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  1. Speaking of which...if there any Hero players out there willing to drive to Centennial twice a month on Sundays to play...drop Stagliano a line...
  2. I’ve heard stories of the Corgi Castle and Enchanted Grounds...
  3. Once again from my real account: @BDH: Sounds like a grand idea. I'd volunteer to host, but I recently moved out to Conifer. Love it out here, but might be too far to drive for most. @Zane: if you know people in the area who play, maybe put me in touch with them?
  4. Thanks for the info bigdamnhero. I might stop in for a bit if for not other reason than to meet and greet.
  5. Stagliano, Any luck? I moved to Denver back in Februrary. Long time Hero player up until about 5 years ago. Would love to find local Hero players... Legion
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