000 men. Most likely in a zombie apocalypse, the highest rank commanders the heroes will deal with regularly will be majors and colonels, maybe a one-star general somewhere along the line. Of course, in a zombie apocalypse, battlefield promotions may become a commonplace!
  9. megaplayboy

    Doomsday Prepper package deal?

    This is probably more of a post apocalyptic campaign question, but I'm wondering what kind of skills package would be appropriate for a so-called doomsday prepper, someone obsessed with the idea that the collapse of civilization is just around the corner, and who devotes their spare time to "prepping" for doomsday. Obviously, they're going to have Survival. Probably at least familiarity with Systems Operation to represent the ability to use ham radio, etc. What else?
  10. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    It's official. McMaster out, John Bolton in as National Security Advisor. Oh well, we humans had a pretty good run, didn't we? Perhaps we should leave some sort of warning for the giant rats and radroaches.
  11. megaplayboy

    Funny pics

  12. megaplayboy

    Funny pics

  13. megaplayboy

    Galactic Champions-eque material?

    Random thoughts: GC/Champions Beyond is a great starting point. The Terran Empire materials for Star Hero may also be helpful. Alien Enemies from 4th Edition, METE from 3rd edition, the mystic/dimensional sourcebooks(a lot of overlap between dimensional entities and cosmic beings). The Advanced Players Guides may be helpful for emulating some of the more outrageous cosmic powers. --Genre stuff from comics--Thor, Silver Surfer, Rom, Dr. Strange, Avengers(Thanos, Korvac, Kree-Skrull war), Capt. Marvel(all versions), Exiles, Thanos, Warlock, GOTG, Annihilators, etc. --Transhumanism, Posthumanism, species uplift, etc.--all pretty good. The Progenitors from Champions Beyond may be a good example of what posthuman "gods" might look like --various ethical issues--sufficiently advanced robot labor may be disturbingly close to slavery for some; Telepathic species may have a complex rationalization regarding use of their powers against others; etc --Dark Space is hard to get a hold of, but if you want a space opera with Lovecraftian elements, it's good. --Silver Age Cosmic, Bronze Age Cosmic and Iron/Modern Age Cosmic are very different from each other
  14. megaplayboy

    Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I wonder if John Kelly can stop Trump from tweeting congratulations to Putin when he gets "reelected" in a few days.
  15. megaplayboy

    Battle mat dimensions - your input appreciated

    Chessex also makes MondoMats which are 48" x 96". I have occasionally fantasized about buying 8 and laying out a truly EPIC battle map! Using 1"= 2m, you could have a 384m x 384m map, roughly 20+ city blocks in size.